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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 36 Part 2

Tong Yao was stunned: YQCB beat CK during a skirmish?......Wasn’t that

As she was pondering, a big hand landed on her head. The man slowly said:
“Unbeatable, en. Have you heard that, shorty? See how he knows what to
say-- --Achoo.”

Tong Yao pushed the man’s hand off her head. “See, you sneezed. Even the
heavens can’t stand you.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

After walking around for one hour, Tong Yao finally got to sit down in the car,
it felt like her legs had come back to her…...She took down the Pikachu from
her neck to hold in her arms. She rested her chin on Pikachu’s head and fixed
her eyes on the man who was sitting in the front on the passenger side. His
eyebrows were knitted and he sneezed again-- --

It was the fifth one.

Lu Sicheng hadn’t stopped sneezing since they left the mall. Now even the
driver was commenting: “Young man, are you coming down with a cold? The
weather changes without warning lately, better remember to bring an umbrella
with you when you go out. You’ll surely catch a cold if you get rained on and go
into an air conditioned room!”

“I’m fine.”

Lu Sicheng lazily responded and took a look at the shorty at the back seat from
the rear view mirror. He noticed that her half dried hair was being blown up by
the air and stretched out his hand to adjust the direction of the blowing air-- --

The one in the backseat instantly reacted: “Don’t touch the air. I’m hot.”

Lu Sicheng used his big hand to block the air: “It’s cool outside. Why are you hot?”

Tong Yao: “Turn the air back. Why are you keeping the air on, you have a cold.”

Lu Sicheng: “Aren’t you afraid you’ll be the next one to catch a cold?”

Tong Yao: “I’m strong.”

Lu Sicheng: “Well, it’s true. An idiot won’t catch a cold.”

As he was talking, he rolled down the window a little. The cold air outside blew in
with a little bit of rain. The man asked without any expression on his face: “Driver,
please turn off the air conditioner.”

Tong Yao: “......”


It was close to 3 o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived at their own base. Tong
Yao and Lu Sicheng walked in one after the other. Xiao Rui was sitting on the sofa
quite leisurely, stroking the cat…...He was surprised to see both of them in such a
distressed state: “Didn’t Tong Yao bring over some umbrellas? Why do you two look
like this?”

“With such heavy rain, an umbrella is useless.” Tong Yao turned to go upstairs to get
a towel to dry her face.

Xiao Rui looked at Lu Sicheng: “Tong Yao said you turned off your cell phone.”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s out of battery.”

Xiao Rui: “Out of battery? And you still roamed around the mall.”

Lu Sicheng: “I didn’t know it had died.”

Xiao Rui: “How did you get back?”

Lu Sicheng: “Got a ride.”

Xiao Rui: “It’s so close, why did you need a ride?”

Lu Sicheng paused and looked like he really didn’t want to repeat the subject all
over again. He forced himself to say with a somewhat hoarse voice: “That shorty
got tired from walking around, so we got a ride back.”

Xiang Rui thought: you’re really considerate for your teammate. Then he realized
that something wasn’t quite right: “......Yi, you have a cold?”

Lu Sicheng: “Don’t know.”

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