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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 36 Part 3

Lu Sicheng sat down in front of his computer. Xiao Rui went behind him
and kicked his chair: “Take some medicine if you have a cold. Or do you
want to go to do the drawing with a dripping nose tonight? I’m hoping to
avoid the team next door. I heard they beat CK during the skirmish; they
may become a tough opponent…...Hey, captain, how can you have good
luck in the drawing with a drippy nose?”

Lu Sicheng humphed: “The team next door is thinking the same thing.”

Xiao Rui: “What?”

Lu Sicheng: “Avoiding us.”

Xiao Rui: “Then we should pray that Liangsheng has good luck in the drawing…...
Tsk, tsk, tsk, your nose is dripping. Take some medicine. I’ll go get the cold medicine.”

Lu Sicheng: “I just caught a cold. What do I need medicine for.”

Tong Yao walked downstairs from her room with a towel wrapped around her
hair. She took a look at the person sitting in front of the computer and asked:
“Cheng Ge, have you taken your medicine?”

Lu Sicheng glanced up at her and pretended that he didn’t hear what she just
said. He clicked the mouse to get into queue for a ranked game…...Xiao Rui
looked at Tong Yao and couldn’t help being attracted by the yellow thing around
her neck: “What’s that on your neck?”

Tong Yao shook its paws: “Pikachu.”

“I had a childhood too.” Xiao Rui twitched his lips. “Where did you get this Pikachu?”

Tong Yao took a glance at the person behind Xiao Rui who was focusing at his
game: “I found the two AD at the arcade. These two grown men with a total height
of 4 feet were playing in front of a claw machine. They acted as if they wouldn’t
leave until they had cleaned out all the claw machines in the arcade……”

Xiao Rui: “Professional players have agile fingers, they are good at playing claw

Tong Yao disgustly waved her hand: “When I was still dating CK’s jungler, the
money he wasted on those machines could buy the machine with all the toys
inside it.”

Xiao Rui: “So you broke up with him!”

Tong Yao: “......Makes sense, hahahahahahahahahaha!”

The two of them were enjoying their conversation but the man sitting in front of
the computer couldn’t stand it anymore. He flatly said: “So noisy.” Then he sneezed.

Little Fatty: “Cheng Ge, I have been your Support for a year and half and I still
don’t have a Pikachu.”

Lu Sicheng: “Ask the shorty to give it to you.”

Tong Yao: “I won’t.”


The drawing that night was streamed online. The two seeded teams did their
drawings first. CK’s captain took out a blue ball and was assigned to B group.
After him, it was obvious what group ZGDX would be-- --Under the watchful
eyes of the entire audience, Lu Sicheng walked up stage with a stone face.
He took out the only ball left in the box, the red ball, and gave it to the host of
the event. Then he hurriedly left the stage.

He walked briskly.

[What’s wrong with Cheng Ge?]

[He looks quite combative.]

[He needs to go bathroom in a hurry? A weak bladder?]

[Today’s Cheng Ge is still handsome hhhhhhhh]

[The ones who said my hubby has a weak bladder show themself, I promise
I won’t beat you to death!]

[I’m already looking forward to the summer season, ahhhhh, the day after
tomorrow, ahhh. I have waited for so long, it’s finally here!]

[Cheng Ge’s expression is frightening…...What happened?]

[Hope the opening match would be between ZGDX and CK. It should be alright
if they’re in different groups, en? Hahahaha, I can’t wait to see these two teams
fight against each other again.]

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