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Chapter 879

This Path is Unpassable


The next day, when sunlight sprinkled down onto the island, wind sounds were already filling the sky. Countless figures swarmed across the horizon like locusts, before finally heading towards the top the summit of the most majestic mountain at the centre of the island.

Currently, the defences of the originally sealed mountaintop had already been removed. Hence, the great multitude of figures were able to smoothly land on the mountaintop. The great black sea of people stretched as far as the eye could see.

The summit of the mountain was extremely vast. Everyone’s gazes were focused on the area under the shade of the trees, where a several thousand feet wide limestone plaza was located. At the end of the plaza, was a thousand feet tall limestone tower. The tower faintly gave off an aura of ancientness and desolation. It washed across this land, causing one to feel as if one had returned to ancient times.

“Is that the Chaotic Tower…”

Somewhat fiery gazes shot towards the limestone tower one by one. Evidently, none of the people here unfamiliar with the stone tower that was jointly protected by the five great clans.

It was said that the Desolation Qi within this Chaotic Tower was enormously beneficial towards physical body cultivation. If one was able to enter and absorb the Qi while cultivating, it would definitely greatly increase one’s strength.

“I wonder which clan will obtain the Chaotic Tower quotas this year…”

Some of the gazes that swept across the tower turned somewhat grave as they paused at the bottom of the tower. A handsome man wearing grey clothes was seated there. His eyes were tightly shut like a meditating old monk, and it seemed as if he could not sense the countless gazes that had gathered on him.

“Shentu Jue.”

Soft gasps echoed across the mountain top. Several experts looked at this handsome and elegant man, as they secretly smacked their lips. Many of those who were seeing Shentu Jue for the first time felt a rather great feeling of contrast. After all, the disparity between latter’s elegant appearance and his Asura title was a little too great.

However, to those that knew of Shentu Jue’s nature, such a feeling of contrast did not exist. Only they understood the proud cruelness and viciousness of this elegant looking man.

The members of the five great clans had gathered around the plaza. From the looks of it, the battle today was extremely important to everyone, especially the Shentu Clan. Although they were very confident in Shentu Jue, Lin Dong’s performance yesterday had caused them to become rather fearful. If the latter’s miracles continued today, their Shentu Clan would lose the Chaotic Tower quotas…

“That Lin Dong has arrived…”

While the numerous gazes intersected with each other, a voice suddenly sounded from the back of the crowd. Wind sounds rang out, as several figures flew over from far away, before finally slowly descending onto the limestone plaza.

Three people had arrived. Leading them was naturally Lin Dong, while Gu Mengqi and Gu Yan followed behind.

The moment Lin Dong landed, his gaze was immediately cast towards the grey clothed man seated before the stone tower, as his eyes hardened.

When Lin Dong’s gaze was cast towards Shentu Jue, the latter seemed to have noticed, as his impassive and handsome face gently trembled for a moment. Subsequently, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

When his tightly shut eyes opened, the natural Yuan Power before him suddenly rippled. Shuntu Jue stared at Lin Dong. On that handsome face, the corners of his mouth gently lifted.


As this arc formed, Shentu Jue’s handsome face gained a trace of deadly sharpness, while a ferocious aura quietly spread outwards.

“You’ve finally come…” Shentu Jue stared at Lin Dong, as he gently smiled and said.

Lin Dong’s eyes were glued to Shentu Jue’s body. The boundless Yuan Power surrounding the latter’s body caused his eyes to become increasingly grave. Such an presence was indeed the advance Profound Life stage…

“Truly formidable…” Lin Dong softly exclaimed in his heart. Looks like this Shentu Jue did indeed possess the ability, that had caused the geniuses from the other four clans to fear him in such a manner.

Lin Dong softly sighed in his heart. Soon after, his heart gently trembled, as his gaze shifted from Shentu Jue’s body to the giant thousand feet tall tower behind him. An ancient aura rippled from the tower. This aura was exactly the same as the Desolation Bead given to him by Gu Yan some time ago…

“So this is the Chaotic Tower…”

An extremely fiery aura climbed out from the depths of Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, he licked his lips. At this very moment, he could feel the Mysterious Stone Talisman deep in his body emit a buzzing noise. An extremely clear desire was being given off by the stone talisman.

This desire was even stronger than the time with the Desolation Bead.


Lin Dong deeply exhaled, while using his mind to suppress the stone talisman’s activity. A great battle was imminent, and it would truly be a headache if this Mysterious Stone Talisman was to cause a disturbance.

Fortunately, the Mysterious Stone Talisman was after all no ordinary object. It similarly sensed Lin Dong’s current state. Thus, its activity only lasted for a while, before quietly weakening. However, its desire did not diminish at all…

“Don’t worry, we will definitely go in.” Lin Dong gently rubbed his chest, as he softly said in his heart.

As his voice faded, the Stone Talisman also turned completely silent. From the looks of it, it seemed to have heard Lin Dong’s words.

As he felt the disturbance within his body die down, Lin Dong’s taunt body gradually relaxed. However, the gaze with which he looked at the Chaotic Tower grew increasingly fiery. After so many years, this was the first time he had seen such desire from the Mysterious Stone Talisman. Looks like this Chaotic Tower would be extremely beneficial towards its recovery.

Thus, he definitely needed to enter this Chaotic Tower!

“Lin Dong, that is Shentu Jue…” Gu Mengqi softly said from beside him. When she looked towards the handsome and elegant man in the distance, unconcealable graveness and worry appeared on her face.

There was no one who did not fear this Asura amongst the younger generation of the other four great clans.

“Both of you should withdraw first.” Lin Dong slightly nodded as he replied.

“We’ll be counting on you…” Gu Yan softly said. This was already the last battle, and this battle would determine who the Chaotic Tower quotas would belong to.

As her voice faded, she exchanged a look with Gu Mengqi, before they both withdrew to the Gu Clan seats outside the plaza.

“This Gu Clan. Where did they find this external helper, to think that he would be so difficult to deal with…”

At the front of the plaza were the Shentu Clan seats. Seated at the front were two white haired elders. One of them was Shentu Tao whom Lin Dong had seen yesterday, while the other was an extremely high ranking elder within the Shentu Clan. His name was Shentu Mo, and he was similarly rather powerful.

Currently, these two elders’ eyes were slightly narrowed as they gazed at Lin Dong, who was within the plaza. Their expression were a little solemn, and it was likely that they understood how hard the latter was to deal with…

“Do not worry elders, with big brother Shentu Jue around, besides the two from the Universe Cave and the Demonic Wind Cave, none of the younger generation in the Heaven Wind Sea Region is his match.” When the two elders’ words faded, a woman in black spoke out from the side.

The woman was dressed entirely in black. She was gorgeous and tall, and her name was Shentu Rong. She was rather famous amongst the younger generation of the Shentu Clan. Currently, she was looking at Lin Dong with some disdain. It was likely that her confidence in Shentu Jue had reached an incomprehensible level. Perhaps, in her eyes, the Lin Dong who had fought many battles to appear here, was merely someone who was blessed with a little luck, and had struggled desperately to reach this place…

“As the saying goes, a lion will go all out to capture a rabbit. There are so many capable individuals in this world. If you continue to be so arrogant, you’ll definitely encounter trouble sooner or later!” However, in response to her disdain, Shentu Tao’s expression darkened as he chided.

Shentu Rong frowned slightly, but she did not dare to speak any further. However, her eyes did not change much.


Upon seeing this, Shentu Tao sighed in a somewhat helpless manner. Currently, the younger generation of the Shentu Clan were all brimming with haughtiness due to Shentu Jue’s existence. This was not good at all.

Lin Dong did not hear their argument. Currently, the only thing in his eyes was the grey clothed figure seated before the stone tower.

The majestic undulations from the latter’s body caused Lin Dong’s skin to feel a little cold. This Shentu Jue was going to be a truly worthy opponent…


A ball of white Qi was slowly spit out from Lin Dong’s mouth. As he spat it out, Lin Dong’s eyes gradually turned serious.

“Hehe… I’ve finally met a worthy opponent… however, I still need to tell you something…”

While Lin Dong’s eyes turned serious, Shentu Jue slowly stood up. As he stood up, everyone felt a monstrously ferocious aura suddenly unfurl from within his body like a storm.

The current Shentu Jue was like an Asura that had crawled out from the abyss. His handsome face gave off a sinister and formidable feeling that made one’s heart and soul tremble.

Shentu Jue lifted his head and grinned at a Lin Dong.

“This path is impassable!”

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