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Chapter 861



Upon hearing these words from Lin Dong, a faint smile also appeared on Gu Yan’s face. She had deeply experienced Lin Dong’s character. If the Chaotic Tower was not able to move him, there probably no hope of things going through. However, it was fortunate that his stubbornness had not reached abnormal levels yet…

“The Chaotic Tower is protected by the collaboration efforts of the five great clans. It opens once every year, and there are only three quotas to enter. The champion clan of the martial gathering will be the one to obtain these three quotas.”


Lin Dong’s brows faintly wrinkled. It was obvious that he never imagined that the quotas would be so rare. Furthermore, it was indeed within his expectations that the Great Desolation bead had a connection with the so called martial gathering.

“If brother Lin Dong is able to help our Gu Clan obtain the champion position in this martial gathering, I’ll persuade our clan to give you one of the three quotas, how’s that?” Gu Yan asked.

Lin Dong frowned as he mumbled to himself and calmly pondered about it. He did not wish to participate in matters related to the benefits and grudges between these great clans. However, due to the Stone Talisman within his body, there was no choice but for him but to give this matter some consideration. Although Lin Dong had yet to experience any heaven defying abilities of the stone talisman that were worthy of its reputation, he knew that this object would surely become a great aid to him in the future.

Naturally, all of this was on the premise that he had found a way to awaken the Mysterious Stone Talisman… Lin Dong had pondered on this for quite a long time before, however, there was no progress at all. The Mysterious Stone Talisman was too mysterious, and with his current capabilities, he was simply unable to help it recover. 

This was why he could not help but become secretly excited when he felt a request from the Mysterious Stone Talisman for the first time. After all, this was the first time such an opportunity had presented itself.


Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. It was a long while later before he finally firmly gritted his teeth. The experts in Chaotic Demon Sea were as many as clouds in the sky, and it was also much more chaotic when compared with the Eastern Xuan Region. Lin Dong still planned on searching for the second Ancestral Symbol here. If he found it, a bitter battle would likely occur. Such a great battle would not be the same as the previous ones he had experienced. The allure of the Ancestral Symbol was sufficient to cause even those old monsters who had stepped into the Profound Death stage to turn a little crazy.

Therefore, for the sake of being able to successfully acquire the second Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong needed some kind of method to strengthen himself. And obviously, the Mysterious Stone Talisman would be the strongest kind…

“If you give me a quota, I will help you.” After making his decision, Lin Dong did not hesitate any further. He raised his head and smiled at Gu Yan as he gave his reply.

“It’s a deal.” Gu Yan replied with a smile and nodded her head.

“In addition, I hope that at that time, you will help me procure a complete map of Chaotic Demon Sea.” Lin Dong added. He needed the complete map to search for the precise location of the second Ancestral Symbol.

“A complete map?” Gu Yan repeated while gawking. After thinking about it, she nodded her head. Although the complete map was precious and uncommon, their Gu Clan would be able to afford it.

“Although I don’t know what you need a complete map for, I have to tell you in advance that the vastness of Chaotic Demon Sea far exceeds your imagination. There are even some sea regions that have yet to be explored. Therefore, our so-called complete map only covers the explored regions.”

“There are actually unexplored sea regions…” Lin Dong muttered while his eyes narrowed. This was rather troublesome, he never would have imagined that the vastness of Chaotic Demon Sea would actually reach such a frightening level.

“As for those unexplored regions, I’m afraid that only the Sea Demon race have explored them.” Gu Yan said.

“Sea Demon race?” Lin Dong was taken aback. It was obvious that this was the first time he had heard of such a race.

“Within Chaotic Demon Sea, the strongest faction isn’t any sect or clan, but the Sea Demon race. They live within the sea, and are the undeniable overlords of Chaotic Demon Sea.” Gu Yan knew that this was Lin Dong’s first time in Chaotic Demon Sea, therefore she did not find it strange that he did not know such common knowledge.

“The relations between the factions within Chaotic Demon Sea are very complicated. There are humans, Demonic Beasts, Sea Demons… the conflicts between them are too many to list. Therefore it’s much more dangerous than other areas.”

“Naturally, although it’s dangerous, such an environment is beneficial for training. If you want to become a genuine expert, one cannot avoid such experiences.”

Lin Dong deeply believed in this. If a person like Gu Yan was placed within the younger generation of the Eastern Xuan Region, she would absolutely be considered as the cream of the crop. However, within the younger generation in Chaotic Demon Sea, she would at best be considered as outstanding. This did not mean that Yuan Cang, Ling Qinghu and the rest were less talented than Gu Yan, but a result of the environment. Furthermore, the resources that Chaotic Demon Sea possessed were far from what the Eastern Xuan Region could compare to.

Of course, this also did not mean that the super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region were weaker. If the Yuan Gate, Dao Sect and the rest were to be placed within Chaotic Demon Sea, they would definitely be overlord like existences like the Demonic Wind Cave and the Universe Cave. No matter what, from a certain perspective, the underlying foundation of those super sects were more suitable for the smooth handing down of inheritances, as compared to an unstable environment like Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Since you’ve accepted, let us leave immediately. We’ve already been delayed here for over a month, and there is only half a month left before the martial gathering. As for the information about the other four great clans and the martial gathering, I’ll give an in-depth explanation along the way.” Gu Yan said.

The surrounding Gu Clan disciples nodded their heads in excitement. They had seen how tyrannical Lin Dong was, and were naturally happy at being able to secure such a strong external helper. Thinking about it, their Gu Clan should be able to give a good showing in this martial gathering…

Lin Dong did not object, and nodded his head. Upon seeing this, the surrounding Gu Clan disciples immediately scattered and started packing up the camp in preparation to leave Mysterious Spirit Island.

Lin Dong remained where he was and watched the now busy crowd, before softly breathing out a mouthful of air. He had his own agenda for agreeing to participate in the five clans martial gathering. When the three brothers had entered the spatial teleportation back then, Ren Yuanzi’s final attack had disturbed the formation . Therefore, Lin Dong did not know where his two brothers, Little Marten and Little Flame currently were, or whether they were safe.

Therefore, while searching for the second Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong also needed to find the both of them. However, due to the vastness of Chaotic Demon Sea, trying to find two people was even harder than searching for a needle in a haystack. From the looks of it, the five clans martial gathering should be rather famous. If he were to participate, he should be able to spread his name around. At that time, if Little Marten or Little Flame heard about it, they would have information about him, and would be able to subsequently join up with him.

“I hope they’re safe and sound…”

Lin Dong muttered under his breath, before tilting his head, as his gaze turned towards the distant east in an ambiguous manner, and the fists within the sleeves slowly started to tighten.

“Old dogs of the Yuan Gate. I’ve said this before, when I, Lin Dong, return to the Eastern Xuan Region, it will be the end of your Yuan Gate!”

“Therefore… wash your necks and wait!”

Lin Dong tightly pursed his lips. Scarlet red flashed past his eyes, as chilling murderous intent filled them.

At a corner of Mysterious Spirit Island, a giant hundred feet long scarlet red ship was parked. The surface of the ship was covered in scarlet red steel sheets, which made it look extremely strong and resilient. On the sail of the giant ship was a gigantic insignia of the Gu Clan that fluttered in the wind. Obviously, this giant ship should be the vessel that Gu Yan and the rest had arrived in.

Chaotic Demon Sea was so vast that it was nearly endless. Within the seas, the weather was unpredictable, and a disaster could happen at any time. Therefore, other than those experts with rather tyrannical strength, most people would gladly rely on strong and resilient giant ships that were specially built to travel in these seas.

Several Gu Clan disciples were left to defend the Gu Clan ship. Therefore, when Lin Dong followed Gu Yan and the rest and boarded the ship, he attracted some puzzled gazes.

“Miss Gu Yan.” A grey robed elder swiftly came forward and welcomed Gu Yan, before respectfully cupping his fists together.

“Uncle Qin, let’s start the ship and head to martial gathering island.” Gu Yan nodded towards him before instructing.

“Yes.” The grey robed elder nodded his head. However those clearly shrewd eyes turned towards Lin Dong, who was standing behind Gu Yan.

“He’s the external helper we’ve invited for this martial gathering, Lin Dong.” Gu Yan said with a smile.


The grey robed elder was taken aback, as his gaze swept peculiarly across Lin Dong’s body, and his mouth moved, but he did not say anything. However, his expression had turned slightly weird.

Upon seeing this appearance, Lin Dong faintly smiled, before retreating towards the side of the boat. Gazing at the flat surface of the sea in the distance, the vast and endless sea slightly affected his mood.

“Miss, did you invite this little brother as an external helper after hearing that young master Yuntian has suffered serious injuries?” Seeing Lin Dong walk away, the grey robed elder asked Gu Yan in a low voice.


Gu Yan faintly nodded her head, before her black brows wrinkled slightly. She proceeded to ask, “What is it?”

“According to the news that I’ve received two days ago, our Gu Clan has also invited an external helper. You should recognize him. He’s the young master of the Earthsea Sect that had tried to propose to you, Mo Tao…”

Upon hearing this, Gu Yan’s face instantly changed a little. Immediately after, she replied in anger, “How could they invite that fellow.”

“Although that fellow is loathsome, his strength is after all at the peak of the initial Profound Life stage. Within the younger generation of Heaven Wind Sea Region, his reputation is pretty good. I believe that the clan had no other choice. After all, it was too sudden…”

The grey robed elder bitterly laughed, before shooting a look at Lin Dong’s back, “ You’ve currently invited this little brother as an external helper. If by any chance they meet, given Mo Tao’s character, Mo Tao will make things difficult for him….”

Upon hearing this, the anger on Gu Yan’s face suddenly dissipated, as a trace of rarely seen craftiness flitted across her clear and cold eyes, before she muttered.

“There’s no need to care about him. As for making things difficult, when the time comes, we’ll find out exactly who will be making things difficult for who. I hope that fellow will not cause trouble. If not, when he humiliates himself, there will be no one else to blame…”

After hearing her words, the grey robed elder was stunned. Never would he have thought that Gu Yan would actually have such confidence in Lin Dong. However, there was no longer anything to say, and he could only nod his head. After which, he withdrew and started to shout orders.

Under his shouting, the gigantic scarlet red ship started to raise its sails. Facing the dark red sunset, it rapidly sped across the sea.

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