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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 13 Part 2

Lu Sicheng didn’t continue with his sentence but quietly stared at the girl next to the panel, who looked at him doubtfully. After a long while, he suddenly changed the subject, “Nevermind, it’s nothing. I heard from Xiaorui that you were there when we were playing the Spring finals a couple days ago.”

“That’s right.”

“You stayed in the same hotel as us.”


“On the 46th floor?”


Tong Yao stopped halfway through her answer. The straw in her mouth blew a big bubble into the cup…...Her hand tightened around the cup. Before she could say anything, Lu Sicheng calmly nodded his head and spoke the words that she didn’t want to hear, “So the stubborn shorty that day was really you.”


“Stubbornly refusing to admit that you’re short.”

The elevator door opened right at this moment, Lu Sicheng walked out ahead of her-- --Tong Yao stood stupefied for a moment before rushing out of the elevator behind him. She bounced up and down trying to explain, “It wasn’t like that. You see, I could really reach it that day! I was just carrying too many bags, they were too heavy so I couldn’t reach up……”



Tong Yao was going insane.

She was only a little bit shorter than him! ! !

She wasn’t short when she walked on the street! ! ! ! !

The man went ahead of her, satisfied that he had proved his point and that the subject had successfully concluded. Tong Yao was reaching out to grab him, wanting to argue the point…...Just as she stretched out her hand, she heard a scream of surprise from the other end of the store!

Tong Yao moved her head and saw a group of young men and women not too far from them were looking their way. They excitedly kept saying things like, “Chessman,” “My Cheng Ge,” “Why is he here?” Two of the girls even raised their cell phones aiming at Lu Sicheng-- --

They could even run into his fans at this place!

Tong Yao gasped when she saw the cell phones and dodged behind Lu Sicheng. Lu raised his eyebrows and turned around placing his big hand on her head to hold her steady forcefully, “What are you hiding for?”

“Your fans are taking pictures!”

Tong Yao was terrified, a far cry from the boldness she displayed when the camera was on her in the arena-- --At that time, the arena was dark and no one could really see her that clearly. Now it was inside a well lit store where every detail would show through…..

Lu Sicheng couldn’t understand her nervousness, “What if they are taking pictures……”

“You haven’t shaved today! I haven’t put on any makeup! How do I show my face! I have never posted any picture online yet. You think your fangirls would be so nice to use Beauty Camera for me! ! ! ! ! !” Tong Yao brushed off his hand. “Ahhh, they are coming over, probably asking for your autograph!”

Lu Sicheng thought that she couldn’t hide for her whole life, but he didn’t force her after seeing such a panicked expression. He turned around and at the same time pushed her behind him-- --

“Then, make sure you hide well.”

“Will they see me behind you?” Tong Yao was so nervous she began asking the first thing that came to mind.

“Vertically, no. Horizontally, I’m not sure.”


It took Tong Yao 5 seconds to realize that he was making fun of her. By that point, however, fans with pens and pads had already swarmed over. Tong Yao was too frightened to speak and ducked behind him.

There were about 7 or 8 fans. The commotion drew the attention of other shoppers. They thought the tall young man in the middle was some sort of movie star. Yet this movie star, though handsome, seemed a little careless to come out with such a sloppy appearance.

“Cheng Ge, I like you so much!”

“God, Cheng Ge, you’re so handsome!”

“I really wish ZGDX was playing the midseason competition!”

“Cheng Ge, Cheng Ge, give me your autograph. Ahhhhh, I’m so happy to meet you here! Is Ming god ok? I saw on the official Weibo site that he’ll be working as a data analyst. It’s so great that he isn’t really leaving the team!”

“Cheng Ge, you’re so tall in person. You seem taller than when you’re in the arena-- --”


The excited group suddenly remembered that there was a girl-- --

“Cheng Ge, is this your girlfriend? !”

It suddenly became silent.

A baby faced girl with big eyes tilted to look behind Lu Sicheng-- --Tong Yao madly poked at his waist with her finger. Just as she was about to poke a hole in his waist, Lu Sicheng calmly explained, “No, how can I find a girlfriend that looks like my daughter…...She’s the staff of our team, coming to shop with me.”

“Oh.” The baby face relaxed and laughed, “Your staff is very cute.”

“It’s childish.” Lu Sicheng quickly returned the autograph pad to her.

After she back away, the other fans stepped forwards. They circled around Lu Sicheng-- --The staff member, Tong Yao, soon lost their attention and was forced out of the circle……


Looking at the man who was surrounded by fans looking at him with worshiping eyes, Tong Yao could understand the reason why Jinyang’s boyfriend, Ai Jia, had to wear the clothes that his fans gave him despite enraging his girlfriend. Tong Yao had further confirmed her earlier conviction-- --

She would never fall in love with a professional esports player, otherwise, she would die from jealousy.

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