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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 34 Part 4

The picture had gone viral on the internet, having been reposted over
2000 times and was overflowing with comments-- --

[That young man’s Lu Yue: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Lu! ! ! !]

[Her king: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my wife Smiling! ! !]

[ZGDX larger than all: Nice picture.]

[Yihaha: The new generation “light and shadow” has been born. Looking
forward to the summer season.]

[Short legged dog: New summer uniforms looking good. Hehe, ZGDX should
be in blue and white.]

[Little wife of Ah Yue: …...I’m jealous. Doesn’t this picture look like a wedding
picture if it was hanging in the bedroom? ? I want to send over some razor
blades again.]

[I’m just passing by: Does this mean that Lu for sure will be on the summer
player list? The picture seems to pass the message-- --start player: Smiling;
substitute: Lu.]

[Give me an elephant: Cheng-Yao gang, hold me tight! Make sure I stand
firmly in the ground and not be swayed so easily!]

[Ah Tong: How are you, the most popular Cheng-Yao gang. I’m Yue-Yao
gang. From today and onward, this gang will emerge as a new force.]


Tong Yao stared at the picture for a while, then went through the comments.
After a long while, she turned her head to check on Lu Yue. Lu Yue was also
looking at his cell phone in his hand. As if he sensed Tong Yao’s gaze, he
raised his eyes to glance at her-- --

Both of their eyes locked in the air for 3 seconds.

Then they each rolled their eyes and turned their eyes away in disgust.
Tong Yao collapsed back into the sofa.

“I told the official site to release this photo.” Xiao Rui came into the living room.
“Before the official announcement, I’ll let those who can figure it out know that
ZGDX will still has two Mids at the summer games.”

“Not many people will figure it out.” Lu Sicheng sarcastically commented,
“Most of them will think our Mids got married at the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Tong Yao jumped up from the sofa, straightened her upper body, put both of
her hands on her knees, and widened her eyes to look at the captain in
confusion. Xiao Rui was also taken aback: “Most people? Who?”

“My mom, his mom.” Lu Sicheng pointed at Lu Yue. “On my cell phone, there
are 5 missed calls and over a dozen unread WeChat messages. All of them
are asking whether her youngest son has a girlfriend now. And why a couple’s
portrait would be released on the official site.”

Lu Yue was stunned to hear it. He hurriedly grabbed his cell phone to dial
a number and went outside to clarify about this affair.

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