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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 39 Part 1

Though she was very apprehensive in the beginning, when the five champions
appeared at spawn Tong Yao calmed down all of a sudden-- --

The audience, the opponents, the staff backstage and so on had disappeared
for her. Her stomach ache, which was like an elephant discoing inside of her,
lessened. Tong Yao raised her hands to adjust her earphones and now the only
focus for her was her opponent-- --CK team’s mid, Little Flower.

Little Flower chose Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time, as his champion. Ekko
was a wandering type assassin champion; he had crowd control, damage, and
mobility. He had basically all the abilities a champion should have. There weren’t
many champions that could top him. Tong Yao’s Twisted Fate couldn’t fight against
him in lane in the early game-- --

Yet, it didn’t really matter to Tong Yao. If the opponent challenged her champion,
she would find an opportunity to fight back…...She was looking forward to the
chance to fight back, therefore the summoner abilities she brought with her were
flash and ignite-- --

“Flash” instantly teleported a champion a short distance, usually used when getting
into a team fight or running away. “Ignite” was used to deal damage to an enemy over
time, its damage was scaled based on the level of the champion.

These two abilities were the basic abilities that allowed Tong Yao to kill an enemy.

…...However, they definitely weren’t enough in dealing with Little Flower.

Tong Yao cleared her throat: “Teammates, to tell you the truth, the opponent’s jungler
was my ex boyfriend. We didn’t breakup peacefully. He’ll probably hang around at mid
…...Old K, you decide whether you want to come to mid later.”

Old K laughed: “This is the most genius reason for asking a jungler to come for help.”

Little Fatty: “I know that post about the esports version of Legend of the White Snake,
hahahahahahahahahaha. I couldn’t stop reading it-- --”

Lu Sicheng: “What she said is true.”

Little Fatty abruptly stopped laughing.

At this moment, the fans in the front rows were surprised to see ZGDX’s top, jungler,
and support all suddenly turn to look in disbelief at their mid after Lu Sicheng had said
something-- --

Their mid was stone faced.

The game officially began. Both teams sent out minions from each base to the three
lanes. Tong Yao carefully dodged the enemy’s q ability while at the same time, using
her own q ability to kill minions and increase health…...When both champions reached
level 3, Tong Yao suddenly was reminded the horror of being controlled by TAT team’s
Ah Tai not too long ago. She started to move back. Just as she was back in the safe
area of her own side, she noticed Jian Yang’s champion passing right by……

Tong Yao felt like she has just survived a disaster.

“Enemy jungler’s here!” Tong Yao reminded Old K.

Old K acknowledged it. Lu Sicheng also made some moves at bot when he heard
Tong Yao’s warning.

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