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Chapter 851




Threads of black light swept out in all direction like a storm, directly covering a hundred feet radius around Xu Yun. It seemed that faint black scars appeared on even empty space itself wherever these black light threads passed.

Xu Yun watched this attack, as a grave expression that could not be hidden surged onto his face. He might have look down on Lin Dong earlier, but with the appearance of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he had immediately raised the threat Lin Dong posed to the highest level. This was because he was aware that in spite of the great gap between their strength, it was very possible for a godly object like the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to make up for this difference…

Xu Yun’s eyes were dark and cold. The seal formed by his hand changed, and Mental Energy wildly rushed out like a storm, before swiftly turning into a hundred feet large Mental Energy storm around his body.

Mental Energy was not as violent and mighty as Yuan Power. However, under this seeming milder force, hid a lethal force that could completely destroy one’s soul. If a person was injured in a battle of Yuan Power, there would only be some physical wounds. However, if one was injured by Mental Energy, one would truly suffer a serious injury. So much so, that even one’s mind would be greatly affected.

The Mental Energy storm surrounded Xu Yun’s body, thoroughly protecting him inside it. As the storm rotated, even space itself began to show signs of being distorted.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The black light threads that seemingly filled the entire sky arrived when the Mental Energy storm was formed. Crashing sound was emitted as they collided against the storm. However, these black light threads would be scattered and smashed by the rotating storm when they penetrated the latter.

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is indeed powerful, but with this weak strength of yours, it is merely a waste of a precious natural treasure.” A dark and cold smile immediately surfaced on Xu Yun’s face after seeing this scene.

“Do you really think that it is this easy to shatter Devouring Power?” However, Lin Dong merely smiled in the face of Xu Yun’s cold smile. That smile of his had a trace of strangeness.

Xu Yun’s heart shivered upon hearing these words. He hurriedly focused his mind, and his pupils tightly shrunk as he discovered that some deep black lights had actually appeared within the storm at an unknown time. The black lights appeared was like countless locusts that continued to devour the surrounding Mental Energy.


Xu Yun’s dark and cold face had finally become ugly. He hurriedly manoeuvred his Mental Energy, as he attempted to expel the black lights. However, he soon discovered that these black lights were just like maggots that had infested one’s bones. They adhered onto his Mental Energy, and was impossible to remove.

“Is this the power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…”

Cold sweat began to seep out from Xu Yun’s forehead. He could sense that his own Mental Energy was actually rapidly disappearing. This caused him to feel some anxiety in his heart. Lin Dong did not fight him head on, but this Devouring Power was just like a parasite to Xu Yun, adhering onto the latter’s Mental Energy and devouring this strength.

More and more black lights began to appear within the energy storm as time passed. That appearance was just like it was being invaded by a virus.


A dark and gloomy expression flashed across Xu Yun’s face. He immediately clenched his teeth and decisively cut off the connection between the Mental Energy and his body. After which, his body swiftly pulled back with the intent of withdrawing from the Mental Energy storm that had already been invaded by devouring light.

“I’m afraid it is too late if you wish to leave now…”

However, Lin Dong smiled faintly after seeing Xu Yun’s actions. Immediately, black light flowed deep within his eyes, causing him to appear rather strange.

“Devouring Seal!”

A soft voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth, and soon after, his hand seals suddenly froze.


A black light beam suddenly exploded from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in the sky the moment Lin Dong’s hands halted. After which, it shot towards the enormous energy storm in the distance.

Buzz buzz!

With the arrival of this black light beam, the originally rotating Mental Energy storm immediately came to a halt. The devouring light within suddenly erupted at this moment, as many black threads spread. In the end, they swiftly interweaved with each other, and actually transformed into an enormous black seal, which enveloped the entire Mental Energy storm.

The moment the seal was formed, the entire Mental Energy storm had transformed into a prison made of Devouring Power.


A hundred feet large Mental Energy long spear took shape in Xu Yun’s hand. After which, he ruthlessly shot it towards the energy storm that had been enveloped by the black seal. However, the long spear swiftly crumbled upon contact. The Mental Energy covering it was also quickly swallowed by Devouring Power.


Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he watched Xu Yun, whose face had began to reveal some panic. Soon after, his hand seal changed, and countless black light threads shot out in all directions. They flickered and actually transformed into many black chains, which shot towards Xu Yun with shocking speed.

Xu Yun’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this. Majestic Mental Energy hurriedly turned into a powerful barrier around him in an attempt to block the attack.

Pop pop!

However, his attempt was completely futile. The devouring chains that were filled with Devouring Power cut through the Mental Energy barrier like hot knife through butter. Soon after, they pierced Xu Yun’s body under his horrified gaze, as a low ear-piercing sound resounded over the sky.

“Using Mental Energy in front of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I can only say that you truly are an idiot…” Lin Dong spoke in an unsympathetic manner as he lowered his head and looked at Xu Yun, whose body had been penetrated by dozens of devouring chains.

The Devouring Power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol greatly restrained pure energy like this. Hence, from Lin Dong’s perspective, dealing with a Divine Symbol Master was far easier than dealing with an initial Profound Life stage expert. However, this Xu Yun was indeed too arrogant…

Xu Yun frantically struggled. However, the intense pain that was emitted from within his body caused him to be unable to move. No blood flowed out from the spots where the chains had penetrated through his body. This was because he could sense that everything within his body was gradually being devoured by the Devouring Power that had invaded his body.

His consciousness was beginning to become blurry amidst this devouring…

“Lin Dong, my master is the sinecure of the Demonic Wind Cave. If you dare to touch me, your fate will definitely be incomparably miserable!” Xu Yun braced himself. His eyes were ferocious as he stared at Lin Dong and cried out sternly.

“Demonic Wind Cave?”

Lin Dong lifted his brow slightly. Although he was able to guess that the background of this person was definitely not simple, he did not expect that he would actually be from the Demonic Wind Cave, one of the two strongest caves in the Heaven Wind Sea Region.

“That’s right, Lin Dong, you are also an intelligent person. You should be aware of just what kind of great disaster it would be to offend the Demonic Wind Cave. If you hand the Devouring Ancestral Symbol over to my Demonic Wind Cave, it would definitely be a great service. The Demonic Wind Cave will not treat you badly in future!” Xu Yun hurriedly cried out after seeing this.

Lin Dong fondled his chin with his hand. He mused for a moment in front of Xu Yun’s anxious eyes, before his mouth parted into a grin, revealing his sinisterly white teeth. This scene immediately caused Xu Yun’s heart to sink a little.

“I’m sorry, I do not wish to hand over the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Hence, I am also not going to let you off.”

Lin Dong’s eyes instantly turned dark after his words sounded. Soon after, he clenched his hand, as the dozen devouring chains that penetrated Xu Yun’s body suddenly exploded. Black light spread, transforming into a black hole that completely devoured Xu Yun in front of the latter’s terrified eyes.

Clap clap.

Lin Dong patted his hands with an indifferent expression after having completely devoured Xu Yun, before he slowly turned around. Those calm eyes of his looked towards the three-headed Demon Snake, which was trapped within the Burning Sky Array.

At this moment, the three-headed Demon Snake no longer dared to make any noise. His expression was extremely nervous and afraid as he stared at Lin Dong. The ruthlessness that the latter displayed when he unhesitatingly killed Xu Yun, allowed the three-headed Demon Snake to understand that the young man in front of him was no saint.

“Damn. If I had known that this brat is so ruthless, I would not have intervened.”

A bitter expression flashed across the three-headed Demon Snake’s eyes. He never imagined that something that should have been easily resolved would actually develop in such a way.

“Next, it’s your turn…”

Lin Dong looked at the three-headed Demon Snake and smiled. That smile caused even the unusually ferocious three-headed Demon Snake to feel a chill rising in his heart.

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