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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 21 Part 4

Tong Yao couldn’t stand it anymore.  Bending over to turn on
her own computer, she went to Ai Jia’s stream and began to
swiftly type-- --

[ZGDX Smiling: Friend, I won’t put in any good words for you
to your girlfriend, no matter how many good things you say
about me.]

She sent it.

A half second later, the bullet comments that followed were, “I
see something strange”, “Here she comes”, “Smiling, ahhh, I’m
your little fan”, “Little sister, teach me how to play Leblanc, please”-- --

One of the comments picked out the important information from
the message: ......Ai Jia, what’s the relationship between Smiling
and your girlfriend?

“Evil friends.” Ai Jia said, “Lately my girlfriend is at odds with
me. I feel like she’s purposely trying to split with me so she
can have a lesbian relationship with Smiling. I’m so angry! To
top all that, I lost to her today. I feel like I have lost all the hope
in my life!”

Tong Yao was greatly amused by him, standing in front of her computer.

Ai Jia kept going on, boasting about how strong she was-- --

Tong Yao was enjoying the praise, then suddenly someone
turned off the stream. She was taken aback and turned to look
at Lu Sicheng. He was slowly moving his arm back, “You’ve
had enough fun. Keep listening and you’ll really start believing
what he says.”

“No one has ever praised me after I graduated from elementary
school.” Tong Yao said, “Let me listen some more……”

She tried to get back on her computer as she spoke.

The back of her neck was pinched by that man. She had
difficulty turning her head, seeing only Lu Sicheng’s perfectly
curved chin. He said, “Don’t listening to him. You want praise?
I’ll praise you.”


The struggling Tong Yao quieted down.

“Praise me.” Tong Yao blinked her eyes, with an expression
that she was very much looking forward to it.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

“Come on, praise me.” Tong Yao urged.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

After staring back at that pair of sparkling, expecting black
pupils for 15 seconds, Lu Sicheng released Tong Yao,
bend down to turn on Ai Jia’s stream again for Tong Yao-- --
Tong Yao was stunned to hear Ai Jia’s raucous voice again
and looked at the man who had already sat back into his own
seat acting as if nothing had happened earlier.

“What’s this?”

Tong Yao grabbed his sleeve and shook it.

Lu Sicheng ignored her.

“I had an outstanding performance today, Mr. Captain,
where’s my praise?”

She shook his sleeve again.

Lu Sicheng still ignored her.

“Don’t I have any merit that’s worthy of your praise-- --”

Before she had finished, Lu Sicheng suddenly grabbed
the oily marker on the desk, which he had used when he
analysed the skirmish in the afternoon. He took off the cover
of the maker, grabbed Tong Yao’s hand over, and quickly
drew the ugliest flower she’d ever seen on the back of her hand-- --

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ? ?”

“A little red flower from your captain.” Lu Sicheng threw
down Tong Yao’s hand and the marker at the same time.
He calmly said while fixing his eyes on the new match that
was just starting on the computer screen, “Try harder next
time, I’ll draw it on your forehead.”

Tong Yao: “...........................................................”

She stared at him for 5 seconds to make sure that he
wasn’t kidding, then she turned around and quietly went
to the bathroom.

Then she found out that the little red flower from Mr.
Captain…...couldn’t be washed off.

She tried everything, liquid hand soap, body wash,
makeup remover, soap, but the red flower was still on
her hand. She raised her hand standing in front of the
washbasin, finally she had lost it and shouted, “Shit, Lu
Sicheng, I can’t wash this ugly flower off! ! !”

“You asked for it, then you want to wash it off. Why are
you so difficult to please?” Lu Sicheng was focusing on
his game and spoke without turning his head, “Besides,
a young girl is not allowed to curse.”


“......You don’t want a little red flower, next time I’ll draw
a turtle?”


“I’ll draw it on your forehead.”


Translated by Team DHH at

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