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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 31 Part 2

Tong Yao obediently put down her cell phone, got off the bed, and
was going to follow him downstairs. When she put her hand on the
door handle trying to open the door wider for her to go out, a big hand
stretched out behind the door to put on her head, pushing her back into
the room. “Wash your face, put on a jacket.”

Startled, Tong Yao realized that after being shaken up by the stunning
news, she hadn’t washed her face or combed her hair since she got up.
She was still wearing her sleeping gown…...Blushed, she swatted away
the big hand on her forehead and muttered, “Got it.”

Then she shut the door.

Tong Yao turned around to go into the bathroom. She could faintly hear
Lu Sicheng knocking on doors one after another. When she turned on
the faucet and squeezed out the toothpaste, she could hear someone
moving around next door. She noticed that the room had poor sound
insulation, so she turned off the faucet and heard Lu Sicheng’s baritone
voice. He was asking someone-- --

“What exactly happened back then?”

It was silent for a while next door. With a toothbrush in her mouth, she
almost flattened herself onto the bathroom wall so she could vaguely
hear the other person’s reply-- --

“Ah Yue won’t let me say it. He’ll get angry if I tell you…...Go ask him
yourself, you’re the only one who can rein in him anyway.”

She was surprised to find out that the one who was speaking was
Ming god-- --There was no anger or resentment in his voice, nor any
sense of gratification that the truth had finally came out. He sounded
very peaceful, or perhaps even a bit helpless.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao moved her head away from the wall, then she fixed her eyes
on the crack on the tiles for a long time-- --Suddenly, she felt that the
whole thing wasn’t as simple as they thought. The so called truth at the time……

Probably, not even the OP who posted the video knew the exact truth
of the matter.

It took a while to get a grip of herself, then she quickly brushed her teeth,
washed her face, grabbed a shirt to wear, and hurried downstairs.

Almost everyone was there by the time she arrived.

-- --Everyone meant “everyone she can think of.” In addition to all the
players, team manager, and others she usually saw, there were many
people from the other departments that she had never met. There was
a woman who raised her head to smile at Tong Yao. She introduced
herself as the official Weibo site moderator, who was responsible for
posting official announcements and replying to all the messages……

“The official site is overflooded.” She carefully took a glance at Lu Sicheng,
then continued in a small voice, “They’re all asking for an explanation.
What should we do now? This time we won’t be able get by from just
ignoring them……”

Just when she finished, Lu Yue, who was curled up and eating rice
crackers at the corner on the couch, raised his eyes to take a look at
Ming god. Ming god wasn’t looking at him…...Lu Yue picked up his cell
phone to check what was being said about the whole thing. Before he
could raise his arm, the woman pressed the cell phone down. “Lu Yue,
don’t look, there are no good words there.”

Lu Yue put down the phone with a dark face.

Lu Sicheng kicked him. “Regret it now? I told you before that a professional
player is a public figure. It’s not like you’re in school anymore, you have to
watch your language and behavior so you don’t hurt others and yourself.”

Lu Yue, with rice cracker in his mouth, raised both hands to cover his
ears with no expression.

Lu Sicheng kicked him again.

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