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Chapter 948




Lin Dong’s hand took on the shape of a claw as a suction force suddenly erupted from within his palm. The thunderbolt core that had just surfaced from within the stone cave immediately whistled out. After which, it was grabbed by him.

“The fourth one!”

Lin Dong grabbed the thunderbolt core and felt the surging pure lightning energy within it as excitement involuntarily flashed across his eyes. In less than ten minutes, he had already obtained the fourth thunderbolt core. Such a haul was already very bountiful.

After keeping this thunderbolt core, Lin Dong glanced towards Mu Lingshan in front of him. At this moment, the latter was darting all over the place in an excited manner as she searched for thunderbolt cores. Wild and violent Yuan Power fluctuations continued to ripple over from even further away, and it was possible to faintly hear the sounds of battle.

Although there were quite a number of silver corpses within this lightning gorge, not all of them could turn into a thunderbolt core. Hence, the number of thunderbolt cores was far from being able to satisfy the endless greed within everyone’s heart. No one would think that there were too many of such treasures.

Additionally, the news about this place had clearly continued to spread. Hence, Lin Dong was able to occasionally see some unfamiliar experts charging into the lightning lake with heated eyes. After which, they directly rushed towards his current location.

It was likely that many experts had already heard of the news and hence hurried over to snatch the thunderbolt cores. With an increasing demand and decreasing supply, a bloody battle was naturally unavoidable.

Fortunately, these people had heard about the Lin Dong duo and were aware of just how troublesome it was to deal with them. Hence, no one came to disturb them for the moment. However, Lin Dong was aware that this was only temporarily. Once the number of thunderbolt cores available diminished, the reasoning of those experts would gradually be weakened by their greed.

Sooner or later, an intense and chaotic battle would erupt in this place.

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth curled as a stern expression flashed across his eyes. He was happy if these people did not provoke him. However, if they were to have designs on the thunderbolt cores in his hand, he could only allow them to know what was known as suffering a loss without making any gains!

Lin Dong withdrew his eyes as he thought of this. His body moved and gradually rushed towards the deeper parts of the lightning gorge. The thunderbolt cores in the outer regions had basically been completely cleaned out.

Pang Hao’s expression was cold and indifferent as he stared at the Lin Dong duo from behind while they were hurrying into the deeper parts of the lightning gorge. A stern expression suddenly flashed across his eyes.

“Heh, the both of them seem to have collected a total of ten thunderbolt cores. This is not any less than us.” A man beside Pang Hao parted his mouth and laughed. He was one of the three who had exchanged blows with Mu Lingshan back at the stone city, and was also one of the so called four demon generals of the Nine Serene Gate. He was quite strong.

“It doesn’t matter. Allow them to slowly collect the thunderbolt cores.”

Pang Hao laughed faintly. However, that smile of his was exceptionally ruthless. “Once they have collected a sufficient number, I will make them hand everything over!”

Although the strength of the Lin Dong duo was a little different from what he had expected, this did not cause him to feel any fear towards them. These lone wolves actually dared to compete over these treasures with their Nine Serene Gate. Fools that really did not know their limits…

“Try to collect as many thunderbolt cores as possible. Kill anyone who dares vie with us.”

Pang Hao turned his head and instructed. Those experts from the Nine Serene Gate revealed a fierce glint in their eyes upon hearing this. After which, savage laughter sounded as they charged towards the places where lightning glows had risen from.

Lin Dong was not aware of the Nine Serene Gate’s schemes. Currently, he was gradually venturing deeper into the lightning gorge. During the subsequent ten minutes, he managed to collect another two thunderbolt cores. However, Lin Dong frowned and gradually discovered a problem as he continued to venture deeper. It seemed that the Yimo aura contained within the bodies of these silver corpses in the stone cave was becoming increasingly thick the deeper he went.

Clearly, the erosion suffered by these experts when they were alive was a little more serious compared to those from earlier.

Such a cave sect would have likely dominated for a period of time within their era. Given these numbers, it seemed that they was not any weaker than a super sect. It was unexpected that they had still ended up with such a fate after being attacked by the Yimo.

“Heh heh, brother Lin Dong, I have six thunderbolt cores!”

While Lin Dong was frowning over this discovery, Mu Lingshan moved closer to him. At this moment, there were two thunderbolt cores floating in her little hands. Looks like she also had a bountiful harvest this trip.

Lin Dong smiled after hearing this. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly sunk. He slowly lifted his head and saw that five figures had appeared around him at some unknown time. At this moment, their eyes were greedily staring at the two thunderbolt cores in Mu Lingshan’s hands.

Looks like trouble had ultimately come looking for them.

“There are still many thunderbolt cores in other places. I advice all of you to obediently go and collect them. Do not end up losing your lives because of a moment of recklessness.” Lin Dong stared at this five men group and spoke in a faint voice.

Lin Dong could sense that these five individuals were all quite powerful. Four of them were at the peak of the advance Profound Life stage and the bald leader had already reached the perfect Profound Life stage. Such strength was already considered rather good.

“Heh, what arrogant words.”

A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the bald man after hearing Lin Dong’s words. He looked at Mu Lingshan beside Lin Dong. He had also clearly heard of the former. Usually, he would not wish to offend this little fiend. However, under the temptation of the thunderbolt cores, it was clear that the reasoning of many had diminished.

“What is there to be arrogant about. Regardless of how strong you are, there are only two of you. Do you think that the five of us are afraid of you? We will not go overboard. We will leave as long as you hand over half of the thunderbolt cores in your hands. What do you say?” One of them laughed coldly.

“Split half with you?”

A grin surfaced from the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth. After which, he softly inquired, “I wonder how many thunderbolt cores do the five of you have?”

“Brat, don’t tell me that you are actually planning to target us?” An ominous look flashed across the bald headed man’s face. Immediately, he comprehended the meaning contained within Lin Dong’s words.


The smile on Lin Dong’s face widened. In the next moment, it suddenly became ice-cold. At the same time, his body shot out like an arrow.

“Lingshan, attack!”

A soft shout echoed. Mu Lingshan flipped her small hand and kept the two thunderbolt cores into her Qiankun Bag. After which, the Life Death Coffin Cover once again appeared with a flash. A cold snort sounded and she swiftly charged forward. These people actually dared to target her. How could she let them off so easily…

Lin Dong’s target was the bald man who had reached the perfect Profound Life stage. Ten green dragon light tattoos swam around his body. An extremely powerful ripple spread as he lifted his hand.

Lin Dong was extremely quick. In a flash, he had appeared in front of that bald man. After which, he directly threw a punch. Ten green dragon light tattoos galloped and surged in front of him as a faint dragon roar sounded.


That bald man’s body flickered with faint black light when he saw this. His body seemed to turn into metal at this moment. From the looks of it, it was obvious that he was a troublesome foe who had trained his physical body.


The fists of both parties collided ferociously as shocking energy ripples immediately swept apart. The lightning liquid around them suddenly exploded.

Lin Dong’s body trembled slightly. Devouring power surged from within his body and directly swallowed the force which had invaded his body. On the other hand, the bald man was forced back by a couple of steps.

“Good brat, you do indeed have some skill!”

That bald man finally became serious after seeing that he had actually lost out in a head on clash. From the earlier punch, he understood that the strength of Lin Dong’s physical body did not lose to his own!

Lin Dong clenched his hand. His mouth parted as he smiled at the bald man. Green light surged and once again pounced forward. He did not give the latter any time to catch his breath.

While Lin Dong and the bald man were engaged in an intense fight, Mu Lingshan had also caught up with the four peak level advance Profound Life stage experts. The Life Death Coffin Cover in her hands was lifted and the expressions of those four immediately became extremely ugly. This was because they had discovered that despite outnumbering her, they were clearly unable to block this seemingly delicate and small green clothed girl…

Only at this moment did they begin to cry out bitterly within their hearts. It seemed that this Mu Lingshan did indeed possess quite a great ability that allowed her to dominate on the island.

However, it was clearly a little too late for regrets at this moment. Excitement leaped within Mu Lingshan’s large eyes. The four individuals before her seemed to have become thunderbolt cores which had been delivered to her like fattened sheep. There would really be no justice if she missed this chance.

Bang bang!

An intense battle erupted deep within the lightning gorge. This battle did not last for a long. Mu Lingshan used the fastest speed to defeat those four peak level advance Profound Life stage experts. After which, she unceremoniously snatched the four thunderbolt cores in their possession.

The bald man had also become extremely miserable as he fought Lin Dong. All of his attacks landed on Lin Dong’s body but the latter did not even budge. However, Lin Dong’s attacks caused him to feel a heart wrenching pain each time they landed on his body.

The strength of their bodies were clearly not on the same level.

“You guys are good. Let’s go!”

Yet another head on collision occurred and the bald man’s body shot back miserably as sweetness rose from his throat. His eyes were grim as he gazed at the grinning Lin Dong rubbing his fist. After which, he glanced at the four injured individuals. He clenched his teeth and decisively pulled back.

The four individuals could only swiftly pull back while scowling miserably after seeing the bald man retreat.

Lin Dong smilingly watched this scene but he did not give chase. There was no time for him to do so at this moment.


However, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk as he watched the five individuals who were about to flee. He suddenly lowered his head and saw that over a dozen black lights had swept out like ghosts from deeper parts of the lightning gorge below. After which, they ruthlessly struck the five figures.


The faces of those four peak level advance Profound Life stage experts paled almost immediately. After which, they slowly lowered their heads. A shrivelled hand had pierced their hearts…

The owner of that shrivelled hand was completely silver in colour. Black light danced within the eyes of the silver corpses!


That perfect Profound Life stage expert was a little stronger. Although he ended up being forced to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, he had still managed to retain his life. After which, he lifted his head in shock and looked at those silver corpses that had suddenly attacked them. There was terror in his eyes.

“Lingshan, let’s leave!”

Lin Dong observed this scene as his pupils shrunk tightly. After which, he grabbed Mu Lingshan and directly rushed in the other direction while ignoring that unfortunate fellow.

This was because at this moment, Lin Dong had clearly seen many densely packed silver corpses suddenly rush out from the depths of the lightning gorge…

Some unexpected changes seemed to have occurred in this place.

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