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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 26 Part 1

[Subject] [Let me tell you a joke about the best Leblanc in the nation]

First post, [OP]:

Happened to see the skirmish between ZGDX and Korean TAT-- --You all know
that usually skirmishes aren’t posted online, there’s a high likelihood it was
released on purpose…...When OP saw it, the skirmish had already started for a
few minutes. First blood was on ZGDX Mid, without a gank. Smiling was killed by
one person.

In any case, ZGDX lost miserably. TAT Ah Tai used Leblanc to smash Smiling to
pieces and she became the weakest link……

You could tell that the other teammates were trying hard to turn the match around.

An Azir who can’t hold mid is a retard, she got killed right after using her ultimate
during the team fight. The other side’s creep score was double hers!  How could
they possibly do well in the future…...Look what exactly the “domestic mid hope”
that you all boasted about is really like.

The second post, [Ah Wen]:

Boasting while winning, trash talking when losing. You guys are really good at this.

The third post, [Send you to heaven with one punch]:

How can you conclude anything from one skirmish? And why does it so happen
that she had won so many skirmishes while the only one she lost was posted? TAT’s
motive is execrable. This is the reason why they have won so many championships
and still no one likes them. It’s time to think about it……

Pope and Cheng Ge leaving TAT was really the correct choice. Their fans probably
all breathed a collective sigh of relief. It’s such a conflicting feeling to like a player yet
be disgusted with his team.

The fourth post, [Kiss kiss fish]:

Who are the comments above trying to protect? You’re the ones who loudly boast
after she beat a bunch of weak domestic teams. That’s hilarious. Does it hurt now that
you’ve gotten slapped in the face?

Let me tell you a joke about the best Leblanc in the nation, she got destroyed by
another nation’s Leblanc.

Let me tell you another joke, the all Chinese teams will never beat the Korean teams.
This year, S6 is still going to be dominated by the Koreans.

The fifth post, [I laughed at the time]:

The fourth poster gives in when the Koreans start gloating. You can even joke about
all Chinese teams. How can you expect others to respect you when you look down
upon yourself? Respect isn’t given by others, you have to earn it yourself.


The 678th post, [I am your grandfather]:

All the posts above who are so excited are really retarded-- --Be aware, this is a

Those who cheered for her did so only after she had won so many matches. All of
you pitiful creatures couldn’t wait to jump ship the moment she lost just one skirmish.
Have you waited for a long time? Just can’t hold it back anymore?

Trolling people makes you feel blessed.

Dissing people makes you happy.

S6 will still be dominated by the Koreans? Those who say so should prepare to
stream themselves eating shit if the Chinese team wins the championship. Or maybe
you should chop off something, too? :)


Both of Lu Sicheng’s hands left the keyboard. He glanced at the empty seat next to
him and asked Xiao Rui as he happened to pass behind him, “Is that shorty still
sleeping upstairs?”

“No, she’s already up. She went out with Ai Jia next door and his girlfriend!”

“Ai Jia?”

“And his girlfriend. I heard that they are going to eat dinner then relax-- --Aiya, it’s
better for her to go out so she doesn’t see those posts online…...Have you seen them?”  
Xiao Rui rolled his eyes while pointing to the computer behind Lu Sicheng. “Someone
even posted the skirmish online. Who would dare to play a skirmish with them in the

“That’s why they never get invitations to play skirmish with other teams, even in their
own country. Usually, they only do skirmishes between their own A and B teams.”

“Humph, a bunch of bastards…...It’s good for Tong Yao to go out and relax a bit.
Though she didn’t seem care too much, deep down she can’t possibly feel happy
about it. I haven’t seen her playing the whole night since she came here. Who knows
when she went to bed this morning.”

It was 9:30 am.

After she wept buckets sitting there.

Lu Sicheng recalled what happened this morning while looking at the clock on the
wall. It was almost midnight.

……………..The girl wouldn’t jump into the Huangpu River, would she?

Translated by Team DHH at

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