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Chapter 826: Desperate Struggle


Lin Dong and Little Flame directly turned into two flashes of light. Their speed was raised to the limit as they rushed towards the Life and Death World that had trapped Little Marten. They clearly understood that they would only have a tiny chance of survival today if they managed to rescue Little Marten from within. After all, no matter how they struggled… the gap between them and Tian Yuanzi’s group was simply too great…

“Truly a brat who does not know his limits…” Tian Yuanzi smiled faintly when he saw this scene. With both of his hands behind his back, a merciless expression flashed deep within his eyes.


Ren Yuanzi also chuckled. “Since this brat has already voluntarily withdrawn from the Dao Sect, it seems like I will no longer need to give the Dao Sect any face…”

Ren Yuanzi extended his slender hand after as his words faded, and black-white energy that was filled with Life and Death force swept out. It transformed into a giant energy finger that pierced through the air and pressed down onto the two figures.

Bang bang!

Space itself completely crumbled as the giant finger was pressed downwards. Such power caused everyone in the city to feel their scalp turn numb. This was not a battle of people at the same level…

The light finger tore through space and arrived. It swiftly enveloped the Lin Dong duo. The vast and mighty strength from it caused many to feel terrified.

“Big brother, go and rescue second brother!”

The giant black tiger that Little Flame had transformed into let loose a deep roar. Without waiting for Lin Dong’s reply, it turned and charged straight at the giant finger.

At this moment, it was obvious that someone must block the attack. Otherwise, neither of them would be able to approach the Life and Death World.


Little Flame’s figure shot out as he suddenly roared at the sky. His tiger eyes were blood red, while monstrous black light wildly surged out from within his body. Strange light tattoos roamed over the surface of his body.

Bang bang!

With the roaming of the light tattoos, numerous bloody holes began to be split open on Little Flame’s body, as wave after wave of boiling hot fresh blood shot out from them.

“Bloodline Sacrifice, Heavenly Devil Ancestral Soul!”

Fresh blood sprayed out. Finally, it rapidly agglomerated with the black light. Everyone watched as space itself begun to distort. A blurry black light tiger which was hundreds of feet large stepped out.

With the appearance of this black light tiger, a prehistoric aura surged out from its body. In that moment, it was as though one was back in the prehistoric era.

Little Flame’s body swiftly withered following the appearance of this black light tiger. Clearly, he had paid an extremely great price in order to unleash this move.

The black light tiger stood in the sky. Its tiger eyes seemed to possess some intelligence as they looked at the light finger that was piercing through the air towards it. Finally, its enormous body turned into a bolt of black lightning. It was accompanied by a rich prehistoric aura as it directly collided with a bang against the light finger before countless pairs of eyes.


Vast and frightening energy ripples wildly swept across the sky. Little Flame’s body shot backwards, as fresh blood flowed wildly from his body, giving it an extremely miserable appearance.

Although Little Flame had suffered a serious injury, he still managed to block the giant finger. Although it was a casual attack from Ren Yuanzi, Little Flame needed to risk his life to block it.

“Little Flame…”

Lin Dong glanced at the extremely miserable Little Flame, who was covered in fresh blood, as both of his hands tightly clenched. Fury and killing intent surged within his eyes. However, his body did not stop. Instead, it approached the Life and Death World at an even faster speed.

“Haha, to actually block an attack of mine. You are truly worthy of being a Heavenly Devil Tiger…”

Ren Yuanzi laughed faintly. Soon after, his gaze shifted towards Lin Dong in the distance as he mocked, “Even the Celestial Demon Marten cannot damage this Life and Death World of mine. What can you do even if you approach it?”

Ren Yuanzi did not attack again. That Life and Death World contained Life and Death force. Such power was not something that Lin Dong, an eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert was able to touch. There was a difference in the quality between the two. If Lin Dong was struck by the ripples of the Life and Death force, even his Yuan Spirit would instantly turn into ashes…

Lin Dong did not reply. His eyes were scarlet red, as he clenched both of his fists. Majestic Yuan Power swept out, and a mysterious light formation appeared in front of him at a shocking speed, before swiftly expanding.


Lin Dong did not hesitate when the light formation appeared. Several mouths of essence blood that contained pure Yuan Power was directly spat onto the light formation. Brilliant rays of light instantly erupted from the light formation, as it abruptly started to rotate under Lin Dong’s control.

“Buzz buzz!”

Numerous light symbols swiftly extended from the formation as it rotated. After which, a beam of light shot out from the middle of the formation and smashed onto the Life and Death World.

Chi chi!

A sizzling sound erupted when the light beam shot out. Soon after, everyone were shocked to see that the light curtain formed by Life and Death force began to show a tiny signs of vanishing wherever the light beam landed.


Ren Yuanzi’s originally mocking expression changed a little at this moment. Immediately, his eyes stared intently at the rotating formation as he muttered, “What is this energy? To think that it is actually able to erode Life and Death force…”


Another mouthful of essence blood was spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth as though it was free. His expression also quickly became pale, while his aura became extremely weary. He was aware that even though he possessed the decomposition ability of the Ancient Universe Formation, it was merely a drop of water in an ocean when compared to Ren Yuanzi.

“Little Marten, break it!”

Lin Dong knew that it was impossible for him to break this Life and Death World. However, he did not need to break it, but to shake its foundation a little for Little Marten.

The decomposition power poured into the Life and Death World. At the same time, some ripples appeared on the light curtain. Evidently, it had become quite unstable.


At this moment, Little Marten suddenly lifted his head and let out a piercing roar from within it. Purplish black energy maniacally gathered, and directly turned into a thousand feet large claw which ruthlessly slammed into the Life and Death World.

Bang bang bang!

Wild and violent ripples spread uncontrollably, as a deep explosion sound was swiftly emitted from the light curtain. After which, everyone saw the enormous Life and Death World finally begin to collapse. In the end, it completely exploded amidst a series of ‘crack’ sounds…


The Life and Death World had exploded, and the enormous being trapped within it suddenly spread its enormous bat wings that seemingly blotted the sun. Purplish black light whizzed out and wrapped the two individuals inside.

Little Marten’s bloody eyes gazed upon the two extremely miserable and bloody figures with extremely withered auras, as monstrous brutality and craziness gushed out from his giant eyes. It was the first time that the three brothers had been forced to such a state over the years. Moreover, someone as proud as him actually had to rely on the much weaker Lin Dong and Little Flame to risk their lives to rescue him.

Little Marten gently placed the two of them behind him. After which, those bloody eyes of his looked towards the Tian Yuanzi trio. Soon after, a piercing roar that contained bitter resentment resounded in the sky.

“Ancestral Mark, Ignite!”


As Little Marten’s roar sounded, numerous complicated symbols suddenly appeared and flickered on his bat wings. These symbols seemed to have been formed by a bloodline, and they faintly gave off a cryptic but powerful undulation.

“Chi chi!”

Scarlet light suddenly surfaced on Little Marten’s bat wings. After which, those cryptic symbols began to disappear one after another. It was as though they had turned into blood and flowed into Little Marten’s body.


With the disappearance of these symbols, Little Marten’s several thousand feet large body actually began to swell wildly at this moment. His shadow practically covered the entire Unique Devil City.

At the same time, Little Marten’s aura also soared crazily. Within a short ten breaths time, it had reached an extreme level in the eyes Tian Yuanzi trio’s as their expressions sunk a little.

At this moment, Little Marten’s strength had recovered to its peak condition by igniting the ancestral mark…

“Old dogs from Yuan Gate. Today, Grandpa Marten will cripple at least one of you even if I have to sacrifice this life of mine!”

When Little Marten’s aura soared to this terrifying level, a ruthless roar once again shook and resounded across the land.

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