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Chapter 719: Battle of the Finest

Thunderous cheers rumbled without end on the mountain top. In fact, this scene even attracted the attention of the numerous surrounding mountain peaks.   

“What a surprising conclusion…. it is unexpected that Lin Dong was still able to unleash such frightening strength even when his Yuan Power was sealed.” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said. Her eyes contained thick surprise as she watched the green light gradually recede from the figure on the stage.

“I heard father mention that this fellow had learnt an extremely powerful body tempering martial art. However, it was not so powerful the last time I saw him use it. It seems like he has deepened his mastery of that martial art.” Ying Huanhuan blinked her large eyes and said.

“It is not shameful for Qing Ye to lose to Lin Dong. If he continues to train for another one or two years in the Dao Sect, he will likely become the strongest younger generation member.” Ying Xiaoxiao said.

“Only big sis can be the strongest.” Ying Huanhuan held Ying Xiaoxiao’s slender arm as she said with a smile.

“Stop it. You are extremely talented and even father has praises you endlessly. If you put in more effort into training, you would have long surpassed me.” Ying Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at the young lady beside her and said.

Others might not understand Ying Huanhuan well, but Ying Xiaoxiao knew the former inside out. From a certain point of view, the former’s talent was not inferior to her own. In addition to the musical gift that she was born with, her potential could only be described as ‘terrifying’. However, this young lady had a lively character and she usually skimped on her training. Nonetheless, Ying Huanhuan’s strength was still considered top notch within Sky Hall.

“I did put in alot of effort…” Ying Huanhuan muttered.

Ying Xiaoxiao helplessly shook her head. She immediately turned around and looked at the grey-clothed man that was seated in the distance. Promptly, her originally bright eyes dimmed a little, while the smile on her face receded.

“Big sis, you will definitely win.”

An ice-cold delicate hand gently held Ying Xiaoxiao’s hand. The latter turned her head, only to see a young lady’s encouraging smile.

The grey-robed Wang Yan was staring at the stage. His originally soulless eyes turned sharp and focused at this moment. His eyes were glued to Lin Dong. He could sense a faint trace of danger from that man.

“No wonder he is able to fight with Yao Ling until both were seriously injured…”

Wang Yan mumbled in a raspy voice, before lowering his eyes. After the previous battle between Lin Dong and Qing Ye, he did not dare to deny that Lin Dong was an outstanding individual. However, the latter still did not pose much of a threat towards him. The only person that he had to pay attention to today was Ying Xiaoxiao. However, based on his understanding of the latter, it was likely that she would not be able to stop him…

Thunderous cheers continued to reverberate across the sky. At this moment, a deacon once again rushed over. His eyes were shocked as they swept across Lin Dong’s body, who had withdrawn from his dragon-materialization state. Subsequently, he took a look at Qing Ye, who had landed outside of the arena and no longer possessed the strength to fight. Only then, did he finally announce, “Lin Dong wins this match!”

His voice had just sounded out when the originally loud cheers suddenly grew even louder. This was especially the case for the Desolate Hall disciples. In fact, they were so excited that their faces had become a little red. Their Desolate Hall had finally defeated the Earth Hall after so many years…

In contrast to the excitement of the Desolate Hall disciples, the Earth Hall disciples all felt a little helpless. However, there was nothing they could say. Qing Ye had even used the Earth Emperor Scripture, but he was still unable to defeat Lin Dong. It was completely justified that he lost this match.

Below the stage, Qing Ye’s face was somewhat pale. His mouth twitched as he stared at Lin Dong. However, in the end, he did not say anything. He lowered his head in disappointment and allow two Earth Hall disciples to help him up. Although he felt disappointed, he did not feel any dissatisfaction in his heart. This was because he was aware that even if they were to fight again, the outcome would likely be the same…

The green glow on Lin Dong’s body had completely withdrawn. When he saw Qing Ye retreating, he also gently exhaled. The sealing strength of his Earth Emperor Scripture was indeed quite unique and mysterious, and even he felt a little lost previously. Fortunately, he had many other techniques. Moreover, with the increase in the amount of Heaven Dragon aura that his body could absorb, it allowed the might of his Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill to increase.

Furthermore, the appearance of the dragon wings was definitely of great help. With his current speed, it is likely that even a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert would not be able to match him. Henceforth, even if he encountered an opponent he could not deal with, it would not be difficult for him to escape.

Lin Dong’s body moved. Under the incomparably fiery and worshipping gazes of the Desolate Hall disciples, Lin Dong returned to the Desolate Hall area.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, well done!”

Pang Tong’s group instantly swarmed over. At this moment, even the usually steady Pang Tong had an excited expression on his face. He heavily patted Lin Dong’s shoulder and laughed.

Beside him, Jiang Hao and the rest also nodded. From the way they looked at Lin Dong, one could detect an admiration and respect that could not be concealed. After this match, Lin Dong had finally conquered the hearts of every senior direct disciple of the Desolate Hall.

Lin Dong smiled and chatted with everyone. After which, his eyes turned to look at the distant lonely grey-robed figure. He clearly understood that the most eye-catching match in this Hall Competition was going to be the one between Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan…

One was the top ranked younger generation member in the Dao Sect, while the other was a senior disciple who had already established a fearsome reputation for himself in the Eastern Xuan Region. Both of their reputations in the Dao Sect was something that even the current Lin Dong could not surpass due to the limited amount of time he had. Wang Yan’s sudden return this time around had also caused the placid Hall Competition to become a little confusing.

The two of them were basically the strongest two amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members. It was likely that everyone present wanted to find out just who was the stronger one…

“It is likely that the match between those two will be the most significant one…” Pang Tong also saw the direction of Lin Dong’s gaze. He immediately sighed and spoke with a somewhat complicated expression.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Given Ying Xiaoxiao’s character, there was no way she would easily surrender the commanding rights of the disciples in the Great Sect Competition to Wang Yan. Wang Yan, who was similarly obstinate, would also try his best to fight for it. If those two, who were considered extremely powerful, were to end up meeting each other, the battle between them would likely be even more fearsome than his previous battle with Qing Ye…

Moreover, this matter was related to the Great Sect Competition. It was likely that even the upper echelons of the Dao Sect would pay great attention to it. If one was to describe it, the battle between those two would be the match that would attract the attention of the entire sect.

The crazed atmosphere that had arisen due to the intense battle between Lin Dong and Qing Ye lasted for quite some time, before it gradually died down. Subsequently, another couple of matches took place. The other senior direct disciples from the four halls were also quite powerful. However, their battles were undoubtedly inferior when compared to the battle between Lin Dong and Qing Ye. Hence, although the noise on the mountaintop did not cease, it did not reach the thunderous level from before.

Moreover, even though many interesting fights continuously took place, most of the disciples’ attention involuntarily turned towards Wang Yan and Ying Xiaoxiao.

Time slowly flowed under this somewhat unusual atmosphere. The matches in the arena also ended one after another. In the end, even the currently battling disciples, helplessly shrugged their shoulders. They exchanged looks with one another before directly withdrawing. Looks like they were clearly aware of what everyone wanted to see. Similarly, they also shared the same desire…

The news from this place seemed to spread extremely quickly. In the end, the disciples on the surrounding mountaintop also arrived. In the end, they surrounded the mountain, making it so packed until even water would be unable to seep through.

A strange atmosphere enveloped the mountain. However, Wang Yan continued to sit with his eyes shut. His skinny figure appeared increasingly lonely after being outlined by the black large sword on his back.

Ying Xiaoxiao remained calm and collected. However, her hands slowly tightened under her sleeves.

A deacon finally rushed out in front of many gazes. He landed on a stage and looked at the two most attention grabbing figures on the mountaintop with a complicated look in his eyes. Immediately, a low cry resounded on the mountain top.

“The next match will be between Ying Xiaoxiao of the Sky Hall and Wang Yan of the Sky Hall!”

After the deacon shouted, no celebratory cheers sounded out on the mountain top. Instead, everyone’s attention was locked onto those two figures. This would perhaps be the greatest battle amongst the Dao Sect disciples.

Under the attention of the crowd, Wang Yan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. His eyes were still indifferent and numb like before and they lacked emotion. He stood up and moved his body, before directly appearing on the stage. After which, his soulless eyes looked straight at Ying Xiaoxiao.


Ying Xiaoxiao’s chest gently rose before falling as she inhaled a deep breath of icy cold air. Under the numerous watching eyes of the crowd, she finally rushed out and gently landed on the stage. Her eyes looked towards the man carrying a black broadsword, as a clear voice resounded across the entire area.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, please advise me!”

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