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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 21 Part 1

Tong Yao climbed back onto the van with a full stomach, burping.
When she sat down on her seat, Lu Sicheng, who had been on
WeChat, raised his head and announced helplessly, “I have to go
home this weekend.”

It was off season for them and all the team members were basically
on vacation. Anyone could go away for a few days. However, Xiao
Rui asked as if he knew something wasn’t right, “Did they ask for
you to go back?”

“My dad said that my mom has run away again.” Lu Sicheng answered
with a very calm voice, “It’s the third time this year. The first time she
tried, she found it to be very effective on my dad. So she keeps doing
it…...So you simply can’t pamper a woman, you give her a ladder,
she’ll go up to the sky.”

It seemed that everyone knew something about his family’s problem,
no one was paying much attention. Xiao Rui leaned against the seat
and said, “But before you go, shouldn’t we finish the skirmish with
YQCB next door?”


“We’re set for the day after tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll book the flight for the day after that.”

As he was spoke, he happened to turn his phone on speaker phone,
the voice of a middle aged man came through-- --

[I’m telling you that this time I definitely won’t humor her. If I do that,
I’ll be a laughingstock. Last time I coaxed her to come home, she maxed
out my credit card the very next day. It’s not just to hurt my feelings but
also my purse……]

Everyone: “......”

Lu Sicheng turned off the speaker.

The van was silent.

“A henpecked husband.” Lu Sicheng spoke without any expression,
“Sorry to let you listen to this.”

“It’s nothing. It’s Chinese traditional virtues, traditional virtues!”

“Hear, hear!”

“For an upperclassman, it’s not called henpecked husband anymore.
It’s called pampering the wife and kids!”

Since Xiao Rui started by waving his hand, everyone else chimed in.
Tong Yao twitched her lips, “You all better remember what you’ve said
today when you get married later on-- --henpecked husbands is a
Chinese traditional virtue-- --If you forget, I’ll help remind your spouses.”

“Don’t expect your future husband to be a henpecked one.” Lu Sicheng
glanced at her.

“Why? We live in the same world!”

“You're too gullible.”


Tong Yao thought about it, then blushed and used her hands to cover
her ears. She turned to stare at the man in the dark who was focused
on purchasing an airline ticket on his cell phone…...Tong Yao saw the
destination was a southern city not too far from Shanghai. It was said
that in that city, a rock dropped from the sky would kill 3 billionaires.


Two days later, it was the day of their skirmish with YQCB.

This time they had chosen a weekday afternoon when the vpn wouldn’t be
crowded. Everyone sat down and got onto the game room that YQCB had
created-- --It was the same people, same id. They didn’t know whether
YQCB was talking about them, the ZGDX players hadn’t stopped talking
since they sat down in front of their computers-- --

Old Cat: “Little Fatty, why do you think Pope wants to join a relegation team.”

Little Fatty: “Don’t call them a relegation team. When their team played
the world tournament, you were still being breastfed.”

Old Cat: “Alright, alright. Why do you think Pope wants to join this…...elite
team that is now in decline?”

Little Fatty: “I heard it’s because he wants to find the best support and
teammates to help him defeat Cheng Ge.”

“Then I’m doomed.” Lu Sicheng said without any expression, “I have only a
juggler Support who has a bottomless champion pool and a Yasuo Mid
who’s 0/7/0.”

Tong Yao: “......Speak nicely. What does that have anything to do with me-- --
It was an accident with Yasuo that time. Today, watch me explode and carry you.”

Lu Sicheng: “Just don’t do things halfway, just an explosion and no carrying.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Old K: “You’re all so talkative. Do you want to be on the famous quotes
montage everyday during the summer competition?”

Translated by Team DHH at

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