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Chapter 886

Entering the Chaotic Tower


The explosive atmosphere on Martial Gathering Island had gradually died down following the conclusion of the martial gathering. After witnessing an exceedingly exciting exchange and the final outcome, the experts from various places left the island feeling rather satisfied.

Naturally, when they left, they also spread the shockwaves brought forth by a youth by the name of Lin Dong. The fame of this youth, who had defeated the Asura from the Shentu Clan, had started to unknowingly spread in the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

However, Lin Dong did not have much personal interest in such fame. If it was not because he planned on using this fame to search for Little Marten and Little Flame, he might have even done his best to prevent it from spreading.

Therefore, when he heard Gu Mengqi speak about his current fame in the Heaven Wind Sea Region, he did not have much comments. Compared to this matter, he was obviously more concerned about the Chaotic Tower…

Fortunately, the Gu Clan did not show any sign of abandoning their benefactor after achieving their goal. On the second day after the end of the martial gathering, with Gu Shou leading the way, Lin Dong once again appeared in front of the ancient limestone tower.

Below the tower, Lin Dong halted his footsteps and raised his head to look at the stone tower that was brimming with antiquity and vastness. The vestiges of time had carved patterns on its surface, however, it was akin to an everlasting existence, standing straight and never falling.

“There are eight levels within the Chaotic Tower, and each level is brimming with Desolation Qi. Little friend Lin Dong, when you’re in there, please make sure not to step past the fifth level.” Beside Lin Dong, Gu Shou looked towards the stone tower, before suddenly speaking out.

“Oh?” Lin Dong said while feeling slightly startled.

“Every time you advance a level in the Chaotic Tower, the Desolation Qi present will become many times thicker. Although the energy has an amazing effect on the tempering of one’s physical body, it is extremely dense and heavy. With your current strength, the fifth level is likely your limit. If you were to head deeper, your body might instead be corroded by the boundless Desolation Qi there…” Gu Shou warned.

“Looks like it’ll the strength of the Profound Death stage is required to enter the eighth level, huh?” Lin Dong muttered while feeling somewhat amazed.

“Eighth level?” Gu Shou’s expression turned strange, as he shook his head. He replied, “Till now, there hasn’t been anyone who has been able to enter the eighth level of the Chaotic tower. Even those at the Profound Death stage could not succeed.”

“Even the Profound Death stage can’t do it?” Upon hearing Gu Shou’s reply, Lin Dong could not help but have a change in expression. To think that the Desolation Qi within the Chaotic Tower was so formidable, that even Profound Death stage experts were unable endure it?

“The clan leaders of the five great clans have all tried to enter the eighth level, however, not a single one succeeded. As for them, they were all super experts at the perfect Profound Death stage.” Gu Shou replied with a grave tone. 

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. Perfect Profound Death stage… at this level, one should be a first class expert even when placed within the Chaotic Demon Sea. Never did he imagine that even such individuals were unable to entire the Chaotic Tower’s eighth level. Looks like this ancient stone tower was not simple after all.

“This stone tower has existed for an extremely long time. Our five great clans discovered it a hundred years ago, and joined hands to protect it. Subsequently, we’ve attempted to explore its mysteries. However, other than discovering the large quantities of Desolation Qi it possesses, we have not discovered anything else.” Gu Shou lamented. All of them could guess that this Chaotic Tower had an extraordinary origin. However, it was unfortunate that no one was able to truly discover it.

Lin Dong nodded his head gently. Since the Chaotic Tower had remained preserved until now, it should have been created by a rather impressive expert. Although the five great clan leaders had the strength of the perfect Profound Death stage, there was still quite a gap between them and the owner of the Chaotic Tower…

“I’ll be careful.” With these thoughts, Lin Dong sent a smile towards Gu Shou. At the same time, a trace of anticipation rose in his heart. He really wanted to find out just what mysteries this Chaotic Tower contained, to cause even the Mysterious Stone Talisman to become this agitated.

Gu Shou nodded his head and said, “There are only three quotas for us to enter the Chaotic Tower per year. You’ve taken up one, and our clan is left with two. However, the nominees for the quota have yet to be decided, thus you’ll be entering alone.”

Lin Dong did not mind this arrangement. He would feel more comfortable if he was alone. The Mysterious Stone Talisman within him was something that he did not wish for other people to find out.

“If you’re prepared, are you going to enter the Chaotic Tower now?” Gu Shou asked.

“Yes.” Lin Dong replied with a smile. His eyes were brimming with anticipation and curiosity.

Seeing Lin Dong’s expression, Gu Shou did say anything else. With a spread of his palm, a golden plaque flew out from within. In the next instant, a golden light shot out from it, illuminating the door of the Chaotic Tower.

Humm Humm!

Under the illumination of the golden light, the surface of the Chaotic Tower instantly sparkled with golden light. A golden array that was faintly discernible was seemed to form, enveloping the entire stone tower within it.

Looking at the array that had enveloped the stone tower, Lin Dong knew that it was obviously not something that was innate to the stone tower. It was likely arranged by the five great clans. Perhaps, they had wanted to use this method to prove that this Chaotic Tower was something that belonged to them.

As the glowing golden array enveloped the stone tower, golden fluctuations began to radiate from the tower, and a golden door of light started to appear…

“Go.” Gu Shou looked at the golden light door which had cracked open and said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Without wasting any time, he walked forward, and passed through the golden light door that had opened, as his hands gently made contact with the ice-cold stone door.

Boom. Rumble.

Following this contact, the Chaotic Tower instantly started to vibrate faintly. The tightly shut stone door also started to slowly open at this moment. A thick and ancient aura emerged. In an instant, it seemed as if all of the surrounding air had been pervaded by a great desolation flavor.


Lin Dong took a deep breath of that ancient aura. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he walked forward. Under the gaze of Gu Shou, he walked into the darkness of the stone tower. 


After Lin Dong had entered the stone tower, the thick and heavy stone doors started to slowly close, causing the ancient aura that had pervaded out to be isolated within.


Lin Dong’s footsteps rang out as he slowly walked within the dark stone tower. The interior of the tower was much more vast and expansive than he had imagined. There were some moonlight pearls inlaid within the tower, that radiated gentle rays of light. This caused the interior to feel increasingly empty and quiet.

Completely empty.

This was Lin Dong’s first impression when he entered the Chaotic Tower. Surveying his surroundings, there wasn’t even half an object that existed within its vast interior. The only thing present was Desolation Qi that saturated the surroundings, which made him sense how extraordinary this place was.

With a clench of his fist, a strand of Devouring Power radiated out, devouring a large amount of Desolation Qi. As it entered his body, Lin Dong could immediately feel a scorching feeling emerge from within his body, while a boiling sensation was faintly discernible in the muscles and bones in his body.

“Such fantastic Desolation Qi.”

Lin Dong clenched his hands tightly, as joy and happiness erupted on his face. The ‘Heavenly Dragon Qi’ initially given to him by Qing Zhi, had already gradually assimilated into his body as his strength rose. After losing it, the rate that his Green Dragon Materialised Dragon Skill improved had slowed. However, from the looks of it, this sluggishness had been clearly removed by the Desolation Qi…

It seemed that the Chaotic tower was extremely beneficial towards the refinement of one’s physical body. If he stayed here to train for a period of time, his Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill would definitely improve substantially.

“This is a good place.”

Lin Dong grinned. Just as the smile appeared on his face, a white glow rose from within his body. At the core of the white light, was the Mysterious Stone Talisman.

This Mysterious Stone Talisman was finally unable to resist, and took the initiative to show itself.

Humm Humm!

As the Mysterious Stone Talisman floated in front of Lin Dong, the white glow that surrounded it did circled around Lin Dong, as humming noises rang out. In the next moment, it transformed into a ray of light, and shot explosively towards the next level of the Chaotic Tower.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong hurriedly circulated the Yuan Power in his body. He transformed into a flash of light, as he rapidly chased after it.

Swish swish!

A talisman and a person swept past the interior of the tower, creating low and deep whooshing noises. After rushing into the second level, they continued ascend!

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