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Chapter 827



An enormous shadow covered the entire Unique Devil City. Everyone wore shocked faces as they looked at the gigantic creature in the sky. The Celestial Demon Marten indeed lived up to its reputation. Its frightening body truly looked as if it could devour the sun and moon…

Moreover, everyone could feel that Little Marten’s aura was clearly becoming increasingly powerful as his body swelled. In fact, he was no longer weaker than any one of the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate.

“Igniting the Ancestral Mark… this is a Celestial Demon Marten clan technique to ensure one’s survival. Although he would be able to temporarily regain his strength by using this method, it is likely that he would suffer quite severe injuries after.” The blue robed elder looked at the enormous black shadow in the sky. His eyes focused as he softly explained.

“However, even if he has regained his strength, it is still impossible for him to take on all three of them alone… the Tian Yuanzi trio are experts who have already stepped into the Samsara stage…”

Ying Xuanzi involuntarily clenched his fist tightly when he heard the blue robed elder’s words. The expression in his eyes was a complicated one.

Purplish black energy had practically turned into a thick layer of clouds in the sky. The clouds floated around Little Marten, covering his enormous body until it was only faintly visible.

“I’m afraid that you will not be able to kill one of us even after igniting your Ancestral Mark.” Tian Yuanzi looked at the purplish black clouds that permeated the sky, as a grave expression gathered in his eyes. However, he quickly shook his head.

“Then I’ll just have to try!”

Little Marten’s sharp voice rumbled down from the sky. In the next instant, the clouds stirred and transformed into a thousand feet large purplish black crescent moon. The crescent moon hung in the sky as a frightening fluctuation spread, causing dread to be born in one’s heart.

“Demon Moon!”

A giant purplish black claw penetrated the cloud layer and grabbed the crescent moon. Without pause, it suddenly swung the crescent moon down. The latter tore through space and hacked furiously towards the Ren Yuanzi trio!


The crescent moon whistled across the horizon. Although it was several thousand of feet away, an incredibly enormous crack had already appeared within Unique Devil City. To think that the strength of this rotating moon was actually so frightening…


Ren Yuanzi let out a soft and cold snort as he watched this scene. With a wave of his sleeve, Life and Death force whizzed out, and directly turned into an enormous black and white disk in the sky. Black and white coexisted on the disk, appearing like Yin and Yang.

Just as the life and death disk formed, the moon ferociously arrived. After which, they ruthlessly crashed into each other like meteorites.


A loud sound reverberated in the sky above. After which, everyone saw a thousand feet large energy fluctuation wildly sweeping across the sky like a surging flood. In that instant, the entire sky had crumbled, as numerous enormous black cracks appeared in succession like the large mouth of a demon.

The life and death disk shot backwards due to the impact, while Ren Yuanzi was also hit by the backlash, and was actually forced two steps back. Immediately, his eyes became a little dark and solemn. His body moved and appeared on the life and death disk that had flew backwards. After which, his body seemed merge with the disk, transforming into a flash of black and white light that once again rushed towards Little Marten in the sky.

Boom boom boom!

Frightening fluctuations continued to ripple across the sky. The enormous rotating moon continued to attack Ren Yuanzi. On top of this attack, some fluctuations also swept towards the Tian Yuanzi duo. From the looks of it, Little Marten intended to take on the three of them alone.

“It has been many years since I have fought. Since you wish to play, I shall accompany you.”

Tian Yuanzi and Di Yuanzi exchange gazes. Immediately, a cold glint flashed across the both of their eyes. With an icy chuckle, they rushed out at the same time, before finally charging into the battleground in the sky.


With the addition of the Tian Yuanzi duo, those purplish black clouds in the sky began to crumble at a shocking speed. Little by little, Little Marten’s enormous body also began to be forced back in retreat. Clearly, even though his strength had momentarily recovered, Little Marten still had difficulty fighting those three alone.

“He is actually fighting the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate alone…”

Ling Qingzhu watched the great earthshaking battle in the sky from a building far away. Her usually cool and indifferent face was involuntarily slightly affected. The series of events today caused even her to have difficulty remaining calm.

“The Celestial Demon Marten truly lives up to its name as one of the overlord level clans in the Demonic Beast world…” The pretty lady beside Ling Qingzhu nodded her head in a somewhat shocked manner. Soon after, she remarked, “If it was a one on one match, he would perhaps not fear the three Yuan Gate sect masters. However, taking the three of them alone is really pushing it…”

“Regardless, it is likely that this matter will cause the entire Eastern Xuan Region to fall into an uproar once it spreads… that little fellow called Lin Dong is really no virtuous saint. He only possess the strength of the eight Yuan Nirvana stage, yet he is actually able to stir such a storm. However… the Yuan Gate will likely not easily let him off because of this.”

By the side, Su Rou involuntarily clenched her small fists tightly when she heard these words. Her eyes were a little red. After some hesitation, she suddenly said, “Big brother Lin Dong will not die in this place.”

Although she was clearly aware of what kind of danger Lin Dong was currently in, she still stubbornly believed that this person, who constantly created miracles, would not easily die at the hands of Yuan Gate.

Ling Qingzhu looked at the red eyed stubborn face of Su Rou. Moments later, a smile, which could bewitch anyone, was revealed under the cover of her veil, as she also nodded slightly.

“He is very ambitious. Before he achieve his goals, it is likely that no one will be able to kill him…”

“Both of you…”

The pretty woman was somewhat helpless as she looked at these two ladies. She immediately shook her head. The ones who were taking action against Lin Dong this time were no ordinary individuals. They were the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate. These were genuine pinnacle level experts in the Eastern Xuan Region…

“He knows that he is unable to defeat the Tian Yuanzi trio… why does he still do this?” Ying Xuanzi muttered as he watched Little Marten slowly being defeated in the sky.

The blue robed elder frowned slightly. His eyes slowly swept towards the purplish black clouds that permeated the sky. A moment later, his pupils abruptly contracted. He stared intently at a certain spot behind Little Marten. A purplish black cloud layer was suspended at that spot. However, there was a vague and mysterious fluctuation being emitted from this cloud layer.

“He does not intend to engage in an all out battle with Tian Yuanzi’s group.” The blue robed elder’s eyes flickered. He suddenly remarked, “He seems to be preparing something…”

Ying Xuanzi’s eyes also focused when he heard this. He also noticed the cluster of inconspicuous purplish black clouds. Soon after, his fists suddenly tightened, “That is a teleportation fluctuation. He intends to leave with Lin Dong and Little Flame.”

“Aye, if he truly bets his life, he might really be able to kill one of the three great masters of Yuan Gate. However, Lin Dong and Little Flame will also have difficulty escaping this calamity…” The blue robed elder nodded slightly.

“He is purposefully fighting the Tian Yuanzi trio to prevent them from discovering the teleportation fluctuation…

“Aye… I hope that he will succeed.” Ying Xuanzi clenched his hands tightly. Clearly, he also did not wish for Lin Dong to die in this place.


Another thunderous sound exploded in the sky. Little Marten’s enormous body suddenly withdrew rapidly, flickering as he actually transformed back into human form. His eyes were grim as he looked at the Tian Yuanzi trio in the distant sky. After which, he waved his sleeve. Purplish black energy swept apart, directly grabbing Lin Dong and Little Flame as they swiftly withdrew into the purplish black cloud layer.


The light in the cloud layer swiftly disappeared when the three of them entered, as a distorted spatial formation appeared.


When the Tian Yuanzi trio saw this, their expressions changed drastically.

“I will control the formation. We cannot remain in the Eastern Xuan Region anymore!” The seals formed by Little Marten’s hands changed rapidly. Immediately, the distorted spatial formation began to rotate at high speeds, as a wild spatial fluctuation spread in a crazy fashion.

Lin Dong’s complexion was pale as he watched the dark and solemn face of Little Marten. He could sense that the latter’s aura was rapidly diminishing. Immediately, he understood that the latter’s strength had begun to vanish. If Little Marten’s strength completely declined, they would no longer have any chance of escaping.

“Trying to escape? How can it be so easy?”

The Tian Yuanzi trio let out a cold snort, and simultaneously attacked. Vast energy tore through the sky and ruthlessly smashed onto the spatial formation. From the looks of it, the teleportation formation that Little Marten had painstakingly built would be destroyed immediately if they were to be struck by it.


Little Marten’s eyes were scarlet red as he watched the attack from those three whistling over. He was currently controlling the formation, and was clearly unable to separation any attention to deal with the attacks from those three.

“I will stop them!”

A deep roar was emitted from the black tiger that Little Flame had turned into. Immediately, his body transformed into a flash of black light as he rushed out. It seemed that he intended to use his life to block the attack.


However, a figure stepped forward before Little Flame could rush out of the formation. The figure threw a kick backwards and sent Little Flame back into the formation, while using the resultant force to shoot out of the formation.

“Big brother!”

Little Flame and Little Marten gazed at the figure that had shot out, and were momentarily stunned. Their eyes quickly turned blood red.

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