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Chapter 771 – Qingtan

“Qingtan, what are you doing here?!”

Lin Dong’s voice was currently filled with both shock and anger. Amongst these two emotions was a slight but unconcealable fear, the kind of fear that arose when things suddenly went out of one’s control.

This was the first time Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan had seen Lin Dong in such a state. Immediately, they involuntarily turned their gazes towards the exceptionally pretty girl in the air.

The young girl was about Ying Huanhuan’s age and wore black clothes. She had a slim figure and her features were rather pretty, while her beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with spirit, as if there was a talking fairy within them.

From the looks of it, this was Qingtan, who had left in a different manner than Lin Dong after he had left the Great Yan Empire.

Behind her, a man stood high up in the sky. The undulations from the latter were rather powerful and his face was covered by half a ghost mask, giving him a slightly eerie aura.

This unique appearance was not unfamiliar to Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest. He was number one on the Eastern Xuan Region’s wanted list, Ghost Mask Chen Gui. For them, he could be considered an extremely famous character.

Currently, the two people in the sky had evidently become the focal point of this area. Of course, more gazes were directed towards Ghost Mask Chen Gui. After all, the reputation of the number one name on the sects wanted list was rather intimidating.

In the air, the happy smile on Qingtan’s face had clearly been scared away by Lin Dong. She hastily landed from the air and obediently stood before the latter, yet she did not dare to look at the Lin Dong’s face. With her slightly bowed head, she looked just like an ignorant little girl who had been caught after secretly slipping out of the house…


Lin Dong was somewhat dazed as he gazed at the young girl that stood before him. The face that was so familiar that it had practically been imprinted on his soul caused a strange feeling to gush out from the depths of his heart. For a time, all he could do was point at the young girl and mumble incoherently.

Gui Chen had now also landed behind Qingtan. When he saw how obedient this junior sister disciple of his, that even his most stern master could do nothing about, had become, he was also somewhat taken aback. Soon after, he looked towards Lin Dong, whose expression was constantly fluctuating between anger and shock, wanting to say something but realised that it did not seem appropriate for him to speak. Hence, he could only continue on in this manner while standing behind Qingtan.

“What have you done?! Why are you here? You’ve left home?”

Lin Dong possessed a certain resistance towards shock after all. Thus, after a long time, he finally regained some of his wits as his alarmed and furious voice boomed out like a cannon.

“Not really, mum and dad know that I’ve left…” Qingtan tiny hands were entangled together as she replied.

“Why didn’t you obediently stay in the Great Yan Empire, why does a girl like you have to run out into the world?” Lin Dong angrily said. He was unable to imagine why an ignorant little girl would dare to enter a place like the Eastern Xuan Region that was filled with danger. Did she not realize that if something happened, both him and their parents would be unable to bear it.

When he thought about the worst that could have happened, even someone like Lin Dong felt a little suffocated. He knew that he would truly go insane if that scenario became reality…

“You could leave and go out into the world, why can’t I do the same?”

Qingtan raised her tiny face in an unfair manner, however, when she saw the fury that once again shrouded Lin Dong’s forehead, she quickly pulled back as the little bit of courage that she had managed to gather instantly disappeared like smoke, “I also want to protect mum, dad and the rest. I can also become strong. It must be so tiring for you to try so hard by yourself, I also want to be of help to you. I no longer want to be like before, where I can only powerlessly stand and watch.”

The young girl’s words clearly stunned Lin Dong for a moment. He gazed at the tiny face of the young girl that was filled with grievance and could not help but reply in a somewhat vexed manner, “Why foolishly worry about such things.”

Though his tone was vexed, the fury on his forehead had started to fade a little. The young girl’s words had stirred his emotions and made him feel a small bit of happiness. It seemed that the little girl from before had grown quite a bit.

Qingtan’s tiny mouth shrunk, however, the bright girl knew that now was not the time to contradict a Lin Dong that was about to explode with anger.

“Mum and dad know that you’ve come here?” Lin Dong kneaded his somewhat aching head as he asked.

“Mm.” Qingtan repeatedly nodded her head.

“They’ve agreed?” Lin Dong asked again.

Upon hearing this, Qingtan hesitated for a moment. Just as she was about to nod her head, she saw Lin Dong’s expression suddenly turn stern. Immediately, she hung her head in defeat as she replied, “Mum does not agree, and we argued because of this…”

Just as the words left her mouth, Qingtan hastily shut her mouth. She looked at Lin Dong from the corner of her eyes and sure enough, she saw the face that had only just eased up a little once again darken.

“Now that your wings have hardened, you even dare to argue with your mother?” Lin Dong laughed in a chilling manner.

Qingtan lowered her head as she mumbled, “Scold me if you must, but…”

As she spoke, the young girl’s eyes turned red. Soon after, she lifted her head and gazed upon the face that had grown increasingly mature and determined compared to two years ago, as she choked out a few words.

“I missed you.”

The various expressions on Lin Dong’s face finally froze due to these words.

The young girl had followed in his footsteps and left the place where she could be as wilful as she wanted, the home where she could make trouble as she pleased. All alone, she had similarly experienced various things. All of this was so that he no longer had to struggle in a manner that caused one’s heart to ache…

Lin Dong’s throat trembled a little. Soon after, he slowly extended his hand and patted the young girl’s head, his voice somewhat hoarse as he spoke, “You’ve grown up at last…”

Afterwhich, he laughed bitterly before continuing, “*Sigh*, forget it, I’ll let you off this time.”

As his words fell, joy surfaced in the eyes of the young girl before him, as if she had suddenly been bestowed a great pardon. With a sweet smile, she reached out with her arms in an exceedingly natural manner and clung onto Lin Dong’s arm like she had always done many years ago.

When Qingtan clung onto Lin Dong’s arm, a sly smile secretly appeared from the corners of her lips. However, just as this smile appeared, she sensed a bright pair of eyes staring at her. She lifted her head, only to find Ying Huanhuan, seated behind with her jade-like hands atop the dark green zither. The latter’s gaze was currently tightly fixed onto Qingtan and had clearly discovered her sly smile.

Qingtan secretly stuck out her tongue before winking at Ying Huanhuan. With those large eyes, she conveyed a message; don’t expose what you know.

Ying Huanhuan could not help but feel like laughing. Looks like this girl called Qingtan understood Lin Dong very well. She even know what method to use to pacify a Lin Dong who was almost about to explode with anger. However, Ying Huanhuan could also tell that Qingtan’s emotions from before were genuine…

Ying Huanhuan naturally did not plan on exposing Qingtan’s sly actions. Hence, she winked at Qingtan and the two girls of similar age came to a certain consensus, perfectly concealed from the usually calm and prudent Lin Dong.

“Big brother Lin Dong, this is my senior brother disciple, Chen Gui. It’s thanks to his escort that I was able to come out this time.” Qingtan turned around and pointed at Chen Gui as she introduced him to Lin Dong with a smile.

“I am Lin Dong, many thanks to brother Chen, my sister has troubled you much.” Lin Dong immediately clasped his hands together. His tone was extremely sincere and grateful.

“Ah, I do not deserve such praise, brother Lin Dong is too courteous. I have only done as my master has instructed.” Upon seeing this, Chen Gui hastily clasped in hands together in response, causing Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the rest to be a little taken aback. After all, Chen Gui was said to be an extremely eccentric and indifferent person, someone who would not be so easy to communicate with.

“Master? You’ve entered a sect? What sect is it?” Lin Dong was a little taken aback. He quickly looked towards Qingtan and inquired. From the looks of it, he was afraid that Qingtan had entered a dubious sect.

“Hehe, our sect is not located in the Eastern Xuan Region, but in the Northern Xuan Region. Our sect is known as the Palace of Darkness, has brother Lin Dong heard of it before?” Chen Gui promptly explained.

“Palace of Darkness?”

Amazement flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes, while he felt some shock in his heart. It was clear that he was not unfamiliar with this faction.

Palace of Darkness, the overlord of the Northern Xuan Region. If one were to talk about its reputation, it did not lose out to a titan like the Yuan Gate at all.

“How did you end up in the Northern Xuan Region…” Lin Dong was evidently rather stunned by the fact that Qingtan had joined the Palace of Darkness.

“While I was in the Great Yan Empire, an elder from the Palace of Darkness was following me in hopes that I would join the Palace of Darkness…” Qingtan replied.


Lin Dong slightly raised his eyebrows. He did not expect that Qingtan had already been taken notice of by the Palace of Darkness elder at that time, both he and Little Marten had not sensed anything…

However, Lin Dong gently sighed in relief knowing that Qingtan had joined the Palace of Darkness. The Palace of Darkness could be considered an overlord of a region. Qingtan should be quite safe with them.

“These are my fellow Dao Sect disciples…”

Lin Dong turned around and shrugged his shoulders at Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest as he chuckled, “This is my sister, Qingtan.”

After completing his introductions, he gently patted his hands as he once again cast his gaze in the direction of the Yuan Gate disciples and grinned, his smile regaining its chilling aura.

“Qingtan, move back a little, I have to first take care of a small problem.”

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