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Chapter 852

Core Spiritual Birth Serum


An enormous scarlet red light array covered the land, while trapping that ferocious three-headed Demon Snake inside it. However, this usually ferocious Demonic Beast currently had a somewhat ugly expression as he looked at Lin Dong, who was smilingly staring at him from the air above.

“Hee hee, my friend, there is not much of an enmity between the both of us. Why don’t we do it this way, I will not take the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, and we’ll end this peacefully. What do you say?” The face if the three-headed Demon Snake twitched slightly as he laughed dryly while facing Lin Dong.

“You have also seen the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, right?” Lin Dong smiled and asked.

The three-headed Demon Snake’s pupils shrunk, while his expression turned a little unnatural. He had naturally clearly seen just how Lin Dong had finished off Xu Yun earlier, causing shock to arise within his heart. That Xu Yun was a genuine initial Divine Symbol Master. The latter’s powerful Mental Energy made it difficult for even the three-headed Demon Snake to defeat. However, this unlucky fellow was actually being killed so easily by Lin Dong. Although this was mostly because of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s power, Lin Dong’s ruthless methods also caused him to feel some fear in his heart.

“What are you planning to do?” The three-headed Demon Snake clenched his teeth and said.

“I do not wish to expose the fact that I possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Hence… I’m afraid that I cannot allow those who know about it to live.” Lin Dong’s voice was gentle, but the flickering frostiness within his eyes caused the heart of the three-headed Demon Snake to sink a little.


The expression of the three-headed Demon Snake changed slightly. Immediately, both of his eyes became dark and ruthless as he said, “Lin Dong, I am aware that you have many tricks up your sleeve, but if you really force me, I also have the means to cause you to pay a significant price.”

“Do you actually have the qualifications to utter such words in this Burning Sky cauldron?”

Lin Dong laughed coldly after hearing these words. He waved his sleeve, and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol above his head whistled out. It directly turned into a black hole that covered the area above the formation. After which, Devouring Power began to sweep out from it.

With the descent of the Devouring Power, that three-headed Demon Snake immediately sensed that his physical strength was actually diminishing a little at a time. Horror quickly rose within his heart. This Devouring Ancestral Symbol was indeed strange. No wonder it was called the most mysterious Ancestral Symbol amongst the eight great Ancestral Symbols…

“It might be a little troublesome to get rid of you, but I am not in a hurry. As long as you are trapped in this Burning Sky Array, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol will devour your strength bit by bit…” Lin Dong looked at the somewhat horrified expression of the three-headed Demon Snake and laughed.

“Brat, you are really ruthless!” The three-headed Demon Snake involuntarily cried out in anger after hearing this.

“You are no different. Neither of us are nice people. Why do you need to utter such words?” Lin Dong mocked. If he was the defeated party today, his fate would likely be many times more miserable. He was after all not some inexperienced young lad.

“Just quietly wait in this place.” Lin Dong uttered those words, before turning around to exit the Burning Sky cauldron.

“Wait!” The three-headed Demon Snake hurriedly cried out after seeing this. If Lin Dong really left him behind, his strength would be completely devoured by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Upon the lost of his strength, he would be no different from cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused. He glanced at the three-headed Demon Snake indifferently.

“I will tell you the secret of Mysterious Spirit Island, and you will let me go. What do you say?” The three-headed Demon Snake clenched his teeth and said.

“Oh?” Lin Dong lifted his brow. However, he did not display much interest. “Let’s hear it.”

“I will tell you if you release me.” The eyes of the three-headed Demon Snake flickered as it said.

“Your life is in my hands. Therefore, you are not qualified to discuss conditions with me. I am also well versed in Mental Energy. Once your strength is completely exhausted, I can directly use Mental Energy to search your memories.” Lin Dong spoke indifferently.


The three-headed Demon Snake’s complexion immediately turned steely green. It was likely that he did not expect a situation where nothing worked on Lin Dong.

“Are you going to speak?” Lin Dong glanced at the three-headed Demon Snake and demanded.

The three-headed Demon Snake’s expression fluctuated. A moment later, he finally slumped in disappointment as he said, “The greatest treasure on Mysterious Spirit Island is not the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit. Instead, it lies deep under the lake… the Core Spiritual Birth Serum.”

The three-headed Demon Snake had clearly used all of its strength to uttered those last few words. His face was filled with unwillingness.

“Core Spiritual Birth Serum?” Lin Dong was stunned after hearing this name. Immediately, his expression altered slightly. It was likely that he had also heard of this natural treasure that was even rarer that the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit.

This so called Core Spiritual Birth Serum was extremely rare, and was undoubtedly a divine object for Profound Life stage experts. An extremely pure natural life force was contained within it. If one could absorb and refine it, even some advance or even perfect Profound Life stage experts would greatly benefit.

In other words, this Core Spiritual Birth Serum was something that even perfect Profound Life stage experts would drool at…

If news that the Core Spiritual Birth Serum had been discovered on Mysterious Spirit Island instead of the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, it was likely that the experts who would come to this island would not be Wei Song, Xu Yun and the rest. Instead, they would be true experts who had reached the advance or perfect Profound Life stage!

Of course, the current Lin Dong would likely only be able to hide in the face of existences of with such power. Unless he advanced to the Profound Life stage, it would be too unreasonable to fight against these experts.

“The reason that the Mysterious Spirit Fruit was formed on this island is likely also because of that Core Spiritual Birth Serum, right?”

Lin Dong stared at the three-headed Demon Snake with great interest, before he suddenly asked, “Why have you not taken away the Core Spiritual Birth Serum if you know of its existence?”

Given Lin Dong cautiousness, he would naturally not be blinded because of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum. This three-headed Demon Snake had been here for so many years. Would he simply leave it alone if there was such a treasure?

“The Core Spiritual Birth Serum is located in the deepest part of the island. It is surrounded by magma. I am unable to enter…” The three-headed Demon Snake clenched his teeth and said. If he was able to obtain the Core Spiritual Birth Serum, it was likely that he would have already advanced to the advance Profound Life stage. At that time, Lin Dong and the rest would be completely at his mercy.

Lin Dong stared at the three-headed Demon Snake. He smiled and nodded a moment later before saying, “I will go and investigate after this. You should be aware of the consequences if it is a lie.”

Lin Dong ignored the furious roar of the three-headed Demon Snake after his words sounded. His body moved, turning into a bright light as he exited the Burning Sky cauldron.

“You bastard!”

The three-headed Demon Snake let out a series of furious curses after seeing this scene. It was a long while later, before he gradually calmed down. After which, he sat in the middle of the Burning Sky Array. His hand rubbed his smooth bald head, as a sinister and strange smile suddenly flashed across his lowered eyes.

Bang bang!

Wave after wave of wild and violent wind unfurled above the surface of the lake, as two groups engaged in a chaotic battle. Sounds of battle soared towards the sky, causing the entire place to appear relatively chaotic.


Majestic Yuan Power erupted from within Wei Song’s body. After which, he suddenly slammed his palm forward. A Yuan Power pillar tore through the air and ruthlessly smashed towards Gu Yan. The wild force caused the latter to take over a dozen steps back.

“Gu Yan, you people cannot do anything to me. Humph, I am aware that you have placed your hopes on Lin Dong. However, do you really think that he is able to fight a Divine Symbol Master and an initial Profound Life stage Demonic Beast at the same time with just his strength alone?” Wei Song looked around him. After which, his eyes paused on the enormous scarlet red cauldron floating in the sky as he sneered and said.

“Since he has yet to come out after such a long time, he might have already been killed by brother Xu and the three-headed Demon Snake. I advise you to give up and leave quickly. Otherwise, you might not even have the chance to regret your actions!” Wei Song laughed loudly. The surrounding members of the Wei clan also laughed with him.

Mo Zhan, Han Tao and the many others around the lake did not leave. They were clearly intending to see just who would occupy the upper hand in the subsequent battle.

However, based on their guess, Lin Dong would most likely end up dying under ordinary circumstances. Regardless of how many tricks he had, Xu Yun and the three-headed Demon Snake were both quite powerful. On the other hand Lin Dong was merely at the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.

Gu Yan and some of the members of the Gu clan had a change in expression after hearing Wei Song’s words. If Lin Dong really ended up failing, they would be completely defeated this time around. At that time, not only would they be unable to obtain the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, but even attempting to escape would be a problem.

Gu Ya bit her lips. Her eyes were filled with worry as she looked at the scarlet red cauldron, while both of her small hands were clasped together.

“Ha ha, looks like the result will be a great disappointment to you.”

However, a familiar laughter suddenly sounded while the hearts of those from the Gu clan were feeling uneasy. Soon after, everyone saw a ray of light rushing out from the Burning Sky cauldron. Finally, it transformed into a human figure. That appearance belonged to Lin Dong.

The atmosphere over the lake instantly froze the moment Lin Dong appeared, while the smiles on Wei Song and rest slowly stiffened. The faces of Mo Zhan and the rest by the side also gradually became grave.

The first to exit was actually Lin Dong…

Could it be that he had finished off Xu Yun and the three-headed Demon Snake?

Mo Zhan and the rest looked to each other. They were able to see shock in each other’s eyes. Just what kind of person was this?

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