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Chapter 949

Battle at the Bottom of the Lake


Two light figures quickly rushed past in the lightning lake with great speed. Lightning liquid rippled behind them and one could vaguely see many silver figures rushing forward in a swift ghost like fashion.

“Big brother Lin Dong, what are those things?” Mu Lingshan also discovered the unusual change at this moment. Her small face was a little surprise as she looked behind her and asked.

“The Yimo energy within those silver corpses is too strong. The lightning energy in this lightning lake does not seem to be capable of suppressing it.” Lin Dong pursed his lips. His expression was somewhat grave. The further one ventured into the lightning gorge, the stronger the Yimo energy in those silver corpses was. The difficulty of suppressing and eliminating it would also rise greatly.

However, Lin Dong could vaguely sense that this current unexpected change was perhaps related to their entry. The lightning energy and the Yimo energy had previously clearly formed a kind of stable equilibrium. Their arrival have likely damaged this equilibrium, resulting in the Yimo energy gaining the upper hand and allowing it to once again turned these statue like silver corpses into slaughtering demons…

“In that case, does this not mean that we can no longer collect thunderbolt cores?” Mu Lingshan held the Life Death Coffin Cover in her hand and asked. The number of silver corpses seemed to have far exceeded those they had encountered earlier. If they were to be entangled by them, it would likely become quite troublesome. At this moment, there was no need to even mention collecting thunderbolt cores.

“Let’s observe first before deciding.”

Lin Dong replied in a deep voice. Now that such an event had occurred, it was likely that no expert present would be able to escape. These silver corpses might be strong but the various experts present were not ordinary individuals either.

Lin Dong did not say anything more after his voice sounded. His body moved and his speed increased while Mu Lingshan followed closely behind him.

The change in the depths of the lightning gorge began to spread rapidly. After all, Lin Dong’s group was not the only one that had ventured into the deeper parts to search for the thunderbolt cores. Some of the stronger experts had already ventured deep inside, hence, this change naturally also affected them.

In the beginning, some experts were caught off guard. They were unable to even recover their wits as these silver corpses charged at them. Within a short period of time, many people were killed by these silver corpses. Even though some lucky Yuan Spirits managed to escape, they were forced to death’s door due to the lightning energy contained within the lightning lake. In the end, they gradually vanished into nothingness.

Blood and chaos quickly spread in the lightning gorge together with an atmosphere of panic and terror. Numerous experts withdrew from the lightning gorge. After which, they wore shocked expressions as they watched the silver corpses continuously charge out from within the lightning gorge.

“What happened?”

“Have all these silver corpses actually been refined into puppets?”

Many experts looked at the silver corpses that had charged out as numerous puzzled whispers swiftly spread.

“Everyone, there is no need to be afraid. These silver corpses might be quite strong but they do not possess any intelligence. It is not difficult to deal with them. They only problem is their somewhat large numbers.”

“As long as we defeat them, we will be able to head to the deeper parts of the lightning gorge to search for thunderbolt cores. The thunderbolt cores formed below will surely be of better quality!”

Some cries spread in the lightning lake while everyone were feeling shocked. Clearly, there were still people who did not intend to abandon the greed in their hearts even when faced with such a situation.

Such a cry did indeed have quite a big impact at this moment. This was because an increasing number of experts had hurried over to the lightning lake after hearing the rumours. Many of those who had come later had yet to collect the thunderbolt cores. These people were far too unwilling to give up now. Hence, rich murderous intent immediately flashed within the eyes of some after they heard such this cry.

Lin Dong observed the many experts who had become somewhat restless with cold eyes from the side. Those words from earlier were indeed true. This lightning gorge was clearly such that the silver corpses were stronger the deeper one went. At the same time, the erosion of the Yimo energy they suffered was quite serious. If it was possible to remove the Yimo energy, the quality of the thunderbolt cores they transformed into would be even better.

Of course, the precondition was that they must first finish off these violent silver corpses…


The silver corpses which had charged out from the lightning gorge emitted beast like roars while these thoughts were present in Lin Dong’s mind. An evil black aura lingered deep within the eyes of these silver corpses. Without further ado, silver flashed. After which, they rushed towards this direction like floodwaters.


After being caught off guard earlier, the various experts regained their wits at this moment. Additionally, greed surged within their hearts. In an instant, most of the fear within their hearts had disappeared and an explosive cry sounded. Countless formidable martial arts attacks were unleashed at the same time. After which, they smashed towards the silver torrent from all directions.

Bang bang!

The head on clash between the two parties immediately led to a loud sound spreading in a deafening manner. That frightening force directly formed a ten thousand feet large vacuum on the bottom of the lightning lake and even the lightning liquid flew outwards.

The combination of such a large number of experts naturally led to an extremely overwhelming power. Immediately, the silver torrent was forcefully contained. Dozens of silver corpses at the front were directly smashed into dust…

“Damnit, be a little softer with your attacks. The thunderbolt cores will disappear if the silver corpses are destroyed!” Some of the experts immediately cried out furiously while feeling a great heartache after seeing the silver corpses turning into dust.

The silver corpses at the bottom of the lake might have been eroded like those shrivelled corpses Lin Dong’s group had encountered earlier, and there was a slight difference between them. Those shrivelled corpses from earlier had retained some power from when they were alive within their bodies. An example was those eighteen shrivelled corpses. Their bodies contained Death Qi from their cultivation when they were alive. This Death Qi had even agglomerated into the Death Solidarity Pill.

However, these silver corpses did not possess any power from when they were alive. However, their bodies had already been filled with lightning energy after soaking at the bottom of this lightning lake for thousands of years. Therefore, it was impossible for them to form the Death Solidarity Pill after the Yimo energy was removed. However, their entire body would turn into a thunderbolt core containing a pure lightning energy.


Lin Dong involuntarily shook his head upon hearing those roars. Did these fellows really believe that these silver corpses were soft persimmons that they could squash as they wished? They were actually thinking of holding back at such a moment.


Many low roars were emitted from the silver corpses below soon after the heartache cries from those experts sounded. It was as though they were verifying Lin Dong’s thoughts. Immediately, a silver light suddenly appeared. It directly broke through the attacks of the numerous martial arts.

“Charge! As long as we expel the strange energy within their bodies, they will turn into thunderbolt cores!”

Many experts looked at the silver corpses charging towards them as a red glow and murderous intent flashed within their eyes. After which, majestic Yuan Power erupted and received the corpses.


Two torrents accompanied by a shocking momentum clashed at the bottom of the lightning lake. The activity shook the lightning lake until it seemed as if it had been turned upside down.

The fight was exceptionally miserable as both parties clashed. One party was without life while the other had red eyes because of the thunderbolt cores. This battle was quite vicious.

“We should also attack. Be careful.”

Lin Dong watched this miserable and chaotic battlefield. A glint flashed within his eyes as he spoke to Mu Lingshan. The battle was clearly at a stalemate. Coincidentally, they could take the opportunity to reap some benefits amidst the chaos and grab a couple more thunderbolt cores.


Mu Lingshan nodded excitedly. The scene in front of her had already caused her hands to itch slightly. However, she did not dare to randomly charge forward before Lin Dong gave the order.

The both of them practically charged forward at the same time. They did not charge towards the area with the most number of silver corpses. Instead, they swam at the outer areas of the battleground and stealthily finished off those silver corpses that had escaped one after another.

The bottom of the lightning lake had clearly become extremely chaotic at this moment. Incomparably violent energy fluctuations caused shockingly huge waves to rise on the surface of the lightning lake. This caused the experts who had continued to hurry over to feel a little frightened. However, when they thought of the thunderbolt cores, they immediately suppressed the fear within their hearts. After which, splashing sounds were heard as many figures continued to charge into the lightning lake.


Lin Dong’s palm landed on a silver corpse at lightning speed. After which, a warm white light quietly entered the body of the silver corpse. The black light flickering in the latter’s eyes quickly vanished.

Lin Dong, who possessed the Ancestor Stone, did not have much of difficulty eliminating the Yimo energy.

After the removal of the Yimo energy within the body of the silver corpse, the latter began to tremble. Lightning glow flashed. However, this lightning glow was about to agglomerate when many cracks appeared on the surface of its body.


Lin Dong shook his head helplessly upon seeing this and casually tossed the silver corpse aside. The lightning energy within this silver corpse had already been scattered earlier. Hence, it had ended up failing to agglomerate into a thunderbolt core.

“Heh heh, brother Lin Dong, you seem to be extremely unlucky.” Mu Lingshan laughingly lifted her small hand a short distance away. The silver corpse she had just destroyed had successfully formed a thunderbolt core. She had once again obtained four thunderbolt cores during this period of time. Although Lin Dong was much faster than Mu Lingshan in dealing with the Yimo energy, he had only obtained two thunderbolt cores.

Lin Dong tossed aside the silver corpse. After which, he once again rushed forward and laughed loudly, “In that case, let us compete and see who is able to obtain more thunderbolt cores!”

Mu Lingshan laughed upon hearing this. Her body rushed towards another silver corpse near her.

Following the flow of time, the battle at the bottom of the lightning lake also became increasingly intense. However, with an increasing number of experts hurrying over, these silver corpses finally begun to show signs of being defeated.

However, no one knew that blood was continuously gathering towards the depths of the lightning gorge following the increasing intensity of the battle.

The bloody aura finally surged into a cave at the bottom of the lake where a dozen feet tall silver figure was quietly seated. Black demonic symbols covered his body. At this moment, those demonic symbols were like giant mouths greedily devouring the bloody aura.


After this devouring reached a certain point, the human figure covered in black demonic symbols finally opened his eyes which had been shut for thousands of years. Black flames filled his eyes, giving him a chillingly evil appearance.

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