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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 21 Part 3

Under usual circumstances, the best choice after getting a kill,
when another opponent reinforced the lane, was to retreat. Yet,
Tong Yao didn’t do so. She turned around and used a Summoner’s
ability, Flash, to distance herself from her opponents. Then she
turned back to run towards her own turret last hitting on the way back.
Seeing her run away, her opponent flashed right after her in pursuit-- --

What the opponent didn’t expect was that Tong Yao suddenly
leveled up to level six right at that moment!

When any champion reaches level 6, they could acquire their
ultimate ability.  For Leblanc, her ultimate was called Mimic,
allowing her to cast a previously used ability again. Within a short
time, the enemy’s Jungler was chained by Ethereal Chain, just
like what had happened to Ai Jia earlier-- --

The situation changed instantly!

Just a second ago, ZGDX was worried about losing two champions
and a turret. The next second, Tong Yao had killed both the enemy
Mid and Jungler, covering their earlier losses!

Siince YQCB’s Jungler was dead, Old K rushed in to kill the
monsters in YQCB’s upper jungle, including their blue buff.  In
addition, YQCB’s mid outer turret was already down to half health!

After this wave of fighting, YQCB had already lost the lead
they had gained earlier!

Just from a wrong decision by Ai Jia, Tong Yao had grown to
be a major counter to Pope-- --At the following team fight over
dragon, she constantly kept Pope on her chain, easily finishing
him off. The rest of the YQCB either ran away or died.. Tong Yao’s
team took down their first fire dragon and destroyed the enemy’s
first outer turret at mid……

ZGDX had totally turned the game around!

What followed was a series of destroyed turrets, killing enemies,
and snowballing their economy to be far ahead of their enemy.
In the end, they had pushed all the way to victory, they had won
the skirmish!

After the skirmish was over, everyone collapsed in their own chair,
breathing out a long breath: they had won the match, however the
sudden change of YQCB’s fighting style was quite a scare for them……

At the summer season, YQCB wouldn’t just be satisfied with
moving up from being a relegation team!

Xiao Rui rolled up a magazine to hit Old K, Little Fatty, Old
Cat, Lu Sicheng, and Tong Yao, one after another on the
head, “I told you not to let it get to your heads! You almost
got smashed by a declining elite team! I dare you let it get
to your heads in the future!”

“Ay.” Tong Yao covered her head, “I carried the match.
Why hit me!”

“Are you letting it get to your head again?”



That night, Tong Yao happily came out after a shower, still
immersing in the glory that she had carried the team to victory.
She made a bowl of instant noodle, coming out of the kitchen
slurping on the noodles to find Lu Sicheng sitting on his
chair holding his knees. Tong Yao wondered whose stream
he was making trouble for……

When Tong Yao got closer, he turned around as if he had
eyes at the back of his head. He pointed his own computer
screen, “The Mid next door is singing praises about you.”


Tong Yao spit out the noodle in her mouth back to the bowl.

Lu Sicheng made a disgusted expression-- --

Tong Yao hurried over and stretched her head to take a look.  
Indeed, Lu Sicheng had Ai Jia’s stream on. Ai Jia was bragging
with the fans while playing a ranked game…....

“Right, right, right. We played a skirmish again with the
telecom team next door today……This time we didn’t get
dropped. We can’t possibly get dropped every day, right?......
Yeah, we lost, but we were leading in the beginning. You better
believe it, we really had an advantage!”


“The way Pope plays, you can tell he’s an expert at turret
diving…...However, there’s someone next door even hotter
than Pope, it’s that little sister-- --Yeah, it’s Smiling. Damn,
just as we were happy to get two kills, she came out from
nowhere and killed me! Then she effortlessly turned around to
kill our Jungler!”


“I should’ve recalled right after that fight. I didn’t have blue,
I was on cooldown as well, she took the opportunity. She’s a
scary woman…...That was the turning point of the skirmish. I
lost my blue buff, Xbang’s jungle was cleaned out. My captain
almost scolded me to death-- --”


“I’ll never be greedy for minions again, I’ll go home after I
get my kill. Really, nothing good will come out of being greedy
for minions, I’m living proof of it.”


“The skill of the little sister next door? She’s definitely good.
She killed me then killed Xbang when he was still at fully
health. She was so fast that we didn’t even see how she
did it. She’s truly the number one Leblanc in the nation!”


“Whoever in the future tells me that girls can’t play LoL well,
I’ll stuff today’s skirmish video down his nostrils!”

He kept going.

Tong Yao in his words had become someone only existed
in the heaven.

Translated by Team DHH at

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