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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 22 Part 3

Tong Yao imagined what it would be like when the Jungler never
came to gank mid in the coming match and seriously considered
backing out of the game. Then she decided that she rather not lose
points without trying, especially since she finally had the opportunity
to return to Master if she won this match. (*After a game begins, a
player who leave the game will lose League points for the match,
but not for their teammates.)  She began to pray that Jian Yang would
be sensible enough to back out of the match himself-- --

When it was time for Jian Yang to pick a champion, he instantly
locked in as Lee Sin.

Tong Yao had no choice but to choose her own champion. After
all five players settled on their champions, the match began. Tong
Yao saw an id on the other team and cried out, “I’m playing against
Cheng Ge, he’s the Jungler on the other side……”

“Then he probably will stay put at mid now…...But you have Yang
God on your side, don’t worry.” Little Fatty stretched his head out
to take a look, “We’re always worried when he plays Jungler. Yang
God can take him down any time. You guys are fine this match.”

Tong Yao fidgeted when she heard the possibility of Cheng Ge
setting up shop at mid. Whether Yang God was on her team or not
wasn’t going to change anything since she didn’t expect Jian Yang
to come to mid to help at all-- -- “Treat each other as stranger,
everyone for themselves,” was the basic survival principle when
an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend unfortunately met in a game.

The same time that Tong Yao’s team spawned in the fountain, she
started to type on the public chat-- --

[zgdx, smiling: cheng ge, I’ll be back to Master after I win this! ! !]

[zgdx, smiling: Please, don’t mess me up! ! !]

[zgdx, smiling: I’m kowtowing……]

However, there was no response from the other side.

When they were level 3, Cheng Ge paid a visit to mid. Fortunately,
Tong Yao had prepared for it and kept the minion lane right under
the outer turret. Lu Sicheng’s champion wasn’t strong enough to
tower dive, he simply walked around mid then moved towards top……

Tong Yao warned her comrade at top and finished farming under her
turret. Just as she was ready to return to base, the enemy’s mid used
abilities to harass her at range, interrupting her return. Tong Yao
murmured, “Don’t get so confident……”

She hadn’t even finished the sentence, when a ward appeared behind
them. Jian Yang’s Lee Sin jumped out and, with a roundhouse kick,
booted the enemy’s mid into his outer turret. At the beginning of the
game, the damage a turret could cause was limited. Tong Yao hurriedly
used her ability to control the other mid so he couldn’t run away.
Together with Jian Yang, Tong Yao killed the enemy’s mid-- --

Jian Yang left the killing blow to Tong Yao, turning around to go to bot.

Looking at his back and the 300 gold from the kill, Tong Yao suddenly
felt that her ex looked as if he was 7 feet tall today.

But what followed made Tong Yao’s life miserable…...Jian Yang’s
action seemed to have struck a wrong nerve on a certain person-- --
Lu Sicheng was indeed acting as if he lived at mid; he would come to
mid every few minutes and killed Tong Yao three times in a row. She
was so frustrated, she started to type on the public chat-- --

[zgdx, smiling: don’t come, don’t come. Are you a human being?]

No response.

Tong Yao hesitated, then decided on a softer approach-- --

[zgdx, smiling: Cheng Ge, I miss you a lot. When are you coming back?]

[zgdx, smiling: The cat is behaving and so am I.]

[zgdx, smiling: Since I miss you so much, please don’t come to mid.
Bot looks good too.]

As she was typing, the two mids were fighting. Lu Sicheng helped his
mid in a frenzy, making it impossible for Jian Yang to give her a hand.
It seemed that everyone was concentrating on mid-- --

Tong Yao began to have the illusion that mid had became a lane for
two people.

Jian Yang was a veteran Jungler and more familiar with jungler
champions than Lu Sicheng. However, Lu Sicheng was a genius at
maneuvering. The result was that neither of them were able to gain an
advantage, except for their teammates at top and bot who kept pinging
their allies about missing enemy champions-- --

The two at bot on Tong Yao’s team were Korean and she didn’t understand
what they were talking about. Top, however, was Chinese. Finally, he had
enough and typed on public chat: What are you guys doing?

Tong Yao, in the meantime, was still trying hard to interfere with the
enemy Jungler with her spirit-- --

[zgdx, smiling: Cheng Ge, we have good weather in Shanghai today.]

[zgdx, smiling: I looked up at the stars last night, the blinking stars
are just like your eyes……]

She had tried everything, but the other side still refused to respond!

Translated by Team DHH at

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