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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 13 Part 1

Tong Yao had to jog after Lu Sicheng into the garage and watched him walk towards the royal blue Maserati in the corner. Then he opened the driver side door.

Tong Yao: “......”

She just needed to buy a pair of slippers, a few pairs of underwear, and one bath towel.

The car backed out from the parking space and parked in front of Tong Yao. She reached out to open the back door without thinking. The front driver’s side window rolled down, revealing Lu Sicheng’s stone face, “Sit in the front. Why are you sitting in the back, treating me like I’m your chauffeur?”

“Cheng Ge, my bad.”

Tong Yao immediately admitted her mistake and ran around to get to the front after releasing the back door handle. She opened the door to the passenger side and sat in, looking straight forward, without making any more comments.

Lu Sicheng glanced at her.

“Seat belt.”


Tong Yao nodded and searched for her seat belt. After she fastened the seat belt, she returned to her upright position with both of her hands resting on her knees, like a kindergartener waiting for the teacher to give out rewards-- --Lu Sicheng seemed very satisfied by the silence. He moved the car slowly out of parking garage, out of the residential area……

“Cheng Ge, I’m just buying slippers and some toiletries. Just bring me to any store nearby.”

“Where do you think we’re going? A furniture store?”

“Are we going there?” Tong Yao was confused.

“Wait till I change to a truck to take you there.”


Tong Yao wanted to ask him to wear a sign next time when he was in a sarcastic mood. When she looked at his face, she would accept anything he said as the truth…...Tong Yao puffed up her cheeks while her hand slid up and down her seat belt. She turned to look out of the window, then sneaked a peek at the man next to her, who was leaning back against his chair and didn’t seem to find the situation awkward at all-- --

“What are you looking at?”


It was as if he wanted to make it even more awkward between them.

Tong Yao quickly looked back outside of the window-- --Fortunately, she had noticed when arriving to the club that it was situated in an area close to a busy business district. It took about a ten minute drive to get to the nearest store…...So, she only needed to be patient for ten more minutes. But, if she could do it again, she would’ve insisted on walking on her own.

After they arrived at the shopping center, Tong Yao felt thirsty and went to a boba shop to buy a drink. It took her a while to decide on a cup of juice at the counter, then she turned to asked the man standing behind her, “Cheng Ge, do you want something to drink?”


The short answer accompanied with a look asking her to hurry up.

Tong Yao made a face and turned back. The server behind the counter smiled enviously, “Your boyfriend’s very cool.”

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my co-worker.” Tong Yao was horrified by the server’s suggestion and waved her hand vigorously, “I’ll take one latte as well, please.”

Tong Yao still got a cup of coffee for Lu Sicheng. He just thanked her and took the cup without making another comment…..With drinks in hands, they walked over to the store. Tong Yao still had to jog to keep up with him until they both entered the elevator-- --

Lu Sicheng kept sending voice messages along the way. Tong Yao didn’t know who he was talking to, besides, he was talking in Korean which Tong Yao didn’t understand. After they got into the elevator, he moved to the back. Tong Yao got closer to the panel to search for which floors contained the supermarket and household items…...When Lu Sicheng raised his head after he finished sending one of the messages, “Hey,-” as he was about to say something, he discovered that the back view of the person who was studying the elevator buttons with a half raised chin……

Looked so familiar.

Three seconds later, under his silent gaze, Tong Yao finally found out where she needed to go. She happily pushed the button labeled “3” and turned to ask, “En? Cheng Ge, did you call me?”

“......Do you know that the AD of YQCB team is going to announce his retirement?”

“No, I don’t. Who’s the AD of YQCB? Let me think. Oh, is it Xiao Nuan? He’s retiring?”

“My friend who’s playing professionally over at Korea told me. The new AD to join YQCB could be-- --”

“En? Who?”

YQCB was the team of Jinyang’s boyfriend, Ai Jia. They didn’t do well during the Spring season and almost got demoted to the junior league. They just finished playing a relegation tournament a few days ago.

…...Lu Sicheng, being a top player at a top team, was concerned about such a team?

Translated by Team DHH at

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