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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 30 Part 1

[yqcb, Aijia: Cheng Ge, let me tell you something, but don’t get scared.
I thought I saw a ghost just now in the yard of your base…...It’s scary,
wearing a white skirt and a Sun Wukong mask on its face, just floating
around…...I almost choked to death just by looking at it-- --I heard this
place has good feng shui, why is there still such terrible thing! ! ! !]

[yqcb, Aijia: I told Shusheng and the others, no one believes me! ! !
But I really saw it! ! ! I swear I saw it! ! ! That Sun Wukong mask even
glows green!]

[yqcb, Aijia: …...Besides I keep hearing rushed footsteps over your place
and sounds of something heavy being dragged around. Sounds like the
ghost is moving, wuwuwu-- --]

[yqcb, Aijia: qaq Scary. Cheng Ge, do you guys want to have a feng shui
master come over to check it out?]

Twenty minutes later,

[djwdb2333: ……]

[djwdb2333: Send you a link. You can see on Taobao glowing masks for
children for all the characters in Journey to the West.]

[djwdb2333: Glowing masks.]

[djwdb2333: 7.80 RMB, shipping included, everywhere in the country.]

[djwdb2333: The one you’re seeing isn’t a ghost, it’s the crazy Mid of our team.]

“Shorty.” The man who was looking down to type suddenly raised his head
and used his long leg to kick the person eating a mango next to him. “You’re
wandering around with your pajamas on, again?”

“I just showered. I was taking Dabing out to the yard for some fresh air and
waiting for the delivery of fruit we ordered.” With the Sun Wukong mask covering
half of her face, the girl put down her fork, confused. “What’s wrong?”

Lu Sicheng glanced at the oversized shirt over her pajamas, paused a bit, then
lightly stated, “Nothing.”

“......Oh, Cheng Ge, want some mango?”


“Then I’ll eat it myself.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the uniform will make you look fat? And you’re still eating?”

“......Little Fatty, want some mango? It’s very sweet.”

Lu Sicheng took a look at the girl, who had put down the fork and tried to
move her chair to give Little Fatty some mango, and continued typing without
any facial expression-- --

[djwdb2333: The running and dragging sounds you heard aren’t from the ghost
either. It’s our two crazy Mids fighting over a chair.]

[yqcb, Aijia: ……………………………...That’s Tong Yao? Why is she wearing the
mask for? Where did she get that mask?]

Lu Sicheng: “......”

…...He could feel across the screen that the guy next door was about to
have a breakdown.

But he couldn’t sympathize with Ai Jia. Ai Jia lived next door, he, on the
other hand, shared the same roof with that lunatic.

[djwdb2333: Her fans gave it to her. As for why, it’s probably because
weirdos attract each other.]

[yqcb, Aijia: You just said that you have two mids, hum? When did your
team have another mid!]

[djwdb2333: Lu Yue’s back.]

[yqcb, Aijia: …………………………….]

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