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WDQK Chapter 72: Pushing back the Enemy

“We did it…”

Atop the manor wall, Lin Ken looked at Lin Dong, whose strength had now increased by many fold. Right now, a wild grin lit up his face.

Compared to Lin Dong’s delight, Yan Kuo’s face was extremely ugly. He never expected that the originally favourable situation had now swiftly reversed itself!

The one who caused all these changes was the youth from the Lin Family!

“It’s time to test out the strength of Heavenly Yuan Stage…”

While Yan Kuo was still wearing an ugly expression on his face, Lin Dong, who had successfully broke through to Heavenly Yuan Stage, lightly stretched his body as he glanced maliciously at the bandits from the Black Dragon Stockade.

Upon seeing Lin Dong look over, the original fearsome looking bandits immediately panicked as they hastily retreated. After all, they were keenly aware that they could not match up to a Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner.


However, Lin Dong did not give them much time, he casually picked up a black steel rod from the floor as a powerful Yuan Force exploded forth. Like a wolf running into a sheep pen, he dashed into the crowd of bandits, swinging his metal rod, causing “wu wu” sounds of the rod ripping through the air. Anyone who was hit by his rod was immediately blown back as they spat out mouthfuls of blood.

At Lin Dong’s display of prowess, the Lin Family guards’ morale were greatly boosted. They brandished their weapons as they leaped towards the bandits like a pack of jackals and wolves.

With Lin Dong leading the charge, the bandits, who were previously on the winning side, immediately fell apart. As they faced the counter-attack from the Lin Family, they steadily retreated, no longer as ferocious as before.

After seeing his troops being steadily pushed back, Yan Kuo’s face turned slightly ash-colored. He knew that today was a complete failure.


While Yan Kuo was contemplating a retreat, a sharp whistle suddenly sounded out from nearby. Upon hearing this whistle, Yan Kuo’s facial expression changed again. Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately jumped off the manor’s wall and beat a hasty retreat.


After they heard Yan Kuo’s command, the already devastated bandits immediately flooded towards the exit. Finally, after abandoning a huge pile of corpses, they hastily fled from the Steel Wood Manor, their sorry figures desperately running back into the deep mountains.

Upon seeing the bandits in complete disarray, the morale of the Lin Family rose even higher. Just as some of them planned to chase down the bandits, Lin Ken waved his hand and commanded them to stop.

The Black Dragon Stockade bandits hastily retreated as the chaotic Steel Wood Manor gradually calmed down. However, the current Manor was a mess. Fresh blood was splattered all over the ground while the thick stench of blood floated in the air.

This time, the Black Dragon Stockade had brought along a huge army. Even though they were finally repelled, it was clear that the Lin Family had also suffered some casualties.

Although there were some casualties, it was an inevitable loss. Therefore, when the Black Dragon Stockade bandits were completely repelled, a thunderous cheer sounded out in the manor.

“Bravo! Young master Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong smiled as he saw the fiery gazes of the Lin Family members around him. His tensed nerves gradually began to relax . Only then did he feel pangs of sharp pain emitted from within his body. Though he used Wonder Gate Seal Third Chapter to defeat Wu Sha in their earlier engagement, Lin Dong’s body had also experienced a huge impact. If he did not have the good fortune to break through at the right moment, he might have suffered just as badly as Wu Sha.

“Lin Dong, are you alright?”

Lin Xia and the rest of the younger generation members swiftly crowded around him as they stared at Lin Dong with fanatical gazes. Even the usually prideful Lin Hong was now filled with respect for Lin Dong. Their blood was still boiling from when they had previously witnessed how Lin Dong managed to single-handedly turned the tables around.

“Haha, alright. It’s time to let Lin Dong take a good rest.”

Just as Lin Dong was being swarmed by the crowd, Lin Ken released a hearty laugh. He walked towards the crowd and looked at Lin Dong before forcefully patting his shoulders and exclaiming: “Well done brat!”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong suddenly realized that he was at a loss for words. The Steel Wood Manor was truly on the brink of a crisis today. If they had made a single misstep, it would not only have hurt the Lin Family’s strength tremendously, but also cause the Lin Family to lose prestige and honor.

However, at the most critical moment, Lin Dong gallantly stuck his neck forward and halted Wu Sha. Eventually, he even managed to breakthrough to Heavenly Yuan Stage, and completely devastate the Black Dragon Stockade bandits, thereby saving the Steel Wood Manor.

“This time, it’s all thanks to you…”

At Lin Ken’s words, Lin Dong scratched his head humbly as he replied with a chuckle: “No need for such compliments Uncle. It’s my duty after all. If the Lin Family is in danger, how can I be expected to just stand by? Lest my Father gives me a good beating when he returns.”

“Haha” Lin Ken laughed as he shook his head. After he spoke a little longer with Lin Dong, he turned and gave instructions to start cleaning up the manor.

“Boom boom!”

When Lin Ken started ordering people to begin cleaning up the manor, the rumbling of horse hooves suddenly sounded out. Instantly, the facial expressions of everyone in the manor changed. After the previous intense battle, everyone was now on high alert.

“No need to worry, it’s only reinforcements from Raging Blade Dojo!”

Lin Ken’s gentle shout defused the tense atmosphere in the manor. Then, he brought Lin Dong and the rest and walked out the manor’s front gate. As expected, they saw some familiar figures dashing towards them.

As the horses approached, Lin Dong also recognized the man leading the group. He was the head of Raging Blade Dojo, Luo Cheng.

“Brother Lin Ken, how is the manor? Once we got word, we immediately rushed over.” When he saw Lin Ken and the rest walk out, Luo Cheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief as he asked.

“Heh heh, thanks for your concern Master Luo. This time, the Black Dragon Stockade decided to raid our manor, but thankfully we managed to repel them.” Lin Ken smiled as he respectfully bowed.

“Oh? So it was really the bandits from Black Dragon Stockade.” Upon hearing these words, Luo Cheng furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he asked: “So was it Yan Kuo or Wu Sha leading the troops?”

“Heh, both of the leaders came by.” Lin Ken replied with a bitter smile.

Upon hearing these words, Luo Cheng was immediately taken aback. He knew that the current Steel Wood Manor only had one Heavenly Yuan Practitioner, Lin Ken. Did he manage to repel both Yan Kuo and Wu Sha on his own?

After he saw Luo Cheng’s astonished look, Lin Ken also vaguely guessed the former’s thoughts. With a smile, he nonchalantly said: “I’m not that capable. I merely held down Yan Kuo. As for Wu Sha, he was defeated by Lin Dong.”

The news that Lin Dong had defeated Wu Sha could not be hidden. Thanks to Raging Blade Dojo’s connections, they could easily find out what happened in the battle. Therefore, there was no need to hide it from them.

“Lin Dong?”

At these words, not only was Luo Cheng shocked, but several other attendants from the Raging Blade Dojo were also startled. A look of disbelief surfaced on their faces as they could not believe what they had just heard. After all, that Wu Sha was at Heavenly Yuan Stage!

Dazed, Luo Cheng immediately turned to look at Lin Dong. The former’s eyes were extremely sharp and discerning, with a glance, he instantly noticed a difference and straightaway gasped.

“Heavenly Yuan Stage?!”

Luo Cheng’s hands, which was holding onto the reins, trembled. Moments later, he slowly said: “The Lin Family is blessed.”

Luo Cheng thoroughly understood just how much potential a sixteen year old Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner had. Perhaps in a few years time, the Lin Family would have a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner. At that time, they would be unparalleled in the whole Qingyang Town.

However, right now, even a man like Luo Cheng slightly rejoiced. After all, the Raging Blade Dojo and Lin Family had rather close ties. If not, he would be just like the Lei and Xie Families, worrying day and night!

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