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WDQK Chapter 71: Breakthrough!

In that moment, the chaos in the manor transformed into an unusual silence as shocked gazes continuously swept between the two figures at the scene.

Wu Sha had lost. Furthermore, it was to a fifteen or sixteen year old youngster!

As they gazed at Wu Sha who was lying on the ground while violently coughing out blood, it was a long time before they finally regained their wits as everyone started to believe in this hard to accept and incredulous fact.

“Young master Lin Dong…is goddamn awesome.”

Qin Ying and the rest of the Lin Family guards also let out a sigh, soon after, they could not help but let out a little foul language. They had never thought that this kind of outcome would occur. They had long ago heard of Wu Sha’s infamous name, through the years, countless experts had died at his hand. However, this same man had just been defeated by Lin Dong!


Nearby, Lin Xia and the rest likewise swallowed. If Lin Dong had won their respect when he defeated Lei Li previously, this time, they would probably go fanatical over him.

To defeat an infamous Heavenly Yuan Stage expert at the age of sixteen, how was that even possible?

If word of such a matter were to spread, not mentioning Qingyang Town, Lin Dong’s name would draw an uproar even in Yan City.

“Haha, good! good!”

Atop the manor wall, Lin Ken was in a daze for a good while before he abruptly burst out into a hearty laughter, completely unable to conceal how giddy with happiness he was. This scene had also astonished him so greatly that he had no words for it.

Compared to the Lin Ken’s ecstasy, Yan Kuo’s face turned exceedingly ugly. Given Wu Sha’s strength, Yan Kuo could never have expected that the former would actually lose to one of the younger generation in the Lin Family

Under the gaze of the crowd, Lin Dong maintained the same hand seal posture from before. It was a long time later before his face flushed red as he immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

At the sight of blood spraying from Lin Dong’s mouth, the Lin Family guards were greatly alarmed. They intended to step forward but suddenly found a strong and violent suction force abruptly appearing from within Lin Dong’s body!

“Hu hu!”

The sudden appearance of this strong suction force caused the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth to rapidly gather around Lin Dong’s body till that vigorous Yuan Power actually took the form of a whirlpool of Yuan Power that could be seen with the naked eye. The whirlpool spun around Lin Dong’s body before finally pouring into his body through the opened channels.

This scene caused many people to be astonished. Even Lin Ken, who was atop the manor walls, was likewise stunned. However, shortly after, he could sense that there was actually a trace of Yang Energy contained within the whirlpool of Yuan Power that engulfed Lin Dong’s body!

As he sensed this, Lin Ken’s face instantly flushed red. a hue of red that indicated that he was at the pinnacle of excitement!

“Yang Energy entering the body! This is the sign of stepping into the Heavenly Yuan Stage!”

His heart throbbed frantically in his chest, Lin Ken felt somewhat dizzy from the startling news that followed. He could never have imagined this. Not only did Lin Dong defeat Wu Sha, he also borrowed the help of this fierce battle to gain the chance of a breakthrough!

If Lin Dong could successfully absorb the Yang Energy into his body, he would be able to truly advance to the Heavenly Yuan Stage. At that time, their Lin Family would have given birth to the youngest Heavenly Yuan expert in history!

“Qin Ying, bring everyone and protect Lin Dong!”

Flushed red, Lin Ken abruptly shouted. Lin Dong was currently in the process of making a breakthrough, thus he could not be disturbed. If anything happened to him at this point, Lin Ken was sure that when Lin Zhentian returned, he would go crazy with rage.

Upon hearing Lin Ken’s stern and urgent shout, Qin Ying and the rest quickly regained their wits. They exchanged a quick look with one another and as if they suddenly thought of something, they could not help but start trembling on the spot. Admiration filled them as Lin Dong’s figure was reflected in their eyes.

“Protect young master Lin Dong!”

Numerous Lin Family guards speedily formed a defensive perimeter around Lin Dong, surrounding him so tightly that even a drop of water could not trickle through.

“Whoever kills that brat will be promoted to become the 3rd in command of the Black Dragon Stockade!”

At this time, Yan Kuo had also regained his calm. A trace of fear flashed across his eyes before he shouted out in anger. Even a terrible man like him who had the blood of countless people on his hands felt a little dread at the talent the Lin Dong had displayed. If someone like him was allowed to grow, it would be a nightmare for them.

Yan Kuo’s shout stunned the bandits from the Black Dragon Stockade. Though soon after, their eyes flared red. The path to such a bountiful reward would definitely be paved with deaths, however, people like them were originally desperate criminals who could be considered dead men!


No one knew who shouted but all the men of the Black Dragon Stockade straightaway charged towards the mass of Lin Family guards who were protecting Lin Dong.

“Stop them!”

Qin Ying and the other leaders of the Lin Family guards similarly wore ferocious looks on their faces. They led the men behind them as they obstructed the Black Dragon Stockade bandits.

“Yan Kuo, in the future, our Lin Family is bound to hunt down every last member of your Black Dragon Stockade!” Lin Ken icily remarked as his body flashed forward to block Yan Kuo who had wanted to personally undertake the task of finishing Lin Dong off.

Upon hearing these words, Yan Kuo’s face involuntarily twitched. At this very moment, he felt somewhat regretful in his heart. If he had known earlier what a pain the Lin Family would be, he would never have made a move on them.

“Humph, exterminating my Black Dragon Stockade? Let’s see if you have what it takes.”

No matter how much regret there was in his heart, events had already unfolded. Yan Kuo was also considered a person of character. He instantly let go of the regret in his heart and sneered as he once again pushed forward to face off against Lin Ken.


The battle royal in the manor reached its climax, a thick stench of blood filled the air as men on both sides killed till their eyes turned red with frenzy. Sabres and swords hacked into bodies, emitting rather ear-piercing sounds.


Two Earthly Yuan Middle Stage gang leaders of the Black Dragon Stockade joined hands as they pushed back Qin Ying with a punch, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood while he retreated. They laughed maliciously as they turned their gazes towards the youngster who was standing in place without the slightest bit of movement.

“Stop them!”

Qin Ying wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth as he quickly shouted out upon seeing the two make a beeline for Lin Dong. However, at this time, all of the men on both sides were stuck in a bloody tangle, how could they possibly spare any men to help?

“Haha, looks like it’s our turn to take on the 3rd in command role in the Black Dragon Stockade!”

The two gang leaders from the Black Dragon Stockade urgently pressed forward and appeared in front of Lin Dong. With the flick of their wrists, sharp daggers slipped out from their sleeves before fiercely thrusting towards Lin Dong’s chest like a viper from its cave.

However, just as the duo’s daggers were mere centimeters from Lin Dong, the latter’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. At the same time, the Yuan Power whirlpool which was circling around his body violently scattered and heavily smashed against the two’s bodies.


Two figures fell backwards with a grunt, spurting blood from their mouths before finally falling back into the crowd.

The wave of Yuan Power that suddenly burst forth once again caused the chaotic scene to fall quiet. Immediately, gazes turned to look at Lin Dong, particularly to sense the vigorous energy that emanated from him as the expressions of the men on both sides changed dramatically.

“Is this Heavenly Yuan stage…”

Lin Dong ignored their gazes and deeply sighed as he felt the vigorous Yuan Power in his Dan Tian that had grown several times stronger compared to before. Unable to control himself, the corners of his mouth lifted to form a happy smile. This long awaited day had finally arrived!

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