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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 22 Part 4

Tong Yao began to suspect that Lu Sicheng didn’t know how to
type on the public chat…...Then, she saw Jian Yang had left a line:
He’s ignoring you, what’s the point of talking so much.


Tong Yao instantly stopped typing……

-- --[You miss him.]

She seemed to hear the voice of her friend, Jinyang. Staring at
Jian Yang’s line, Tong Yao quieted down, feeling that he did have
a point. Looking at all her messages, there was not even a single
punctuation mark in reply. She was indeed hyping herself up too much.

That was true, he was ignoring her.

Tong Yao cast down her eyes, she had lost any interest to continue
typing. Actually, she had even lost interest in finishing the match-- --
It didn’t matter now whether she could get back to Master. All she
wanted to do now was finish the match as soon as possible, so she
could get back onto her bed and stroke her cat, watch some tv, and
console her broken heart.

In the meantime, Jian Yang was still at it-- --

Why do you talk so much to him for.

If you want to win, I’ll carry you then.

He’s just ignoring you.

What’s the fun of running a monologue?


In the game, the mid with the id of zgdx.smiling suddenly went
ballistic after thirty minutes into the game and mercilessly beat the
enemy’s mid into the floor.

Outside the game, Tong Yao was stone faced.

The cell phone on her desk rang at that moment. Tong Yao didn’t
like getting calls while she was playing games. Without looking who
was calling, she picked up the phone with a frown and answered it.
As she was about to say that she would call back later, she heard a
deep male voice came from the other side of the phone-- --

“Why did you stop typing?”

Tong Yao: “......................................”

The sound of the clicking mouse abruptly stopped.

“I’ve taken care of everything here. I’ve changed my ticket to fly
back tomorrow. You and your cat all better behave.”


“I’m hanging up now.”


Tong Yao kept holding the phone until the busy tone sounded in the
phone. She went totally blank, at a loss of what to think.

Inside the game, her comrade, ‘unlwer’, without knowing what had
happened a second ago, kept typing-- --

Cheng Ge doesn’t like to type while playing games. In the real
world, he doesn’t like to talk either.

No matter how much you say, he won’t respond.

It’s like talking to a wall.

Hey, what happened! Internet dropped? AFK?

Come on, I’ll get you that win. I know you want to be back at Master…...

Translated by Team DHH at

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