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Chapter 877

Sea-like Desolation Qi



Within the spacious interior of the tower, a white light suddenly flashed past. Following closely behind it, was another streak of light that travelled at the same speed, while two whooshing sounds shattered the ancient silence within the tower.

These two figures were naturally the Mysterious Stone Talisman and Lin Dong, who had followed as the stone talisman rushed within the Chaotic Tower.

The sudden change in the behaviour of the Mysterious Stone Talisman made Lin Dong feel increasingly helpless. He did not have absolute control of this object that had a rather terrifying origin. He was also unable to control many actions of the latter. Therefore, in such a situation, he had no choice but to obediently follow it.

“It’s already the fifth level…”

When Lin Dong once again ascended to the next level in the tower, he suddenly felt his body sink. As his gaze swept the area, he noticed that the Desolation Qi around him had became even more radiant. The dusky yellow radiance was perfused with an indescribable sense of heaviness. Under this heaviness, even Lin Dong felt as if he was wading through mud. His body no longer had the nimbleness and agility it had before.

As he forcefully resisted the heaviness from the surroundings, Lin Dong raised his head, and looked towards the stone talisman that still showed no signs of slowing down. Gritting his teeth, he did the only he could do. With a thought, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol appeared in a flash above his head. In the next instant, black Devouring Force rapidly transformed into a halo, enveloping his body within it.

As the Devouring Force spread, the sensation of heaviness finally weakened substantially. Subsequently, he noticed that the Mysterious Stone Talisman had already started to rush towards the the sixth level.

“God damnit…”

Lin Dong bitterly smiled, as he cursed, before shooting forward once again. Among the three divine items in his body, the Mysterious Stone Talisman, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Ancient Universe Formation, the Mysterious Stone’s usage was the least clear to him. However, Lin Dong was knew that this was only because the Stone Talisman was currently in a deep sleep. If it was able to awaken, the aid it provided would not be the slightest bit inferior to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, he was obviously not willing give it up so easily.

Subsequently, Lin Dong gritted his teeth, and resisted Desolation Qi that was growing everly heavy, and accompanied the Mysterious Stone Talisman as it rushed towards the seventh level.

Upon entering the seventh level, even though he was relying on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to protect himself, Lin Dong was able to feel the extremely frightening pressure encompassing his entire body. The surrounding Desolation Qi had practically become as shiny as gold, and it looked as if he was in a sea of golden liquid.

Lin Dong very cautiously and carefully stood within the golden liquid sea, without daring to move at all. He knew that if not for the Devouring Ancestral Symbol blocking eighty to ninety percent of the pressure, even with the Materialised Heaven Dragon Skill, the current him would likely be squashed into pulp.

Under this kind of pressure, even his Yuan Spirit would be unable to flee.

Fortunately, what made Lin Dong feel the most relaxed, was that after reaching the seventh level, the Mysterious Stone Talisman finally came to a stop, without any indications of rushing to the next level.

Humm Humm.

The Stone Talisman floated in the air within the seventh floor, before suddenly emitting a gentle white glow, which transformed into a whirlpool. In the next moment, Lin Dong was able to see a flood formed from the golden liquid like Desolation Qi endlessly pour into the Stone Talisman. 

Following this boundless infusion of Desolation Qi, light started to sparkle on the surface of the Mysterious Stone Talisman. A sliver of life force was faintly discernible, as it started to circulate on the Stone Talisman.

“It seems as though the Desolation Qi here possesses some sort of restorative effect towards the Mysterious Stone Talisman?” Upon noticing this scene, Lin Dong could not help but exclaim in shock. This Desolation Qi truly was mysterious. Not only could it refine a person’s physical body, it even seemed to have an effect on various soul treasures…

“However… how do I utilise it?”

Looking left and right, Lin Dong’s gaze swept past the membrane of Devouring Force, and observed the golden liquid like light that that surrounded his body. In the next instant, his face turned somewhat green. The Desolation Qi here was already getting close to the point of turning into something substantial, while the energy contained within it had already reached a frighteningly vigorous level. At this level, even Lin Dong did not dare to casually absorb it.

“Humm Humm.”

Just as Lin Dong’s face turned green, the Mysterious Stone Talisman seemed to sense the awkward predicament he was in. Immediately, a gentle white light shot out from it, illuminating a hundred feet radius around Lin Dong. Under the light, the Desolation Qi that looked akin to golden liquid instantly evaporated, before finally transforming into strands of golden Desolation Qi…

This Mysterious Stone Talisman had unexpectedly extended a helping hand and diluted the Desolation Qi. Although the Desolation Qi at the eighth level was still too great of a supplement at Lin Dong’s current level of strength, with the support of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong was able to cope with this diluted Desolation Qi.

“Look’s like it still has a little conscience.”

Lin Dong muttered while curling his lips. He shot a look at the Mysterious Stone Talisman, which was still immersing itself in absorbing the Desolation Qi, before proceeding to take a seat on the floor. Regardless of quantity and quality, the Desolation Qi on the eighth level far exceeded the previous levels. Even among the five great clans, there should not be many that had the strength to reach this place.

“Next up, I have to enjoy the rewards after the bitter battles over this period of time.”

Lin Dong grinned. With a thought, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol above his head transformed into a circular black hole. Devouring Force erupted from it, instantly causing the diluted Desolation Qi in the surroundings to flock towards it, before finally entering the rotating black hole.


As the majestic Desolation Qi entered his body, Lin Dong’s body instantly trembled, while a dazzling golden light erupted from the surface of his skin. A scorching hot sensation started to spread in his body, as it spread in its body, it produced ‘chi chi’ sounds like lava.


Lin Dong took a few deep breaths. He face was already suffused with golden light, and he could extremely clearly feel that the cells, muscles and bones in his body were seeming producing extremely greedy sounds of excitement, as if the Desolation Qi that was entering his body held a fatal enticement to them.

Suppressing the rampant happiness coming from his heart, Lin Dong immediately started to activate the Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill. As a dragon roar instantly rang out of his body, green light started to emerge from the depths of his body. Fusing with the golden light, it proceeded to absorb it completely like a gigantic dragon devouring anything in its path…

If one were to observe Lin Dong’s body from the outside, one would discover that it was suffused with a golden green light. As these two different colours interweaved, an ancient colour started to gradually appear on his skin, and gave off a primal feeling.

Humm Humm.

As the green and gold interweaved, green vein like patterns started to extend on the skin on Lin Dong’s arms. Faintly, it seemed as though there were traces of the fifth green dragon light tattoo congealing…  

The overbearingness and strength of the Green Heavens Materialised Dragon Skill depended on the quantity of the green dragon light tattoos. In the past, after absorbing the ‘Heavenly Dragon Qi’ in his body, Lin Dong was only able to refine four of them. However, there was progress again within this Chaotic Tower, and he was able to condense the fifth green dragon light tattoo. From the looks of it, it seemed as though this was only the beginning…

It was obvious that Lin Dong was able to sense the formation of the green dragon light tattoos. Immediately, happiness started to flood out from his heart. Lin Dong knew that if he was able to condense ten green dragon light tattoos, coupled with the Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal, he would absolutely be able to defeat Shentu Jue in a move, instead of the bitter battle that happened previously.

“Condense with all your might!”

Lin Dong chuckled in his heart. In the next moment, he concentrated once again, as the green light within his body transformed into a giant dragon, completely absorbing the Desolation Qi that was entering his body without any restraint!

If he were to miss such an opportunity, it would truly incur the wrath of the heavens…

In the vast and spacious seventh level of the Chaotic Tower, a man and a stone talisman were akin to bottomless pits. Suction forces erupted from the two, endlessly absorbing the Desolation Qi that pervaded the air.

Huff, Huff.

Under their absorption, gales started to form in the area. The Desolation Qi akin to a golden liquid emitted low and deep rumbling sounds akin to waves in an ocean.

However, it was fortunate there there was no one else within the Chaotic Tower, as such a disturbance would definitely attract the attention of others…

In this environment where no one was around to disturb them, the man and the stone talisman continued to absorb without restrain…

However, while Lin Dong was immersed in the carefree strengthening of his physical body, he had yet to discover that the Desolation Qi that pervaded the entirety of the eighth level of the Chaotic Tower seemed to show some faint traces of cracking…

As small cracks started to form, a faint indescribable ancient Desolation Qi started to emerge.

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