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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 30 Part 2

Facing the line of ellipses, Lu Sicheng pondered a bit then put away his
cell phone…...Tong Yao had already moved her chair back to its original
position-- --It was time for her beauty sleep-- --She also seemed to be
thinking about whether she should carry her chair upstairs and lock it
inside her room……

“I can still use your computer standing if you move your chair back.” Lu Yue
sneared. “I’m used to standing outside the classroom for the whole morning
when I was in college. You can try me if you don’t believe me.”

“Don’t be so shameless.” Tong Yao stared at him.

“You shouldn’t be so selfish.” Lu Yue tried to talk some sense into her. “You
can’t use the computer while you’re sleeping. Why hoard it…...Is every woman
unreasonable like you?”

“That’s right. Every woman is like this. Aren’t we cute?”


“You two, shut up.” Lu Sicheng looked at Tong Yao. “You go sleep, leave the chair.”

Then he turned to look at Lu Yue. “You, come play rank. I’ll see how you are
right now-- --If you have dropped too much, you leave tonight.”

Tong Yao resentfully pulled down the mask to cover her whole face and made
a face at Lu Sicheng behind the mask. She jumped down from the chair and
reluctantly went upstairs…...Lu Yue faked a smile at Lu Sicheng, seemingly
unappreciative of the arrangement or the chair as when Tong Yao was present.
He just turned around towards the refrigerator to get a bottle of yogurt drink and
started drinking it-- --

Once the two mids were separated, the whole base regained its usual peace
and quiet.

Xiao Rui came out of the bathroom, looking around. “Where’s Wukong?”

Lu Sicheng replied without raising his head, “Wukong has gone up for her
beauty sleep.”

Xiao Rui walked behind Little Fatty who was happily eating mangos from the
box. “Piggy[1], don’t eat anymore.”

Little Fatty: “After this box, I’ll start dieting tomorrow.”

Lu Yue sat down on Tong Yao’s seat, logged on the game using Tong Yao’s
account, and prepared to start a ranked game…...Lu Sicheng slanted his head.
“You don’t have your own account?”

“I haven’t played on the Korean servers for a while.” Lu Yue grinned carelessly.
“I haven’t played any placement matches on my account yet.” (*Every year after
the season is over, every player’s rank is reset to zero. At the beginning of the
new season, every player has to play 10 placement matches to decide on their
new starting rank based on their performance.)

Lu Sicheng responded while checking his friends’ list, “Oh. Ah Tai is also
in queue.”

Just as he finished talking, Lu Yue entered a game. The name TAT, Tai appeared
on screen at the same time-- --

Lu Sicheng quickly glanced over the list of Lu Yue’s teammates. “He’s your

Lu Yue casually smirked.

Right at this moment, the girl who had gone to bed ten minutes ago dashed
downstairs. She stood behind Lu Yue, squinted to see the computer screen,
then she shrieked, “I was wondering why I can’t sleep! You’re sitting on my chair
and wrecking my account! You dog!”

Lu Sicheng briefly chuckled, as if he had foreseen it all.

“......She’s cursing, why don’t you say something?” Lu Yue rubbed his ears and
looked at the girl who stood behind him with both of her hands on her waist.
“Didn’t you go to sleep already? Why did you come down again?”

“There’s always someone eyeing my chair! How can I sleep tight!’ Tong Yao was
tightly holding the sleeping cat in her arms, but didn’t try to push Lu Yue away.
“Play well, I just got back to Master……”

Lu Yue: “I’m against Ah Tai.”

Tong Yao: “......”

[1]: He calls him “Bajie” which is a pig like character in Journey to the West,
which features Sun Wukong.  His full name is Zhu Bajie, Zhu being the
character for pig.

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