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Chapter 716: Intense Battle


Wild and violent fist force gathered into a whirlpool under Qing Ye’s fist. Subsequently, a deafening wind splitting whistle was emitted from it. In fact, even space itself became vaguely distorted due to this fist force.

Qing Ye had displayed quite a significant strength the moment he attacked. Such an attack far surpassed the Great Precipice Cave’s Huo Zhen.

The formidable fist force rapidly grew in Lin Dong’s pupils. In the next instant, a resplendent green glow surged out from within his body, and appeared in front of him like lightning. It transformed into a green scale shield, that was approximately a feet long.


Qing Ye’s fist did not hesitate as it violently smashed into the green shield. A fierce and uncontrolled force exploded, forcibly pushing the shield backwards. Along with the scale shield, the punch flew quickly towards Lin Dong’s head.


However, the green scale shield suddenly stopped when it was only a foot away from Lin Dong’s head. At the same time, that wild and violent force had been completely blocked.

A cold glint flashed across Qing Ye’s eyes when he saw this scene. The force that was gathered in his palm suddenly gushed out. It was like a sharp arrow as it swiftly penetrated the shield, and directly flew towards Lin Dong’s face with a speed that would catch one off guard.


Savage and ice-cold green dragon arms spread apart at this moment. With his arms blocking in front of him, Lin Dong took that fearsome attack head on.

After his dragon arms appeared, Lin Dong did not hesitate as his footsteps suddenly advanced forward. His hands, which resembled a pair of dragon claws, thrust forward. Like long sharp spears, his green dragon fingers pierced through the air and directly targeted Qing Ye’s fatal spots.


When Qing Ye saw Lin Dong dashing towards him with his powerful physical body, he showed no signs of fear. Instead, his throat emitted a deep snort. Following which, his hands formed seals at lightning speed. Immediately, a heavy deep yellow strength suddenly surged out from within his body.

“I know that you have learnt a high class body tempering martial arts. However, I wonder how it would fare against the top body tempering martial art from my Earth Hall?”

A rich dense yellow Yuan Power wildly penetrated through every pore on Qing Ye’s body. In a flash, the latter’s skin turned deep-yellow, like the colour of soil. It gave off a steady and heavy feeling.

“Earth Yuan Mysterious Body!”

A deep voice suddenly emerged from Qing Ye’s mouth. In the next instant, the yellow hue rapidly spread all over his body. It caused him to look just like a clay figure. Meanwhile, a faint but extremely ferocious ripple spread outwards.

After his body transformed, Qing Ye also took a step forward. Flicking all ten of his fingers, they transforming into sharp finger shadows that seemingly covered the sky as they directly clashed against Lin Dong’s dragon fingers.

Bang bang bang!

Deep wind tearing and explosion sounds continuously resounded from the point of contact. Numerous sharp forces leaked out, causing the nearby ground to be riddled with holes, and making it look like a honeycomb.

Everyone around the stage was watching this extremely intense battle with excited eyes. The force that spread from the battleground caused them to feel a palpitation in their hearts. They were aware that if they were the ones fighting, even if they defended with all their might, it was likely that their bodies would have been penetrated till it was full of holes…

“It is a surprise that Qing Ye has actually learnt the strongest body tempering martial art of the Earth Hall, the Earth Yuan Mysterious Body…” At the Desolate Hall area, Pang Tong and the others wore solemn expressions as they observed this exceptionally intense battle, and could not help but comment.

“Lin Dong’s advantage is his powerful physical body. However, now that Qing Ye has activated the Earth Yuan Mysterious Body, it is likely that this advantage will be weakened by at least half…” Jiang Hao spoke in a deep voice.

“This battle will not be an easy one. Qing Ye truly deserves his title of the top-ranked disciple in the Earth Hall. Junior brother Lin Dong has truly met his match this time….”

A savage looking dragon fist and yellow earth-like fist violently tore through the air. In the next instant, they finally collided heavily.


The moment the collision occurred, a shocking muffled sound suddenly resounded across this stage in a deafening manner. A force that was visible to the naked eyes directly swept apart in a circular fashion. The ground swiftly split open as numerous thick crack formed.

Those two fists pulled back the moment they made contact, while the two figures were forced to retreat several steps due to the savage force. Each time their foot landed, a deep print was left on the ground. The air behind them was also shaken until a low and deep explosion sound appeared.

The two of them had merely exchanged blows for a split second. However, the ferocity of their fight was something that anyone could see. Should anyone of them make a mistake, it was likely that the other party would use that opening to land a decisive blow. In a battle between experts, victory and defeat would often be decided in a single moment.

Qing Ye licked his lips. The chilliness in his eyes had an additional solemness. The both of them were basically equally matched in the previous clash. However, it must be noted that Lin Dong was merely at the six Yuan Nirvana stage, and there was an extremely huge gap between them. Nonetheless, Lin Dong still did not end up at a disadvantage in their head-on clash. With such capabilities, even Qing Ye, who had a personal grudge against him, had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong was rather difficult to deal with.

If Lin Dong had the same cultivation level as him, it was likely that the former would emerge victorious. Unfortunately, absolute fairness did not exist in this world.


A cluster of deep yellow aura was slowly spat out from Qing Ye’s mouth. His face, which had turned deep yellow because of the body tempering martial arts that he had used, surged with a yellow glow at this moment. His hand seals rapidly changed. In the next moment, he suddenly bent his body as his hands heavily slammed onto the ground.


The ground trembled the moment Qing Ye’s hand touched it. It was as though there was an extremely wild and violent fluctuation underneath that was gathering and moving under the surface, appearing just like a ferocious beast lying in wait.

“This is…”

Many startled eyes looked at the stage that was trembling intensely. Some of them were clearly aware of what was going on. A moment later, some exclamations sounded out, “Earth Core Sky Yuan Hand?”

“This is the strongest offensive martial art of Earth Hall other than the Earth Emperor Scripture. It is surprising that senior Qing Ye has mastered it as well. He is indeed deserving to be called the second most outstanding disciple after great senior sister Xiaoxiao. Looks like Lin Dong is in danger this time around…”

“It is difficult to tell. Lin Dong has not used the Great Desolation Scripture yet. Hence, it is too early to make a conclusion.”

“That’s right…”

Noisy private conversations spread across the mountain like floodwaters. At this moment, the fight between Lin Dong and Qing Ye had undoubtedly become the focal point of the place.

Lin Dong similarly sensed that wild and violent ripple from underground. A grave expression flashed across his eyes. Immediately, his figure moved as he leapt into the air.


The corners of Qing Ye’s mouth curled when he saw this. Immediately, he clenched his hand that was touching the ground.


The ground trembled wildly at this moment, and the spot where Lin Dong was standing on earlier, swiftly collapsed. Mud and rocks shot out. In the next moment, a majestic deep yellow energy whizzed out, directly gathering the mud and stones, before transforming into an enormous yellow hand.

The enormous hand was like a devil’s claw that had emerged from the abyss. Together with a monstrous wind, it penetrated through space and directly rushed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave as he watched the large hand that was tearing through the ground and charging towards him. His body swiftly pulled back, but the large hand followed closely behind. Incomparably violent energy accompanied by dust permeated the air. The manner in which it overshadowed the sun was extremely spectacular.

Lin Dong was just like a tiny bird in the sky, as he continuously dodged the large hand that was swiping at him. Occasionally, there were some narrow misses that caused quite number of exclamations.

“I want to see how long you can dodge!”

A cold glint flashed within Qing Ye’s eyes as he grabbed forward. One could see dozens of ground-yellow lights shoot out from that enormous hand, directly sealing off all of Lin Dong’s retreat paths.

Lin Dong suddenly stopped in midair. He gazed at the yellow large hand below that appeared to be pouncing at him like a wild beast. A grey line split open on his forehead, as his Desolate Demon Eye once again appeared.


Once his Demon Eye appeared, a monstrous grey glow rapidly extended across the sky. The space behind Lin Dong became distorted, as an incomparably large Huang Beast, which carried an ancient aura, slowly appeared.

Desolate Qi enveloped the area. The kind of desolation that settled over time caused the hearts of quite a number of people to quicken.

“Desolate Demon Eye. Junior Lin Dong has actually practised it to the level that he can summon the ‘Huang Spirit’…”

As they gazed at the enormous Huang Beast, the Desolate Hall disciples, who were not foreign to it, immediately exclaimed. Their faces were filled with emotion and excitement.

Lin Dong stood on the Huang Beast. His eyes looked coldly at the large yellow hand that was whistling over. Meanwhile, the tightly shut eye of the Huang Beast also slowly opened up. Immediately, the surrounding Yuan Power suddenly boiled.

Below them, Wang Yan, who had been recuperating with his eyes shut ever since he finished his match, finally opened them the moment the Huang Beast appeared. Surprise flashed across his numb and indifferent eyes.

“To have successfully learnt the Desolate Demon Eye…”


The single eye of the Huang Beast finally opened at this moment. Next, it was as if the entire world had darkened. A grey light beam that contained an extremely terrifying destructive force was just like the death god’s scythe. Under the watch of countless fiery hot eyes, it tore through the sky and smashed into the fearsome large yellow hand.

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