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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 10 Part 1

Tong Yao staggered with all the shopping bags back to her room. Before she could open the door, she got a call from her best friend, Jinyang, and her first words were, “Your future team lost the final.”

“Hum.” Tong Yao absent mindedly answered. She still remembered the back of that young man walking out of the elevator. Somehow, she felt that his back was silently mocking her.

“I heard that Ming god wasn’t in a good shape after the fourth match so they replaced him with some random guy for mid, and his overall map awareness wasn’t very good either-- --”

“What are you, a Platinum, talking about map awareness.”

“I was going to say that ‘he’s totally not as good as you,’ now I’m going to take that back. What’s wrong with the fact that I’m a Platinum!  At least I wash my hair every day!”


Tong Yao twitched the corner of her lips, with the cell phone lodged between her arm and face, and pulled out the card key to open the door. Tong Yao walked into the room and used her foot to kick the door close. She heard her friend over the phone, “What’s that sound? You’re back at the hotel? By youself? Aren’t they going back to the base right after the match today? Haven’t you gone with them?”

“They were busy preparing for the finals earlier and no one get a room ready for me. So I’ll stay in the hotel for two more days. Besides, it’s in between seasons, there’s no hurry-- --What exactly are you trying to say?”

Her friend paused at the other end, then as if she couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Have you seen Cheng Ge yet?”

Tong Yao, “......”

She struck right at her sore spot.

She twitched her lips and spoke reluctantly, “You already have a boyfriend, why do you keep mentioning Lu Sicheng? I saw him. I was in the same elevator as him just now. He lives below me. I had my hands full and he asked which floor I’m on, then pushed the button for me.”

She heard an excited scream from the other side of the phone, “Did he know who you are?”

Tong Yao, “He doesn’t.”

It sounded like Jinyang was jumping on the other end, “Oh my god! It’s so romantic. It’s just like a scene where the male and female characters meet from a shojo manga. Ahhhhh, Yaoyao, breaking up with Jian Yang led up to this moment, you know? !”

Tong Yao, “......I like it when you’re full of imagination.”

Was this how the male and female characters met in your shojo manga? She could imagine that Lu Sicheng pushed the elevator button for her simply because he was sympathizing with her heavy load…...She scratched her head and looked down to all the bags next to her foot. It was fortunate that Lu Sicheng didn’t see her face, otherwise, she couldn’t face the embarrassment when they meet next time……

Tong Yao heard the speaker in an airport from Jinyang’s side and asked in puzzlement, “Are you at an airport?”

“That’s right. Ah Mao’s mom and dad divorced. Now mom is going to deliver the son, Ah Mao, to his dad, my ex.” Jinyang said.

Ah Mao was a Ragdoll cat raised by Jinyang and Ai Jia together.

“You two haven’t got back together? His base will let him keep the cat?”

“If there’s no one at the base allergic to the cat, then it should be ok. Ai Jia’s place will allow it. If you want to bring Dabing with you, you could ask your manager first.” As Jinyang spoke, Tong Yao could faintly hear an announcement in the background, “I’m boarding now. Can’t talk anymore. I’m just calling to let you know that I’ll see you in Shanghai.”

After she hung up the phone, Tong Yao sat on the bed lost in thought. Finally, she couldn’t resist the urge to bring her cat to Shanghai and turned on WeChat, hesitantly opened a chat group-- --It was the group that the team manager, Rui Ge, had just invited her to about an hour ago. At the time, Tong Yao noticed the group was for the five players of ZGDX, coaches, data analyst, and so on……

When she was invited, the team was still playing on stage and there’s no one talking in the group.

Right now, the group was still quiet.

Tong Yao bit her lips and started typing-- --

[smiling: Hi]

She got a few responses soon after-- --

Translated by Team DHH at

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