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Chapter 717: Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm


A tremendous earthshaking sound boomed like thunder across the sky. It appeared as though the sky had darkened in an instant. The berserk grey light and yellow glow were accompanied by extremely terrifying fluctuations, each occupying one half of the sky.

On the mountaintop, numerous Dao Sect disciples watched the violent surging fluctuations in the sky with shocked expressions. This collision was truly frightening.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were locked onto the sky, while a grave expression fleeted across their eyes. Clearly, the ferocity of the fight between Lin Dong and Qing Ye had exceeded their expectations.

“As expected of the Desolate Demon Eye…”

Wang Yan raised his head. He stared at the two colours that were wildly sweeping across the sky. His indifferent eyes narrowed as he muttered to himself.


The moment Wang Yan’s voice sounded, the stalemate in the sky was suddenly broken. The grey light crazily eroded downwards as a terrifying destructive force was unleashed without restrain. Numerous cracks slowly appeared on the large yellow hand. Finally, it emitted a loud ‘bang’ and exploded into dust.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The large yellow hand crumbled while the thick grey light beam in the sky also split apart. Immediately, it came pouring down onto Qing Ye like a storm.

Qing Ye’s expression was a little grim when he saw his giant hand being destroyed by Lin Dong’s Desolate Demon Eye. His foot suddenly stomped on the ground. Deep yellow Yuan Power whizzed out from within his body. It directly formed an incomparably thick yellow ground shield.

“Chi chi!”

Grey light rays rained down on his ground shield like a storm. Immediately, it struck the shield until it was full of holes. However, the grey light could not completely destroy it. Though Lin Dong’s Desolate Demon Eye clearly gained the upper hand in the previous exchange, the remnant force was unable to hurt Qing Ye.

Afterall, Qing Ye was the top disciple of the Earth Hall and was no ordinary individual. Hence, it was not going to be easy for Lin Dong to defeat him.

Yellow dust that permeated the air and the grey light gradually scattered. Lin Dong floated in the sky as the Huang Beast under his feet once again disappeared after having unleashed that powerful attack.

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked down at Qing Ye, who did not suffer much damage thanks to the protection of his ground shield. Promptly, he frowned a little. It seemed like dealing with the latter was going to much harder than he had expected.

Sha sha.

The ground shield collapsed, transforming into yellow sand that drifted down in front of Qing Ye, as he also slowly raised his head. His eyes were sharp as he stared back at Lin Dong. The two faced off for a moment, before Qing Ye suddenly inhaled a deep breath of air. After which, he directly sat down in front of the crowd.

Two deep yellow hands extended from Qing Ye’s sleeves. Subsequently, his ten fingers gently tapped against each other. Fresh bright red blood immediately oozed out from the tips of his fingers. After which, his fingers danced and formed numerous strange blood symbols in front of him. Following which, those blood symbols scattered before they landed onto the ground and disappeared in a peculiar fashion.

“Qing Ye is about to unleash the Earth Emperor Scripture…” Ying Xiaoxiao, who had been observing Qing Ye’s actions, suddenly raised her brows as she softly commented.

Beside her, Ying Huanhuan’s heart tightened when she heard this. She clearly knew that the Earth Emperor Scripture was Qing Ye’s most powerful technique. It was evident that Qing Ye was intending to use it to decide the victor.

The originally noisy surroundings abruptly became much quieter when Qing Ye started this peculiar act. Some people appeared to have realized it as well. Immediately, an unusually fiery-hot expression surged within their eyes. The four great mysterious scriptures were martials arts that most disciples could only pine for. However, few could successfully learn them…

Hence, they really wanted to observe with their own eyes just how powerful the four great mysterious scriptures were!

After numerous blood symbols entered the ground and disappeared, the entire arena appeared to be dyed in a faint dark red glow. A rumbling sound could vaguely be heard from under the ground.

Hovering in air, Lin Dong knitted his brows and looked at the mysterious ground beneath him. A glint flashed across his eyes as he promptly flicked his finger. Immediately, a sharp force directly shot towards Qing Ye.


However, when the force was around ten feet away from Qing Ye, a deep yellow light tinged with a small trace of red appeared around Qing Ye and easily blocked the force.

“Lin Dong, you are indeed shockingly talented. If you continue to train in the Dao Sect for another one to two years, it is likely that no younger generation member will be able to suppress you. However… that is not the case now!”

Qing Ye’s fingers, which were dyed red by fresh blood, curled slightly. Promptly, his eyes shifted upwards while a deep yellow lustre surged within them. There was a proud expression on his face when he stared at Lin Dong.

That was because he possessed utmost confidence in the Earth Emperor Scripture that he had learnt!

“This time around, it is likely that your journey will have to pause for a while!”

A ruthless expression surged onto Qing Ye’s face. After which, his ten fingers suddenly formed numerous dazzling seals. As his hand seals rapidly changed, the ground itself began to tremble as though an earthquake had occurred.

“Earth Emperor Scripture, Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm!”

A somewhat raspy voice was emitted from Qing Ye’s mouth in a low and deep tone. The transforming seals also stopped at this moment.

The ground shook in an increasingly wild and violent manner. Everyone could clearly sense that there seemed to be something moving swiftly beneath the ground. The origin of this movement was the area where Qing Ye was located.

Lin Dong’s pupils also shrunk when he observed the ground below. With his Mental Energy perception, he could sense a surging energy gathering from all directions underground.

“Is this the power of the Earth Emperor Scripture…” Lin Dong gently exhaled as his eyes hardened.


The instant Lin Dong exhaled, the ground below the stage suddenly collapsed. Over a dozen yellow mud flows that were mixed with a scarlet colour broke out from the ground like lava erupting from a volcano. Immediately, they criss-crossed each other in the sky. It was as if a dozen mud dragons were dancing around Lin Dong. The frightening undulations sealed off all of Lin Dong’s retreat paths.


The earth dragons danced wildly in the sky, while Qing Ye’s eyes turned increasingly stern. In the next instant, the dragons ruthlessly charged towards Lin Dong.

Yuan Power circulated wildly within Lin Dong’s body when he saw this. However, just when he thought that those earth dragons were about to strike him, they ended up colliding into each other instead.

Bang bang!

A low and deep sound spread. The shock within Lin Dong’s eyes merely lasted for a moment, before he saw that the mud mixed with a deep yellow glow agglomerate around him. Soon after, it transformed into an enormous yellow sphere that completely trapped him within.

The blood glow on the surface of the sphere gathered together after the sphere took shape. After which, they transformed into numerous strange blood symbols. Those symbols emitted a strange energy that continuously eroded Lin Dong’s Yuan Power.

The arena surroundings was completely silent at this moment. Everyone gazed at the yellow sphere that had trapped Lin Dong within in shock. They could sense a frightening fluctuation contained within the sphere that appeared to be a seal. If one was trapped within, it was likely that one would be unable to escape…

“Lin Dong, you have lost. Once you are trapped by the Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm, your Yuan Power will become ineffective. Once you lose the support of your Yuan Power, it is impossible for you to break the seal!” Qing Ye suddenly raised his head. He looked at the earth sphere in the sky before speaking in an indifferent voice.

Once Qing Ye’s voice sounded out, a commotion erupted outside of the arena, while the expressions of the Desolate Hall disciples turned ugly. Was it simply going to end like this?

Pang Tong, Jiang Hao and the rest also had solemn expressions as worry flashed across their eyes. However, they did not panic like the rest…

“The Divine Seal is indeed extremely troublesome to deal with. If one ends up trapped by it, one’s Yuan Power will become ineffective. This is undoubtedly equivalent to crippling one’s limbs for most individuals. Lin Dong is in deep trouble. It is likely that he won’t even have the opportunity to use the Great Desolation Scripture…” Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the earth sphere plastered with blood symbols, before she slowly said.

Ying Huanhuan bit her lips. Soon after, she laughed in a helpless and bitter manner. The typically cautious fellow had actually made a mistake…

At a short distance away, Wang Yan stared intently at the earth sphere in the sky. A moment later, his body suddenly straightened a little, while a sharp eagle-like glint gathered in his numb eyes.

It was a instinctive reflex that would only appear when he sensed danger.

Trapped within the earth sphere, Lin Dong chose to gently shut his eyes. Right now, the Yuan Power circulation within his body had slowed down significantly. It was likely due to the suppressive effects of the seal…

“My power… is not limited to Yuan Power…”

Lin Dong fists slowly tightened as he muttered to himself. Soon after, a dense green glow suddenly surged on the surface of his body. The Heavenly Dragon aura that lingered in his Dantian suddenly exploded at this moment. Finally, it gushed out like floodwater and flowed into Lin Dong’s limbs.

A low and deep dragon roar sounded out from within Lin Dong’s body!


Within the dark sphere, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. His dark black pupils had turned completely green and it looked as if there was a green dragon swimming deep within his eyes.

In this moment, his Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill had once again evolved!

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