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Chapter 891

Trouble Knocking on One’s Door


Several human figures stood in front of the Chaotic Tower. They were all watching the tightly shut door that led into the enormous stone tower before them. It had been a month since Lin Dong had entered…

Lin Dong did not show any indications of coming out during this one month. This caused Gu Shou’s group to feel quite startled. Although they were aware that the Desolation Qi within the Chaotic Tower had the miraculous effect of tempering one’s physical body, the Desolation Qi was also exceptionally heavy. It was not easy to endure for one month within it.

“Could something have happened?” Gu Mengqi’s pretty eyes stared at the tower door, as she asked in a worried voice.

“It should be fine. Lin Dong’s strength is extraordinary, and he has a cautious character. He will definitely withdraw if he realises that he can no longer endure. The reason for the current situation, is likely because he does not wish to come out…” Gu Shou muttered.

“Ha ha, but for someone with his strength, it is rare to be able to endure for one month within the Chaotic Tower. Even Shentu Jue only lasted for twenty days within the tower.”

“That fellow is a monster.” The corners of Gu Mengqi’s mouth lifted. This slight action caused her pretty face to appear exceptionally enchanting.

“He is indeed a monster. If he is given some time to grow, he will definitely have a place within this Chaotic Demon Sea.” Gu Shou nodded. However, he continued in a regretful manner, “It’s a pity, our Gu clan is unable to employ him.”

“A mighty eagle will not be willing to simply live in a corner. Our Gu clan is perhaps too small in his eyes.” Gu Mengqi quietly said.

“That lad’s expectations are likely too high. Even the big miss of our Gu clan might not be able to retain him even if she personally takes action… this brat, don’t tell me that he is unaware that the number of people who like you can line up from one corner of the island to other other?” Gu Shou laughed.

Gu Mengqi’s face involuntarily turned bright red after hearing Gu Shou’s teasing. She quickly spoke in a helpless manner, “There is nothing I can do if the other party does not fancy me…”

Gu Shou laughed loudly upon seeing this. He was just about to speak, when his expression suddenly altered. His eyes immediately turned towards the door of the Chaotic Tower, which had remained tightly shut for a month, “It seems that he is about to come out…”

Gu Mengqi hurriedly turned her pretty eyes over upon hearing this.


As they shifted their gazes, the thick stone door, which had been tightly shut for a month, finally emitted a deep rumbling sound at this moment, as an ancient Desolation Qi emerged. At the same time, a skinny figure also slowly walked out of the darkness. Finally, he stood under the warm sunlight.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of fresh air. After which, he looked at Gu Shou’s group in front of the Chaotic Tower, as a smile surfaced on his face.

The eyes of Gu Shou’s group involuntarily shrunk as they watched Lin Dong, who had walked out from the Chaotic Tower. They could sense that there was clearly quite a significant difference between the current Lin Dong and the one from a month ago.

The strange thing was that this change was not on the surface. Based on their senses, they could feel that there seemed to be an extremely explosive and frightening strength under the body of this skinny figure…

Such strength was even greater than a month ago!

“Ha ha, it looks like little friend Lin Dong’s one month of bitter training has resulted in great benefits.” Gu Shou slowly recovered from his shock and laughed.

“I must really thank the Gu clan for this.” Lin Dong laughed. This trip to the Chaotic Tower had not only increased his strength, but had also allowed his to stabilise his somewhat superficial Yuan Power. Of course, most importantly, he had finally woken the Ancestor Stone Spirit…

“We merely helped each other. If it was not for little friend Lin Dong’s help, our Gu clan will not even be able to obtain a quota.” Gu Shou laughed and waved his hand.

Lin Dong chuckled. He had some good feelings towards the Gu clan. Although he had contributed greatly, the latter was also not petty, and did not do anything despicable like abandoning him after their success.

“Lin Dong, there will be stormy weather over the sea during these few days. It will be inconvenient to head out to sea. Why don’t you rest for a couple of days on Martial Gathering Island?” Gu Mengqi smiled sweetly.

Lin Dong hesitated slightly after hearing this. Finally, he grinned and nodded. He had obtained many benefits from the Gu clan. It would be a little unbecoming for him to simply leave at this moment.

Joy flashed across Gu Mengqi’s eyes after seeing that Lin Dong did not reject. Her smile, which was like a blossoming flower, appeared exceptionally beautiful.

“In that case, let’s leave. We will head back to the Gu clan and rest.” Gu Shou also smiled after seeing this. He was naturally happy to have Lin Dong remain a little longer. Moreover, he was also aware of Gu Mengqi’s charm. If he allowed these two young individuals to interact, they might end up catching each other’s eye. Their Gu clan would then gain an expert with great potential…

Lin Dong nodded. His body had just moved, when his heart suddenly shook. He lifted his head and looked at the distant sky. An extremely powerful aura had suddenly appeared at that spot.

That aura was even more powerful that Gu Shou beside him.


When Lin Dong looked over, Gu Shou had also clearly sensed this aura, and an exclamation immediately escaped his mouth. He frowned slightly, as he looked in that direction. Finally, he muttered, “What a powerful aura, I wonder just who it is…”

“It seems to be heading towards our Martial Gathering Island.” Gu Mengqi also remarked in a surprised manner.

“Perhaps it is a VIP of a clan.” Gu Shou thought for a moment before speaking. This Martial Gathering Island was guarded by their five great clans. With the ability of the five great clans, they would naturally be acquainted with many powerful individuals in the Heaven Sea Wind Region. Hence, he did not appear exceptionally surprised.

Lin Dong nodded slightly after hearing this. He was just about to withdraw his gaze, when a raspy voice sounded from within his body. “It is after you.”

Lin Dong’s footsteps suddenly stopped, as his pupils contracted. The one who had uttered those words was naturally the Ancestor Stone Spirit. However… after him? Since when did he offend an expert of this level?

“It is that the Nefarious Bone old man?” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. A thought suddenly appeared, as he exclaimed in his heart.

The Ancestor Stone did not respond this time around. Clearly, it had quietly acknowledged it. This time around, Lin Dong’s expression gradually became ugly. He did not expect that the Nefarious Bone old man would actually be this quick…

“Is there something wrong?” Gu Mengqi could not help but ask in a concerned manner after seeing Lin Dong’s expression suddenly turn ugly.

“It is the Nefarious Bone old man.” Lin Dong slowly spoke in a somewhat dark and solemn manner.

“Nefarious Bone old man?” Gu Shou and Gu Menqi were startled upon hearing this. Soon after, their expressions changed, “Is he after you?”

From the looks of it, these people had likely learnt about the matter of Lin Dong killing a disciple of the Nefarious Bone old man from Gu Yan…

Lin Dong slightly nodded. He lifted his head, as he gazed in the direction where the powerful aura was originating from. His eyes were faintly a little dark and stern. He had really attracted a big problem this time around…

Gu Shou had a grave expression. He was also clearly aware of how troublesome it was to deal with this Nefarious Bone old man. Most importantly, this person was a sinecure of the Demonic Wind Cave. With this titanic faction behind him, this eccentric old ghost might not even give their Gu clan any face.

“Elder Gu Shou, what should we do?” Gu Mengqi glanced at Gu Shou and softly asked. This Nefarious Bone old man was clearly not a friendly character. Although Lin Dong’s strength was considered to be at the peak of the younger generation, there was still quite a big gap between him and an older expert like the Nefarious Bone old man, who had dominated the Heaven Wind Sea Region for many years.

Gu Shou frowned tightly. His expression was a little volatile. It was a long while later, before he clenched his teeth and firmly spoke, “No matter what, Lin Dong is an important guest of our Gu clan as long as he is on Martial Gathering Island. This Nefarious Bone old man must seek the opinion of our Gu clan before touching him!”

Lin Dong’s heart warmed slightly after hearing this. He immediately said, “Elder Gu Shou, there’s no need to act this way. This is my personal matter, and it will not do to implicate the Gu clan.”

“Little friend Lin Dong, there is no need to say any more. I might be able to just wash my hands if this occurred somewhere else. However, since you are here, you are an important guest of our Gu clan. If others learn that our Gu clan cannot even protect our guest, how will my Gu clan continue surviving in this Heaven Wind Sea Region?” Gu Shou waved his hand, and spoke in a deep voice.

Lin Dong’s mouth moved, as good feelings arose within his heart due to Gu Shou’s stubbornness. After all, not everyone had the gall to challenge an well-known expert like the Nefarious Bone old man because of a nameless young person like him…

However, Lin Dong also had his own plans. That Nefarious Bone old man was arriving in an extremely aggressive manner, and it was likely that he would not be willing to leave empty handed. Moreover, it was impossible for Lin Dong to hide in this Martial Gathering Island forever. Hence… he needed to think of a way to escape the predicament he was in.

“What an irritating old ghost…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed, as his gaze turned towards the distant azure sky. A rushing wind sound appeared, and that powerful overbearing aura was also not the least bit concealed. It directly spread over the sky above Martial Gathering Island.

Swoosh swoosh!

The appearance of such a powerful aura naturally attracted the attention of the various experts on the island. Immediately, the sound of splitting wind appeared. Many figures were stood in the air. Their eyes were surprised, as they looked at the direction where the aura was originating from.


A grey light finally tore through the sky, and appeared in the sky above Martial Gathering Island under the attention of countless watching eyes.

The light scattered. An old man in grey robes with grey hair scattered over his shoulders held a bone walking stick as he appeared. A monstrous powerful aura followed him.

“Where is that brat who has killed my disciple? Tell him to come out!”

The grey robed old man appeared in a flash. His ruthless ice-cold eyes were like viper’s, as they slowly swept over the interior of Martial Gathering Island. A sinister shout rumbled in the sky above the island.

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