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Chapter 878

Sea Map


Night enveloped Martial Gathering Island. The ice-cold moonlight mixed with the sea winds sprinkled down on the island, which had been rather noisy for an entire day. At the same time, it gradually calmed the restless atmosphere resulting from the intense battles that had occurred during the day.

However, though the restless atmosphere was gradually calming down, there was an undercurrent of excitement and fervour. Everyone knew that today, only the elimination rounds were concluded. The true fight would be tomorrow’s tower defence battle.

Only a fight like that could be considered as the true essence of the martial gathering.

Would it be the black horse Lin Dong, who had emerged so swiftly and violently, or would the Shentu Clan’s Iron Asura achieve a domineering victory? Everything would be revealed the next day.

Towards the outcome of this match, countless people had an intense anticipation in their hearts.

Within a dark and quiet courtyard, Lin Dong eyes were faintly shut as he sat atop a stone pillar. Strands of Devouring Force dispersed, absorbing the surrounding energy of the land.

As the Yuan Power was absorbed into his body, green light surged beneath Lin Dong’s skin. The Green Heaven Materialised Dragon Skill was automatically circulating, as it endlessly tempered Lin Dong’s body.


The green light sparkled for a long time, before a faint humming noise suddenly rang out from under his skin. Under the skin on Lin Dong’s arm, green light appeared to condense, finally transforming into a Green Dragon Light Tattoo.

After the condensation of the light tattoo, it was rapidly concealed.

After the Green Dragon Light Tattoo was hidden, Lin Dong’s eyes opened. He stroked his arm, and gently exhaled. Currently, he could only condense four Green Dragon Light Tattoos. He had used one during the day, but fortunately, he was able to use this opportunity to condense another one. This way, when he crossed hands with Shentu Jue tomorrow, he would be at his optimum condition.

“That fellow…”

Lin Dong raised his head. His gaze pierced through the night sky, towards the summit of the giant mountain at the centre of the island. The Iron Asura stood guard there, and was also the strongest opponent he had to face to obtain the quota for the Chaotic Tower.

From their initial meeting in the day, Lin Dong could feel that Shentu Jue had likely already advanced to the advance Profound Life stage. When his Yuan Power had gathered, his Life Qi was boundless. His Yuan Power was like an ocean that was endlessly growing and multiplying, making it difficult for anyone to resist.

Such strength was much greater than that of Wei Zhen and Chen Luo. After all, within the Profound Life stage, there was a distinct difference between every stage. Crossing that barrier was no simple matter.

With these thoughts, Lin Dong could not help but reflect on the situation. Although Shentu Jue was so powerful, he was only ranked third within the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region. This made him wonder; what kind of monsters were those two ranked above Shentu Jue….

Most importantly, the Heaven Wind Sea Region was only one of the many sea regions within the Chaotic Demon Sea. Within the other sea regions, there obviously existed others with similar strength, or even monsters that were even more powerful…

“Truly worthy of the Chaotic Demon Sea…”

Lin Dong faintly pursed his lips. As a whole, the strength of the Chaotic Demon Sea was higher than the Eastern Xuan Region. The reason for this might be the unstable environment in the Chaotic Demon Sea. The Eastern Xuan Region was clearly more peaceful and stable.

“Tomorrow will indeed be a bitter fight…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Regardless of how difficult it would be to deal with Shentu Jue, he would not give up at such a time. The Chaotic Tower could repair the Stone Talisman. To him, this was an extremely important matter.

Therefore, not only could he not shrink back in this fight, but he definitely needed to achieve victory! 


A solemn look flashed past Lin Dong’s eyes. Raising his head, he saw a graceful and beautiful figure standing at the door of the courtyard. Her pure white dress drew out her full and alluring curves. That gentle and beautiful appearence belonged to Gu Mengqi. 

“Miss Mengqi, is there something I can help you with?” Lin Dong sent a smile towards Gu Mengqi and asked.

Gu Mengqi gave a sweet and gentle smile. With lotus steps, she walked over to Lin Dong. Raising her fair hand, a thick lambskin parchment appeared within it, “Yes, I’ve heard from Little Yan that you need a sea map of the Chaotic Demon Sea.”

Upon hearing this, a happy expression bubbled forth from within Lin Dong’s eyes, as he hurriedly extended his hand to receive it from her, before caressing it fondly. With this map, he would be able to search for the precise location of the second Ancestral Symbol.

“Many thanks miss Mengqi.”

Gu Mengqi looked at the joyous Lin Dong, as her long and narrow peach blossom like pupils formed a happy arc, before saying in a soft voice, “You’ve helped the Gu Clan a great deal, such rewards are only natural.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me these rewards after I’ve helped you obtain victory? Giving this to me now, aren’t you worried that I’ll lose to Shentu Jue tomorrow, wasting all our efforts?” Lin Dong replied with a joking smile.

“That might be the case…” Gu Mengqi replied as she tilted her head slightly. Due to their close proximity, Lin Dong was able to see her slender snow white neck. That jade-like luster really made one have the urge to take a bite.  

“However, I believe in you.” Gu Mengqi’s beautiful eyes seemed to smile, as she turned towards Lin Dong with a smile on her face.

Lin Dong gawked, before smiling as he shook his head. Never did he expect that Gu Mengqi would have such confidence in him. Shentu Jue was no ordinary individual…

“You’re truly not willing to stay in the Gu Clan? Actually, being a Gu Clan sinecure won’t restrict your freedom.” After hesitating for a while, Gu Mengqi suddenly spoke out.

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Dong apologized and shook his head. He knew of the Gu Clan’s intent to recruit him, however, he knew that staying here would not make him truly strong. He never wanted to experience what had happened in the Unique Devil Region a second time…

Gu Mengqi’s eyes slightly dimmed for a while. However, the intelligent her knew that saying more would be pointless, and could only softly sigh. After which, she said in a soft voice, “Regarding the issue of the sea map, Little Yan should have already told you that there are many unexplored regions in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Therefore, you might not be able to find what you desire from this sea map.”

Lin Dong nodded his head somewhat helplessly. It was obvious that in his current state, he could do nothing about this. The Chaotic Demon Sea was indeed too vast and gigantic…

“However, sea maps of unexplored regions will appear at large scale auctions. Those are made by the Sea Demon race. If you ever chance upon such an auction, you can try your luck there.”

“Thank you.” Lin Dong nodded his head. This information was undeniably extremely valuable to him. He clearly understood how important it was for him to obtain the second Ancestral Symbol.

Gu Mengqi shook her head. After telling Lin Dong a little more, she turned around and walked off. While she left, the hidden bitterness in her eyes made the Lin Dong laugh bitterly for a while. This was indeed the first time that he realised that he had such charm, and was unexpectedly able to cause the Gu Clan’s big miss fancy him a little…

Unfortunately, it was after all a case of unrequited love.

After Gu Mengqi left, Lin Dong carried the sea map and quickly entered the room. Opening it impatiently, his mental energy extended out, absorbing this extremely complicated sea map into his mind.

The complexity of the sea map was beyond his expectations. Therefore, even with Lin Dong’s Mental Energy, he had to spend half an hour before completely imprinting it in his mind. After doing so, he closed his eyes tightly, and compared the sea map with the map he had of the second Ancestral Symbol.

This comparison continued for two full hours. However, Lin Dong’s expression gradually turned ugly. From the looks of it, he still did not achieve the result that he had hoped for…


The sea map was gently placed down by Lin Dong. He slowly opened his eyes, before smiling bitterly and shaking his head. After comparing the map of the second Ancestral Symbol and sea regions of the Chaotic Demon Sea, he was still unable to find a matching location. It was evident that the place that the second Ancestral Symbol resided was not within an explored region.

This result made Lin Dong somewhat disappointed; however, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Since it was in a region that was yet to be explored, that meant that the chances of the second Ancestral Symbol being obtained by someone else would be lower…

“Looks like the only thing I can do is to search those large scale auctions, and see if I can obtain sea maps of the unexplored sea regions…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. The Chaotic Demon Sea was incomparably vast. If he was to rely solely on his own power to search, it was likely that there would be no results even after several years. However, it was obvious that Lin Dong did not have such luxury.

He needed to return to the Eastern Xuan Region within two to three years. Furthermore, he needed to drastically increase his strength, and also obtain the second Ancestral Symbol. If not, when he returned to the Eastern Xuan Region, he would be unable to help the Great Desolation Tablet destroy the ‘King’ grade Yimo that was suppressing it.

Thus, the sea maps of those unexplored regions were what he needed the most!

Lin Dong wrinkled his forehead faintly, as he shook his head. Keeping the sea map in his Qiankun Bag, he proceeded to sit on his bed. At this current moment, it would be best to put aside the issue about the sea maps. The matter of vital importance, was still to gain entry to the Chaotic Tower…

Currently, he should use his full strength to deal with the earth-shattering fight tomorrow, that would definitely cause a stir in the Heaven Wind Sea Region…

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