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WDQK Chapter 81: Reversal

“That arrogant brat!”

After seeing that Lin Dong had actually took the initiative to charge forward, a sneer appeared on Lei Pi’s face. Although Lin Dong had formerly defeated Wu Sha, that kind of situation would clearly never happen to him!

Lei Pi took a step forward as a strong Yuan Power gushed out from within his body. A sinister glint flashed across his eyes, before his fist punched out. The power behind it was so tremendous that a low sonic boom could be heard.

A genuine killing blow right from the start. Lei Pi evidently planned to dispatch Lin Dong in the quickest way possible.

The terrifying fist rapidly grew bigger before Lin Dong’s eyes. However,in the blink of an eye, his palm suddenly extended and with a ‘chi liu’ sound, the palm slipped past Lei Pi’s fist and grabbed his wrist. With a firm pull, the force actually managed to cause Lei Pi’s body to be pulled forward.

In the instant when Lei Pi’s body was jerked forward, an ominous glint flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. His knee abruptly thrust upwards, fiercely smashing towards Lei Pi’s neck. A rather ruthless attack.

Lin Dong’s attack was so quick and violent that even Lei Pi himself momentarily panicked. However, he instantly regained his wits as his hands hastily slapped at Lin Dong’s knee.


Both of Lei Pi’s palms heavily slapped against Lin Dong’s knee and a sharp pain immediately transmitted from his hands. Lei Pi felt as if he had slapped a piece of metal. However, he had also borrowed the resulting force to stabilize his body, and from there, his leg furiously lashed at Lin Dong’s head.

Lin Dong had a calm expression on his face as Yuan Power burst out from his fist before it heavily clashed with Lei Pi’s sole!


Fist and foot made contact as a powerful shock wave blasted outwards. Lin Dong’s shoulder was violently jolted back while Lei Pi staggered back a few steps. Soon after, shock appeared on his face: “Heavenly Yuan Stage!”

Unperturbed, Lin Dong calmly gazed at Lei Pi’s shock twisted face yet the former felt a little regret in his heart. If Lin Dong had been just that tiny bit faster earlier, he would have been able to snap Lei Pi’s neck before he could adopt a defensive measure.

“Lei Xing, attack together and kill him!”

Lei Pi gazed at the youngster before him, horrified. It was as if his mind had been completely flipped over and he now found himself in a perilous situation. Although he had long heard the news the Black Dragon Stockade’s Wu Sha’s defeat by Lin Dong’s hand, Lei Pi had always believed it was because Lin Dong had some assistance. Lei Pi could never have imagined that Lin Dong had also reached Heavenly Yuan Stage. After all, a sixteen or seventeen year old Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner was indeed terrifying.

As his thoughts churned and flipped in his head, Lei Pi let out a ferocious shout. The more strength Lin Dong displayed, the more intense the killing intent in Lei Pi’s heart. If he let Lin Dong continue to grow for a few more years, who would be able to stand up to him among the Lei Family?

The somewhat tall and sturdy man, that was standing to nearby, nodded his head, with a dark expression on his face. He clenched both his fists as a vigorous Yuan Power throbbed around his body, emitting a buzzing sound.


The duo almost simultaneously rushed forward, one on the left, while the other on the right, as they surrounded Lin Dong in a perfect pincer angle. Faced with two famous and highly experienced Heavenly Yuan Stage experts, Lin Dong’s expression turned into one of extreme concentration.

Tens steps was covered in the twinkle of an eye, as Lei Pi’s and Lei Xing’s ruthless offensive surrounded Lin Dong in an instant.

“Bang bang bang!”

Lin Dong’s face stretched taut. Joining his two fingers together, a vigorous Yuan Power quickly gathering around them. Each time he thrust out his fingers, the force generated was enough to forcefully blow back any of their attacks. Right now, since Lin Dong was at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage, if he were to fight individually with either of them, he would definitely outclass them!

Three shadows intertwined together, like a hurricane. As their Yuan Power collided, a series of deep echoes continuously rang out.

Just as the battle between the three of them intensified, the facial expressions on Lei Pi and Lei Xing gradually turned uglier. Lin Dong’s ability and real-life combat experience was causing immense trouble for them. Most importantly, Lin Dong seemed to have mastered a few extremely powerful martial arts. As such, each time he formed hand seals, the two of them were forced to retreat temporarily.

“Lei Xing!”

Lei Pi’s expression turned increasingly dark. Out of the blue, he suddenly shouted out as an extremely bright Yuan Power flashed on his right fist. Instantly, this light condescend into a lightning ball. The undulating energy within potent enough to cause one’s scalp to turn numb.

Dashing Lightning. This was a Level 4 Martial Arts from the Lei Family. Lin Dong had seen Lei Li display this martial before when they clashed during the Qingyang Town hunt. It was extremely powerful indeed.

Just as Lei Pi executed his ‘Dashing Lightning’, an extremely bright glow exploded also exploded on Lei Xing’s fist. Instantly, both of them viciously directed their fists, like two lightning bolts, towards Lin Dong’s head.

In that instance, even Lin Dong felt a strong sense of danger in his heart. With a glint in his eyes, he stopped moving temporarily as he suddenly turned his head. Immediately, a bolt of Mental Energy was viciously directed towards Lei Xing’s mind.

That sudden Mental Energy attack caused Lei Xing, who was totally unprepared, to experience an extreme pain in his head. The strength of his attack instantly decreased.

Just as Lei Xing panicked, Lin Dong’s body nimbly reached into his sleeves. Using another bolt of Mental Energy, a black shadow swiftly dashed out. With a swoosh sound, it viciously struck the back of Lei Xing’s head.

This sudden development happened in a lightning fast second. Lin Dong, who was originally in grave danger, had instantly defused the situation and even managed to assassinate Lei Xing using an unusual method!

“Lei Xing!”

As he saw a bloody foam spouting out from the corners of Lei Xing’s mouth, Lei Pi’s pupils dilated and his face turned hideously frightful. Immediately, he viciously directed that lightning ball in his hand towards Lin Dong’s back.


However, moments before that lightning ball could penetrate Lin Dong’s body, a powerful formless energy suddenly emerged and forcefully halted Lei Pi’s attack.

After utilizing Mental Energy to block the attack, Lin Dong’s palm curled as he recalled the “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” stuck on Lei Xing’s head and retreated a dozen steps. He then summoned the rest of his “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel” to return to his sleeves with a wave of his hand.

After he finished, he turned his icy gaze at Lei Xing, who was now lying lifelessly on the floor, and Lei Pi, who wore a hideous expression on his face.

“You’ve killed Lei Xing…”

Lei Pi’s face violently twitched as he stared at Lei Xing’s lifeless eyes. Even though he was extremely enraged, he felt a chilling sensation in his heart. Even with the two of them together, they were unable to swiftly dispose of Lin Dong. In fact, he even found an opening to kill one of them. This feat was something that even a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage expert would find difficult to do!

However, Lin Dong managed to accomplish it!

Lin Dong wore a casual expression on his face. As he grabbed onto a piece of “Shattered Yuan Shrapnel”, his palms trembled slightly. This was the first time that he had killed another person. However, it seems like he did not have much of a phobia towards it…

“The next one will be you…”

Lin Dong slowly lifted up the “Shattered Yuan Sharpnel” in his hand. Though his voice was slightly coarse, his tone caused a chill to be felt in the depths of one’s bones.

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