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Chapter 770

Brother and Sister’s Reunion


“Those are the members of Ghost Blade Gate and Fire Cloud Sect. These two sects have quite a reputation within Eastern Xuan Region, however they have rather close ties with Yuan Gate. Although they can’t be considered as vassals of Yuan Gate, they will mostly follow the Yuan Gate’s lead for many matters.” looking at the present situation, Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression sunk slightly before explaining to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong faintly nodded before raising his head. He looked at the two groups approaching from a distance. Under the convergence of everyone’s gazes, they finally arrived at a position that was not far from Lin Dong and the rest.

A man dressed in black slowly walked out from the group of Ghost Blade Sect disciples. A formidable and cold aura radiated from his body. His powerful presence was testament to the fact that he was an expert that had stepped into the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.

As the man dressed in black walked forward, a man dressed in red also walked out from the nearby group of Fire Cloud Sect disciples with a grin on his face. As his fists loosened, a wave of heat spread outwards.

“My humble self is Meng Duan of Ghost Blade Sect.”

“Fire Cloud Sect, Yang Huo.”

The two men walked out, smiling as they clasped their fists together and greeted Lin Dong and the rest. However, this was not a single trace of friendly intent within those smiles.

“Is there something I can help you with?” asked Lin Dong casually with a flat expression on his face.

“Ha Ha, I’m sure that you understand why we have come.”

Yang Huo of Fire Cloud Sect faintly smiled. Without beating around the bush, he directly said, “Brother Yuan Cang and the rest do not wish to see you all, therefore he had sent us here to deliver his message.”

“If there are any problems, settle them at that final place. Brother Yuan Cang and the rest are considerably merciful and don’t want to preemptively take action. I believe that if you people leave this place and head for the final place earlier. Perhaps, you all might be able to smoothly leave Unique Devil City and avoid excessive losses.” said Meng Duan who also had a faint smile on his face.

“This can be considered a rather good deal for you all. It’s best to avoid the incident that happened in the last Great Sect Competition.”

Upon hearing the remarks of the two men, the faces of the Dao Sect disciples turned completely dark. This Yuan Gate was too arrogant! Not only had they said such things, they had not even bothered to send a Yuan Gate disciple and let someone else deliver their message in their place. One truly did not know what level of contempt they had for the Dao Sect.

Even Ying Xiaoxiao’s face was erupting with anger at this matter, while a malicious fury had already surged up within the eyes of the nearby Wang Yan. If not for him forcefully controlling himself to the utmost degree, he might have already exploded with violence.

“Many thanks to the two of you for delivering the message…” however, while the majority of the disciples’ faces were dark, there was not a single trace of anger on Lin Dong’s face. Instead, he merely smiled and replied.

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s reply, Yang Huo and Meng Duan grinned. Looks like this fellow was rather tactful. Stunned expressions appeared on the many faces of the surrounding crowd who had cast their attention at the three individuals. In the next moment, the gaze that they sent towards Lin Dong filled with disdain.


However, just as Yang Huo and Meng Duan had assumed that the Dao Sect disciples would be sensible, Lin Dong’s tone suddenly took a complete turn as a sinister expression instantaneously erupted forth from the smile on his face.

“Could it be that those blockheads don’t have legs and mouths?”

Lin Dong did not deliberately cover up the sinister and cold tone of his voice as it rang out. Hearing this, Yang Huo and Meng Duan’s smiles instantly froze, while waves of disturbances erupted in the surroundings.

“Brat, do not make the mistake of paying a price you can’t can’t afford just to flaunt your glib mouth!” Yang Huo and Meng Duan’s expressions darkened. It was likely that they had been infuriated by Lin Dong’s mockery.

“Trash like you don’t have the qualifications to strut around in front of our Dao Sect!” Lin Dong replied. The chilling gaze in his eyes was as sharp as a blade.


“You have guts!”

Yang Huo and Meng Duo were infuriated by Lin Dong’s reply. They suddenly stepped forward as majestic Yuan Power erupted out and surged towards Lin Dong, enveloping him.

Upon seeing this, a cold glint flashed past Lin Dong’s eyes, however he did not make any actions to defend. With a thought, a black glow suddenly shot out from with the group of Dao Sect disciples behind him. The speed of the black glow was extremely swift and fierce. In the blink of an eye, it had already appeared in front of Yang Huo and Meng Duan.

“Death seeking fool!”

Yang Huo and Meng Duan merely sneered in the face of this surprise attack. With a gush of majestic Yuan Power, powerful palm forces unceremoniously swept towards the black silhouette.

In response to the ferocious attacks from the two men, a pair of withered arms extended out from the black glow and directly collided with the two men’s palm force.

Bang Bang!

A deep and low sound rang out as the palms met each other. In the next instant, the sneers on Yang Huo and Meng Duan’s faces instantly froze, before their faces turned completely flushed as they spurted a mouthful of blood. Their bodies violently shot backwards, gouging a long scar on the ground while cracks extended from both sides of the scar.

The originally noisy surroundings was immediately silenced by this sight. Soon after, a series of low but tumultuous uproars scattered outwards. Countless gazes locked onto the black glowing figure who had sent two nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts flying with a single palm strike. Such a thing was hard to achieve even by the topmost outstanding disciples of the other sects.

As gaze after gaze locked onto the black figure, they saw the black withered face. In the next instant, a series of startled voices rapidly rang out.

“Is that…. a demon corpse?”

“Why does Dao Sect have a demon corpse? Could it be that this demon corpse is controlled by them?”

“How is this possible? Even Thousand Puppet Sect would find it hard to control such a demon corpse! Also, Dao Sect does not have such expertise, how did they manage to control it!”

Pockets of startled voices rapidly resounded across the sky, while quite a number of people stared at the demon corpse with astonished gazes. It was obvious that they knew what it was.

“Demon corpse…” upon seeing it, the Sword Sect disciples who had withdrawn earlier all gawked, especially Xue Ling. The pitying look on his face that was due to Dao Sect not willing to leave instantly turned grave.

He stared tenaciously at the demon corpse before taking a deep breath. From the looks of it, this was the same demon corpse that had chased after Dao Sect earlier. Not only had it been dealt with by them, moreover… they had used some unknown method and taken control of it…

“Was it Lin Dong who did this?” thought Xue Ling as he stared at the slim figure, while his pupils contracted slightly. This fellow seemed to be one amongst the Dao Sect disciples who had concealed his hand the deepest. No wonder Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan would both listen to him at times.

“It actually is a demon corpse…”

At the Thousand Puppet Sect area, those who were experts in refining puppets were looking at the demon corpse with astonished gazes. The gaze of the youth dressed in grey called Gui Li turned dignified and grave upon seeing the demon corpse. Looking once again at Lin Dong, there was a sliver of dread now present in his eyes. He knew just how hard it was to control this demon corpse…

“If you don’t scram, then die.”

Within the uproar and commotion happening around him. Lin Dong faintly raised his head and looked at the alarmed faces of the Ghost Blade Sect and Fire Cloud Sect disciples before saying in a soft voice.

Overwhelmed with shock, dumbstruck expressions appeared on the faces of the disciples of the two sects as they looked towards Yang Huo and Meng Duan who had suffered heavy injuries. In the next instant, they hurriedly carried the two of them away, cutting sorry figures as they scattered away.

Looking at the two dejected groups leave, the entire area sank into silence once again. The development of this situation was truly somewhat unexpected…

“If you want to say something, come over and do it yourself! Scheming behind one’s back is disgraceful!”

Contrary to the atmosphere which had quietened down, Lin Dong slowly raised his head as his eyes locked onto the direction of the Yuan Gate disciples, while his cold and frosty voice rang out.

As his voice rang out, a disturbance occurred with the group of Yuan Gate disciples as ominous glints erupted from the eyes of quite a few of them.


The disturbance lasted for while till a sturdy and strong figure whose killing intent blotted the skies finally stood up slowly and turned around. Revealing the sinister and ruthless expression on his face, this person was indeed the Little Thunder King Lei Qian.

“Since you don’t want the face I’ve given you and wish to seek death, I’ll grant it to you all at this place. You trash that are unable to tell good from the bad!” exclaimed Qian Lei fiercely.

As Qian Lei spat out those words, two figures beside him stood up under the focus of the innumerable surrounding gazes.

“Just a single demon corpse has given you all so much confidence huh…”

Wearing a blue robe, the Little Yuan King Yuan Cang stared at Lin Dong before smiling faintly.

“Since that is the case, let me destroy it.”


Just as those words echoed out, an iron sword suddenly slid into his hand before slashing down gently.


As the slash descended, the Yuan Power of the area seemed to flare up as a sword aura that blotted the skies seemingly split apart the land as it slashed down furiously at the demon corpse at a speed that was inconceivable to the naked eye. Lin Dong was also caught within the radius of the sword aura.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at the approaching sword aura that was rapidly growing larger in his eyes. Just as he was about to take action, he suddenly turned his head towards another section of the sky, where a majestic grey light was present. Whizzing across the sky, it heavily colliding with the sword aura, creating a loud sound that resounded out.

“Chen Gui. this is a grudge between our Yuan Gate and Dao Sect! Why are you interfering?!”

A majestic fluctuation erupted and swept outwards while some fluctuations appeared within the eyes of the Little Yuan King Yuan Cang. In the next moment, a gloomy and cold voice rang out.

“Chen Gui? The fellow who is ranked first on the sects wanted list?”

“Why is he helping Dao Sect?”

As Yuan Cang spoke those words, pockets of uproar started appearing in the surrounding area as expressions of extreme astonishment appeared on quite a few peoples’ faces.


While the entire area was in an uproar, a rainbow glow shot over from the distant skies before finally transforming into two figures.

A sliver of doubt flashed past Lin Dong’s eyes as he looked towards the figures in the air. In the next moment, as his gaze focused on the beautiful figure that was petite and familiar, his pupils instantly contracted. In that instant, an expression of extreme shock crawled up his face, something that Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest had never seen before.

“Heh heh, brother Lin Dong!”

Just as Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were puzzled over Lin Dong’s reaction, the figure in midair turned her body around, revealing an exceptionally exquisite and beautiful little face where a joyous smile was present.

However, just as such a smile appeared on her face, she hurriedly restrained it. She had noticed that the shock on Lin Dong’s face was withdrawing bit by bit. What substituted it was not the ecstasy of a brother and sister’s reunion , but a furious shade that was caused by an excessive amount of shock.

“Qingtan, why are you here!”

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