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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 20 Part 4

…...Tong Yao got her answer after the well dressed waiter handed
her the menu. She glanced over the menu and the answer was: Yes,
they can pay for the rent.

1188¥ for a plate of beef?

568¥ per pound of clam, were they from a star? !

80¥ a plate of winter melon, what was going on? ! ! !

…………………………..Could it be that they were priced in Japanese

Tong Yao quickly closed the menu. She pretended that she had seen
it before and said lightly, “I’m not hungry.”

However, no one was paying attention to her. Lu Sicheng and others
seemed to come here often. They ordered a lot of food: meat, seafood,
and all kinds of vegetables. Tong Yao roughly calculated the prices and
arrived at a frightening figure-- --

She had an annual salary of 800,000 RMB, 800,000! Yet, it could only
pay for 20 or 30 dinners here.

She was still distracted when the food was brought to the table. She
glanced at the different dishes in front of her, they were all very fresh,
top quality…...But in Tong Yao’s eyes, they were dishes of RMB being
dropped into the hot pot-- --

Little Fatty and others were happily eating the various food, they
definitely had been here before.

Tong Yao quietly ate the greens, 10 RMB for a head of green. One dish
of the green here could buy the whole vegetable stand in the market…...
While Tong Yao was eating her vegetables, the man sitting across from
her suddenly stood up and pushed some cooked meat in the front of Tong
Yao, “Shorty, eat some meat.”

Tong Yao, with greens still in her mouth, raised her head in confusion.

Lu Sicheng’s sudden act made the others pause in their conversation.
They all stared in confusion at Tong Yao, then Lu Sicheng-- --No one could
figure out when these two, who constantly bickered, developed such a good

Tong Yao, in the meantime, stared at the beef in front her which costed four
figures as if they has been seasoned with gold-- --

The atmosphere became tense.

“Uhm, well, I was about to say it on the van.” Xiao Rui cleared his throat
and said, “Cheng Ge, do you really think you’re raising a daughter? You care
so much about her; afraid that she fell off the bed; afraid she’ll lose confidence
if she loses a skirmish; afraid that she’ll go hungry-- --”

As Xiao Rui was mumbling, Tong Yao quickly sucked the greens into her
mouth. Thanks to the elegant atmosphere of the hot pot place, she could
hide her red ears, which were as red as the cooked shrimp in the pot, from
the others in the dim light……

There was a short silence.

“She entertained me for a whole night.” Lu Sicheng spoke without any
facial expression, “What’s wrong with letting her eat more?”

Everyone: “......”

Tong Yao: “....................”

Tong Yao blankly looked at Lu Sicheng.

Then she felt like she had been awoken by thunder-- --

Isn’t that right?

It’s true? !

She had been tortured the whole night…...He was feeding her to
make up for it? !

Tong Yao instantly put down her chopsticks and looked around trying
to flag down a waiter-- --

She wants the menu! She wants the lobster! She wants the edible
nest! If they have shark fins, she wants two orders, one to rinse her
mouth, one to eat! Expensive? Ha! Cheng Ge has money, Cheng Ge
can pay for them! !

Translated by Team DHH at

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