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Chapter 720: Wang Yan V.S. Ying Xiaoxiao

Clear sounds rang across the skies above the mountain peak, seemingly possessing some sort of magical power, as they caused the entire area to fall into complete silence. All that remained were the surrounding gazes that were unblinkingly locked onto the two people on the stage.

Under the convergence of innumerable gazes, Wang Yan faintly raised his head and looked at the slim and slender lady in front of him. A ripple of emotion appeared within his originally indifferent eyes, while a complicated expression emerged on his originally emotionless face.

“ You’ve always been so calm and cool-headed since you were young. To think that you haven’t changed at all after all these years.” Wang Yan said with his hoarse voice.

“You, on the other hand, have changed quite a bit, senior brother Wang Yan,” Ying Xiaoxiao replied softly, gazing at that especially weather-beaten face, which in reality could be considered young.

Wang Yan smiled faintly and turned silent for a while before saying, “ Given how smart you are, you should already have guessed my reason for returning. You know who I am. If and when we trade blows later, I’ll show no mercy…”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s chest heaved up and down as she took a deep breath of the cold and refreshing air. Looking straight at Wang Yan with her clear eyes, she said, “Senior brother Wang Yan should also know me well.”

Although she did not elaborate, she knew that Wang Yan understood the meaning behind her words. A trace of darkness flashed past those indifferent looking eyes, before he shook his head and said, “Someday, I will repay the Dao Sect with my life.”

Ying Xiaoxiao sighed and declined to speak any further. The current Wang Yan was already extremely prejudiced, and words would be unable to get to him. In that case, the only way left was to knock sense into him through the match.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, make your move.”

Feeling the bright gaze from Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan slowly clenched his fists. Soon after, the darkness in his eyes diminished bit by bit as his usual indifference made its appearance once again.

Outside the stage, Ying Huanhuan’s jadelike hand involuntarily clenched tightly. Her lips were tightly pursed together as she stared at the two people facing each other on the stage. Soon after, a somewhat sad expression appeared on her lips. The scene before her was something that no one wished to see…

On the seat atop the tall platform, Ying Xuanzi’s eyes were a deep and still abyss as he stared at the stage. He faintly closed his eyes, waved his hand with a sigh.

Upon seeing this, only then did the deacon on the stage nod his head, and with a sudden wave of his hand, exclaimed, “Let the match begin!”


Two boundless and surging Yuan Powers seemingly erupted at the same time from within both of their bodies. The robustness of the Yuan Power made the expressions on the faces of even those great direct disciples of the four halls change. Nine Yuan Nirvana stage – the peak of the Nirvana stage. This level was indeed deep and immeasurable.


Ying Xiaoxiao’s jadelike hand closed into a grip and a metre-long Green Peak Sword wrapped in a green glow appeared within it in a flash. A chilling intent covered those clear and beautiful eyes before her body turned into a blur of light and shot forward.

The blur of light was akin to a slender bolt of lighting and appeared in front of Wang Yan in a flash. The sharp Green Peak Sword drew a swift and fierce arc as it pierced towards Wang Yan’s front.

Just as Ying Xiaoxiao’s attack was about to hit its target, Wang Yan suddenly moved. At an instant, a chillingly cruel aura erupted from within his body. Extending two of his fingers without warning, he reached out and clamped the Green Peak Sword piercing towards him directly between his bare fingers.


The swift and fierce sword inches away from Wang Yan’s forehead suddenly froze at this moment. Taking a step forward, his fingers traced along the length of the Green Peak Sword and, like a poisonous snake, pierced towards Ying Xiaoxiao’s hand that was holding the sword.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes contracted, as she sensed the frightening energy contained within Wang Yan’s fingers. Immediately withdrawing her hands, the surface of the long sword erupted with resplendent green light. Shortly after, her clear and cold voice rang out, “ Heavenly Stars Three Flowers Sword!”

Chi Chi Chi!

The green glow whizzed, and instantly changed into three sword flowers. Within those sword flowers were innumerable minute sword glows that were released strand by strand, causing an extremely destructive force to radiate outwards.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened when the three sword flowers appeared. He could sense the fearsomeness of this sword flower. If an Eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert were to be struck squarely by it, it would certainly lead to heavy injuries. Looks like it was not a false rumor that Ying Xiaoxiao was called the number one person within the younger generation of the Dao Sect.

Facing such an attack by Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan was not the slightest bit careless. Retreating two steps back, his hands closed into a grip and the black broadsword from his back shot forwards and landed in his hands.

“Black Demon Slash!”

Grasping the black broadsword in his hand, Wang Yan’s face remained indifferent. Without any gaudy sword techniques, boundless Yuan Power crazily surged from him, sending down a furious slash.


A gigantic black sword glow burst out from the sharp end of Wang Yan’s sword like a waterfall. Splitting the air, it slammed heavily onto the three magnificent sword flowers!


A low and deep blast sounded out in mid-air as the black and green glows exploded. Exceptionally swift and fierce sword glows appeared to lose control and poured out madly in torrents, slashing directly at the entire stage, leaving it full of scars and pockmarks .

A fragment of a sword glow passed swiftly over Wang Yan’s face and left a bloody scratch on it. Without blinking, he stretched his tongue out and licked the bloodstain. This action made him look rather savage.


Wang Yan’s figure dashed forward once again, as the broadsword in his hand created fierce and violent arcs in the air, enveloping Ying Xiaoxiao as it headed towards her vitals. His moves were entirely different from hers. The fierceness and violence within them were filled with viciousness. Obviously, these few years of living life on the edge had forged his savage combat style.

Facing Wang Yan’s ferocious attacks, Ying Xiaoxiao did not yield in the slightest bit. Vigorous Yuan Power of the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage completely gushed forth from within her. A sword glow that blotted out the skies came forth from the meter-long Green Peak Sword and smashed heavily into the broadsword.

Clank Clank..

The two figures crisscrossed on the platform like spectres as their swords made contact with each other. Sparks sputtered and scattered about as the resulting clash of sword Qi cut the entire stage into a complete disorderly mess.

Numerous gazes converged on the two spectral forms. The swift and fierce sword Qi from there caused the scalps on the heads of many grow numb. They knew that if they were to trade places with them, they would perhaps have been chopped into many pieces by the sword Qi…

“What a fierce and violent sword Qi…”

At the area where the Desolate Hall disciples were, Pang Tong and the rest muttered as they looked in shock at the stage where the two were trading blows.

“As expected of great senior sister Xiaoxiao! Her strength is indeed formidable, even senior brother Wang Yan can’t deal with her. Junior brother Lin Dong, looking at this match, who do you think has a greater chance of victory?” Fang Yun asked with a smile after exclaiming in admiration.

Lin Dong wrinkled his eyebrows before faintly shaking his head. He did not make a verdict. However, a faint trace of concern flashed past in the depths of his eyes.

From the current situation on the stage, they were indeed evenly matched. Ying Xiaoxiao’s strength was not a single bit inferior to Wang Yan’s, and her timing of attack and defense was quite perfect. However… when compared with Wang Yan, she was lacking a portion of viciousness.

Clearly, Wang Yan was one who had experienced life or death battles. When he went on the offensive, it was an all-out effort with no thought of withdrawal. A person like him fought with all his life and would use the slightest of costs to exchange for the greatest benefits…

Sometimes, in a match between experts, all it takes is for one’s momentum to be slightly surpassed for one to fall into a complete disadvantage, and sometimes even have one’s flaws exposed and dealt a fatal blow.

Therefore, while the situation on the stage may look alright for her, Lin Dong knew that Wang Yan was merely finding a specific opportunity. Once a person like him was able to grasp an opportunity, he would end the match on his very next move…

“Hopefully great senior sister Xiaoxiao will realize it…”

Lin Dong sighed secretly. He was not familiar with Wang Yan, therefore he naturally hoped for Ying Xiaoxiao to clinch victory in this match.

As he was in thought, his gaze suddenly looked towards Sky Hall area. A slender and elegant young lady sporting a ponytail stood there. Her pretty face was filled with nervousness and some deeply concealed unease, as if she too had come to a certain realization.

The young lady’s senses were quite keen and acute. She turned her head around when Lin Dong looked towards her, her pair of big black eyes interlocking with his.

As their gazes intertwined, the young lady’s face did not turn red this time. Instead, a sad colour flashed within those bright and beautiful eyes, like the dark and gloomy clouds in the blue sky. It made one feel somewhat sorry for her.


Lin Dong gave a soft sigh and turned his head. His gaze was cast once again towards the arena, while his eyes faintly flickered.

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