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WDQK Chapter 63: Symbol Master

“Low grade Qian Kun bag. Made from Qian Kun wood and the Mystical Symbols inscribed on it were done by a 2nd Seal Symbol Master. Don’t be fooled by its small size, it can contain an object the size of a desk and still allow its user to easily carry it along. A very convenient item that can solve many problems.” Observing that Lin Dong seemed to have taken an interest in the Qian Kun bag, the assistant in green quickly introduced the item as he smiled.

Lin Dong was perplexed, he did not expect to encounter such a magical item that he had never heard of before. Yan City was truly in a different league from Qingyang Town.

2nd Seal Symbol Master?

Just as Lin Dong was surprised by the unusual function of the Qian Kun bag, the particular title mentioned by the assistant caused his heart to tremble. In the Great Yan Empire, there was a unique vocation termed Symbol Master. It is reputed that these people could condense Yuan Power from Heaven and Earth into special Mystical Symbols.

As for these Mystical Symbols, the various ways in which they were structured allowed them to possess different abilities. For example, the black steel sword from before also had a Mystical Symbol carved onto it which upgraded its durability and sharpness.

Symbol Master was one of several different vocations that branched out from the path of those who practised the martial way. However, for this vocation, one not only needed a certain level of strength in the physical body as support but it also placed a heavy and strict demand on one’s mental capacity. Therefore, Symbol Master was considered a scarce vocation.

These Symbol Masters also have their own ranking system. According to Lin Dong’s knowledge, they were split by Seals and there were a total of 5 Seals: 1st Seal being the lowest, while 5th Seal being the highest. Of course, Lin Dong did not know if there were more advanced levels beyond that.

Typically speaking, even the minimum requirements to become a 1st Seal Symbol Master was to reach Earthly Yuan Stage. In fact, if one could advance to 2nd Seal Symbol Master, he would be lavishly welcomed by any major faction in Yan City.

Hence, when Lin Dong heard that this Qian Kun bag had a Mystical Symbol inscribed on it by a 2nd Seal Symbol Master, he was a little surprised.

With regards to this Qian Kun bag, Lin Dong was very interested. However, its price caused him to furrow his eyebrows. Their Lin Family took two whole months to harvest over the four hundred or so Yang Yuan Stones. However, this Qian Kun Bag alone required nearly one-tenth of their harvest.

Lin Dong definitely could not procure 48 Yang Yuan Stones. Therefore, after a deep sigh, he took out a bottle from within his clothes. Contained within that bottle were ten Elixir Pills of various colors. These were naturally refined by Lin Dong from Grade 3 Elixirs.

“Have someone take a look at this and tell me how much they are worth.” Lin Dong smiled as he placed the bottle on the counter.

Upon hearing these words, that assistant dressed in green started examining the Elixir Pills within the bottle. The fact that he could be employed as an assistant here clearly meant that he was equipped with a discerning eye. Instantly, awe flashed across his face before he promptly shook a small bell behind him..

Soon after the bell rang, a middle aged man, that seemed like the manager, quickly walked over. He was all smiles as he asked: “Is this young gentleman here to sell something?”

While he spoke, he had already turned his attention towards the bottle on the counter. He reached out to retrieve one Elixir Pill and placed the pill under his nose and took two gentle sniffs. His eyebrows involuntarily twitched as he said: “The pills from this young gentleman here should be refined from Elixirs? The medicinal property is gentle and pure, extremely suitable for Tempered Body or Earthly Yuan practitioners.”

“I guess so…”

Lin Dong scratched his head as a foolish expression appeared on his face. Based on that expression, it seemed like he knew little about these Elixir Pills.

After seeing his expression, that middle aged man chuckled. He already secretly thought in his heart that Lin Dong had acquire these Elixir Pills by luck.

“Little brother, this is my deal. For these Elixir Pills, I will trade them each for five Yuan Yuan Stones. What do you think?” A glint flashed across that middle aged man’s eyes as he asked.

“So based on my calculations, if I buy this Qian Kun Bag, I will only have two Yang Yuan Stones left? Then I don’t want it.” Lin Dong rolled his eyes as he immediately grabbed the bottle back.

“Haha, no hurry. So what does the young gentleman propose?” Upon seeing this situation, the middle aged man hurriedly asked.

“One for ten.”

As he heard his childlike tone, that middle aged man felt slightly helpless. Shaking his head, he uttered: “Alright, one for seven. I won’t cheat you. This price is considered fair, what do you think?”


This time, Lin Dong did not hesitate as he agreed immediately. After seeing his straightforward expression, that middle aged man let out a bitter laugh. He then instructed the assistant beside him to retrieve the Qian Kun bag before he placed the remaining Yang Yuan Stones into the bag in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong somewhat impatiently received the bag. As Lin Dong stretched his hand inside the bag to grab onto those warm yang Yuan Stones, he could feel that it was slightly rough around the entrance.

Even though the interior of that Qian Kun Bag was not enormous, Lin Dong was still extremely pleased with it.

“Haha, young gentleman. If you have more of these Elixir Pills, you can continue to sell them to us. The price will be the same.” As he saw Lin Dong play with that Qian Kun bag, that middle aged man smiled as he said.

“Alright, next time I will return to the same spot where I found them and see if I can find anymore.” Towards the middle aged man’s words, Lin Dong earnestly nodded as he replied.

That middle aged man’s face twitched slightly before he finally nodded his head with a dry smile.

In his heart, Lin Dong secretly chuckled. Then, ignoring that middle aged man, he turned his attention towards the Qian Kun bag. Finally, his gaze, inadvertently concentrated on the left side of that Qian Kun bag where a unique Mystical Symbol was faintly discernable.

Lin Dong kept his gaze peeled on that unique Mystical Symbol as his mind unconsciously concentrated on it. Based on his expression, it seemed like he had encountered an extremely interesting object.

Just as Lin Dong was fixated on that symbol, his vision suddenly turned slightly blurry. However, as his surroundings turned blurry, the symbol faintly printed on the Qian Kun bag gradually became clearer and clearer.

Under this peculiar circumstances, Lin Dong’s mind suddenly felt a unique undulation. That was Mental Energy. Streams of formless Mental Energy flowed out from his brain and actually appeared in front of him, before they slowly intersected together. Although the shape they formed was crude and blurry, it seemed somewhat similar to that complicated symbol on that Qian Kun bag!

In the end, the final picture was not completed. When half of the symbol was formed, he suddenly felt a violent pain in his mind. Promptly, he recovered his wits and found himself completely drenched in cold sweat. Stunned, he evidently did not understand what had just happened.

In a corner of the Mysterious Objects Building sat an old man clothed in grey clothes. He sleepily sat to one side while his surroundings seemed extremely messy and looked out of place compared to the tidy and orderly look the rest of the place had. However, from start to end, no one dared to make a single sound to disturb him. Whoever walked past him, be it employees or customers, all softened their footsteps as they did not dare to cause even the slightest disturbance.

The old man also seemed oblivious towards his surroundings. With both of his eyes tightly shut, he seemed to be on the verge of falling asleep. However, this state was momentarily disrupted. He suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes and turned his head to stare at a young man nearby. A heavy look of awe flashed in the former’s eyes as his mumbling voice slowly sounded out.

“Such a strong Mental Energy talent!”

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