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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 31 Part 1

Tong Yao skimmed through more than twenty thousand comments
under the post, covering a wide range of opinions.

Some were directing their anger at Lu Yue-- --

[What’s the meaning of this? Damn, I thought Ming god’s hand injury
was from playing too much. Even the official site didn’t give us a clear
explanation. Now you’re telling us it was from a brawl…...Now the only
thing I want to say is to Lu Yue, please go die ten thousand times.]

[A gang of Ming god’s fans are on the way here, it looks like they’re
going to crash the ZGDX base.]

[I won’t accept Lu Yue rejoining ZGDX.]

[Lu Yue always looked evil to me. Hehe, you guys always say that he
looks like Lu Sicheng. At the beginning of this video when he showed his
face, I already knew he wasn’t Lu Sicheng. I’m not even Lu Sicheng’s fan.]

[Last season the league announced that Lu Yue would be banned from
competing for a season because his involvement in a fight. No specifics
were reported…...What the hell of a fight, so it was because of this?]

[I heard that the Lu family is wealthy and well connected, so the news
was suppressed at the time.]


Some weren’t that angry, but questioned the motive of OP after they
calmed down-- --

[Wait, why did OP disappear after posting the video? What’s the reason
for the brawl? It doesn’t make sense that Lu Yue would barge into the
room and hit someone whose team had already been downgraded.  
What’s the reason?]

[The last comment makes a lot of sense. It’s better for ZGDX fans to
slow down before turning onto its own teammates. For now, I want to
know the reason more than anything else……]

[I remember that JK had a new boss after being downgraded last year.
The team was established by someone from a rich family who plays good
games. It was attached under CK. So the people involved in this incident
all have some background. The incident was concealed from the public
so well; there was no news about this, not even a single leak.]


Some put their focus on Ming god-- --

[qaq our Yu Ming’s wrist. God, I cried out in class…...Why was he trying
to break up the fight, idiot! ! !]

[I feel so sorry for him. I don’t feel good seeing all the blood.]

[Hope Ming god is alright now. How he suffered away from public sight.
I totally can’t accept it whenever I think about this.]


There were other sentimental or abusive comments. Most of the
emotional comments overshadowed the few that asked for the truth
from the OP……

The one that caught Tong Yao’s eye was a suggestion by someone who
had a vivid imagination that the video was posted by Smiling. Though
she looked quite naive and sweet, she was actually quite cunning. Maybe
it was because she was afraid that Lu Yue would take her place in the
summer season, so she put this video up just at the right moment…..

Tong Yao used her own Tieba username to reply to him: “Well said, big
brother. It really is women who have the most poisonous hearts.” Then
she backed out of Tieba to look at her WeChat which was practically
overflowing-- --Many people sent her private messages asking her what
was going on. Tong Yao replied: “How the hell do I know.” She got
overwhelmed by all the same questions, in the end she started to copy
and paste the same reply one by one.

Tong Yao knelt on her bed, it took her more than a half hour to finish
reading all the messages…...Then someone casually knocked on her
door and pushed it open. Her captain stood behind the ajar door,
“Get up, meeting time.”

His voice was icy cold.

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