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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 34 Part 3

Under the urging of the photographer, Tong Yao walked in front of the
camera for her solo photo shoot.

Tong Yao was the last to have her individual photos taken. The photographer,
in consideration that later on it might be necessary to Photoshop all the
individual shots into a group picture, was asking Tong Yao to pose in certain
positions. He instructed her to cross her arms in front of her chest, raise her
chin a bit to look at the camera, and cast down her eyes a little bit-- --

People who were familiar with promotional pictures would know that it was
the pose usually reserved for the person who would be put in the middle of
the group picture. It would be such an honor and show how the team valued
her-- --A team that had a player like Lu Sicheng, who would make the
newcomer stand in the center-- --If it was someone else, the person would be
elated, yet Tong Yao was like a chatterbox: “......This way? Like this? Raise the
chin this high? Are you sure? Would it make my face bigger? Lower my eyes,
would it make my eyes disappear? My eyes aren’t big to start with……”

The photographer: “Yes, it would.”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ?”

The photographer: “But it would make you look domineering. Just imagine
yourself as the queen.”

Tong Yao was confused: “The queen?”

Xiao Rui, looking on from the sidelines, wanting to go up and hit her with a
stick…...Lu Sicheng, sitting with legs crossed by the side, suddenly spoke as
he was focused on his cell phone: “You’re asking Thumbelina to pretend to be
a queen. You have to consider whether the person has the ability or not.”

Finally, the photographer went up to Tong Yao and forced her head into the
position he desired, then quickly took the shot. The end results were passable,
later on he would have to do more work on Photoshop……

After the solo shots, Xiao Rui strongly demanded that Tong Yao and Lu Yue
take pictures together.

“I want the feeling that the two of you are destined to confront each other.
Full of confrontation, aggression, and the silent battle between the player and
its substitute. You have to create the sense of contradiction because of your
competitive relationship!”

Xiao Rui tried his best to create the emotional condition for Tong Yao and
Lu Yue. Lu Yue listened with no facial expression at all, there was no way to
tell whether he was actually listening. Tong Yao kept nodding with a confused
face, there was no way to tell whether she actually understood what he was
saying. Lu Sicheng stretched his long legs: “Weren’t you two already doing that?
Use that same childishness when you fought over the chair. Xiao Rui is just
asking you two to act as your usual selves.”

Tong Yao rolled her eyes in the distance.


That night, they got back to the base exhausted. Tong Yao collapsed in her
chair and ordered take out for everyone on her phone. When she was asking
one by one what they would like for dinner, Little Fatty suddenly screamed in
front of his computer. Startled, Tong Yao almost dropped her phone. She got
up from the chair with some difficulty: “What’s wrong?”

“The Weibo official site just released some of the pictures we took this afternoon!”
Little Fatty pointed to the screen. “This one is really good!”

Tong Yao thought about the poses she was forced to do in the afternoon and
got nervous about the end result. She hurried onto Weibo and saw on the front
page a picture that had been reposted from the official site-- --

Tong Yao’s eyelids twitched.

The picture was her and Lu Yue.

The post-production had made the background dark, with a beam shining from
the left side of Tong Yao, lighting up half her face and leaving the other half in
shadow. Behind her was the much taller Lu Yue who stood back to back with her,
like a huge hill behind Tong Yao. He slanted his head slightly towards the source
of the beam. The light outlined his tall nose bridge and indifferent lips. He had
his eyes slightly lowered, the long eyelashes cast tiny shadows under his eyes……

One could sense the vigorous energy between his eyebrows.

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