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Chapter 890

Ancestor Stone Spirit


A light figure slowly drifted out from the mysterious stone talisman. Its appearance was blurry, and it was impossible to clearly see its features. However, the faint trace of life Qi that was emitted allowed one to understand that this light figure seemed to possess life.


Lin Dong was extremely astonished as he watched this scene. Immediately, his eyelids twitched as he said, “Stone Talisman Spirit?”

“It should be the Ancestor Stone Spirit.” The light figure hovered above the stone talisman, as a raspy and calm voice was slowly emitted. The astonishment on Lin Dong’s face gradually started to recede moments later. He curiously observed the light figure and said, “You have been restored?”

“Only my spirit has been awoken. As for my power, not much of it has recovered.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit shook his head. Lin Dong could hear some regret within his words.

“There is a great amount of Desolation Qi within this Chaos Tower. You can use all of it to recover.” Lin Dong suggested.

“It is useless. If I wish to recover some strength, I will need to absorb the eighth storey’s Desolation Qi.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit explained in an indifferent manner.

“Eighth storey? You should be able to enter, right?” Lin Dong looked towards the path that led to the eight storey. Although he did not have the ability to enter, it should not be difficult for this Ancestor Stone to enter, given its unfathomable strength.

“I can enter… however, the Desolation Qi in that place is healing the Chaos Master. If I absorb it, it will be over for that fellow.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit said.

“Chaos Master?” Lin Dong was startled.

The Ancestor Stone Spirit glanced at Lin Dong. Suddenly, he floated to the spot below the light membrane. With a wave of his sleeve, the light membrane gradually became transparent, while Lin Dong also curiously cast his gaze over.

It was a sea of purplish gold light. The Desolation Qi contained within such purplish gold light, was exactly the same as the thing that Lin Dong had absorbed earlier. This caused his scalp to involuntarily turn somewhat numb. Just a few strands of purplish gold Desolation Qi had nearly caused him to explode. Yet, the eighth storey contained such a terrifying amount. Anyone who entered would likely be burst into a bloody mist in a few breaths time.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept over the purplish gold sea. Quickly after, his gaze abruptly froze, as a chill rose from under his feet, and spread across his entire body.

His line of sight was focused at the centre of the purplish gold sea. A ten thousand feet large giant was quietly lying on the ground. The skin of this giant was purplish gold in colour, and there were some mysterious spiral patterns on his skin. Although he seemed to be in a slumber at this moment, the space around him appeared to be in a distorted state. Lin Dong did not doubt that space itself would collapse if this giant got up.

This giant was truly the exemplification of power.


Lin Dong could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. The scene in front of him was likely the most shocking scene that he had seen over the years. Perhaps, this giant was the most terrifyingly powerful person that he had seen, and was even stronger than Qing Zhi…

“Is this the Chaos Master…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. His eyes contained a shock that could not be hidden. No one would have imagined that there was such a frightening expert hidden in the eighth storey of the Chaos Tower. No wonder even the clan heads of the five great clans were unable to enter.

“That purplish gold skin you absorbed earlier, was a flake of skin from the Chaos Master.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit explained.

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched involuntarily. It was merely a fingernail sized piece of skin. Yet, it possessed such pure Desolation Qi. Just how terrifying was this Chaos Master?

“Back then, my master, the great Symbol Ancestor, had a total of eight disciples. They are also called the eight great masters. That little female friend of yours, whom you call Ying Huanhuan, is the reincarnation of the Ice Master. Her power is even greater than the Chaos Master.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit spoke in an indifferent manner. Lin Dong could sense a trace of approval in his tone when he mentioned the Ice Master.

“So terrifying…”

Lin Dong rubbed his nose. After having witnessed the aura of this Chaos Master, he was finally able to understand just how powerful these peak experts from the ancient times actually were. Lin Dong also had some complicated feelings towards Ying Huanhuan’s reincarnator identity. Once she truly awakened, it was likely that the pretty and lively young lady with a black ponytail, would reach a level that even he would have no hope of catching up to…

Lin Dong did not want to see that day arrive…

“That stone coffin which I saw in the lava space back then…” Lin Dong suddenly recalled the hidden mysterious space, that was located deep underground on Mysterious Spirit Island.

“That is the Flame Master…” The Ancestor Stone sighed. “Back then, the world was faced with a great calamity. Master ignited his reincarnation to seal the crack between dimensions. However, there are still many powerful Yimos remaining on this plane. The eight great masters had attempted to eliminate them. Although they ultimately resolved the trouble, they had also ended up paying a great price for it… “

Lin Dong silently nodded. That mysterious lava space was clearly suppressing something. It was likely that the Flame Master had also fell into a deep slumber like old man Fen Tian from Unique Devil Region back then…

“They still have a chance to be reawakened right?” Lin Dong asked.

“Yes.” The Ancestor Stone nodded and said, “They were once the pinnacle experts of this world. All of them have broken through life and death, and achieved enlightenment in reincarnation. It is not easy to destroy them. However, it would require a long time for them to awaken…”

Lin Dong silently nodded. He had felt an indescribable danger ever since he became aware of the existence of those Yimo. Even someone as strong as the Symbol Ancestor back then, could only ignite his reincarnation to seal the crack between the planes in the face of those creatures. If the latter were to make a comeback, who in this plane would be able to fight them?

“This Chaos Tower does not have the fluctuation of the Chaos Ancestral Symbol. It has likely also been lost…” The Ancestor Stone scanned the area and commented.

“Chaos Ancestral Symbol?” Lin Dong’s eyes quickly lit up after hearing this name.

“The eight great masters were once the owners of the eight Ancestral Symbols. The Chaos Master possessed the Chaos Ancestral Symbol.” The Ancestor Stone spoke in a faint voice.

“Does this mean that there was also a Devouring Master?” Lin Dong could not resist asking. It was the first time that he had heard this.

“Aye.” The Ancestor Stone nodded. His eyes seemed to be recalling a distant memory. Finally, he sighed and said, “However, I do not know if he still exists in this world. Back then, the Devouring Master fought against five king level Yimo alone. The number of Yimos that have died at his hands numbered in the hundreds of millions…”

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched slightly after hearing this. He was aware that the Great Desolate Tablet was suppressing a king level Yimo. Of course, he also understood just how powerful an Yimo of this level was. Yet, the Devouring Master was able to fight against five of them alone. Such strength was a little unbelievable.

“Is the king level Yimo the strongest amongst those Yimo?”

The Ancestor Stone was quiet for a moment. Finally, he shook his head and replied, “There is still the emperor level above the king level… a Yimo of that level can only be dealt with by master. Fortunately, an Yimo of this level will not be born so easily even within that Yimo tribe.

“Emperor level Yimo…”

Lin Dong was quietly speechless. Just the king level was already so frightening. Just how ferocious was that emperor level Yimo?

“Although I have currently awakened, you should pay attention not to casually use my power in the future. The fate of that Celestial Demon Marten friend of yours is a good example.” The Ancestor Stone suddenly warned.

“Little Marten?” Lin Dong was stunned. Soon after, his expression changed slightly. Little Marten had mentioned that he was surrounded and attacked soon after obtaining the Ancestor Stone. In the end, he had to self destruct his physical body, and hid his demonic spirit inside the Ancestor Stone. Only then did he manage to survive.

“Who are those people?” Lin Dong’s eyes were a little dark and solemn as he asked.

“Yimo…” Ancestor Stone muttered in a faint voice.

Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly contracted, as some alarm surged on his face, “There are still some living Yimo in this world?”

“Yes.” The Ancestor Stone nodded and replied. “There were far too many Yimo that had entered this plane back then. Although most of them had been eliminated, there were still quite a number of them who had hidden themselves. They will definitely gather together, and think of a way to tear a crack between the planes…

Lin Dong’s expression was grave. He was aware that if a crack was opened again, this plane would be devastated by the Yimo. No one would be able to escape.

“Moreover, this plane does not lack powerful Yimo that have been suppressed without being completely destroyed. An example is the king level Yimo under the Great Desolate Tablet. The other Yimo will definitely think of ways to rescue him…” The Ancestor Stone said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. It seemed that the first thing he must do after returning to the Eastern Xuan Region was to help the Great Desolate Tablet completely kill that king level Yimo. Otherwise, things would truly become troublesome if the latter managed to escape.

“Both the Great Desolate Tablet and I belong to the master. Those Yimo are exceptionally sensitive to our auras. Hence, there is a good chance that you will be detected by them if you use my power. Moreover, with your current strength, forget about a king level Yimo. Even an Yimo general will be able to kill you.” The Ancestor Stone said.

“I know.”

Lin Dong nodded slowly. It seemed that he should properly hide the Ancestor Stone before he reach a certain level of strength. Currently, the Ancestor Stone might not be able to provide him with any clear help, but the former possessed an extremely rich experience and knowledge. Moreover, this was something that Lin Dong was lacking in. It was likely that he would be able to obtain great benefits from it in this area in the future…

Lin Dong stretched his waist after thinking of this. He glanced at the light membrane which led into the eighth storey. After which, he turned around and left. Since the Ancestor Stone had been awakened, there was no longer a need for him to continue staying in this place…

After Lin Dong’s departure, the Chaos Tower once again become silent. The giant body continued to quietly lie on the eighth storey, appearing as though it had been there since time immemorial.

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