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WDQK Chapter 64: Grand Master Yan

When Lin Dong awoke from that peculiar state, he found that his whole body was drenched with cold sweat. He trepidly looked at the Qian Kun bag in his hands, struggling to comprehend what just happened.

Fortunately, Mental Energy was formless and colorless, therefore, no one else had witnessed the Mystical Symbol forming. Otherwise, it might draw several strange gazes.

“Did you sell these Elixir Pills?”

Lin Dong secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he stuffed the Qian Kun Bag into his sleeves. Just as he was about to leave, a female voice echoed out, causing Lin Dong to stop in his step. He turned his head back, only to see a young lady dressed in a light-red dress standing beside the counter, waving a bottle at him.

This young lady looked extremely elegant and beautiful, her small cherry-like mouth, fined eyebrows and slim figure drew the fiery-gazes of several males. However, the only regrettable point was the indifferent look on that beautiful face. Furthermore, this young lady gave off an aura of nobility. She was definitely from a wealthy and respectable family.

Behind that young lady, a middle aged man followed. Even though that man did not speak a single word, Lin Dong could feel a form of pressure emitting from the man’s body. This type of pressure was something he had felt before from Lin Xiao and the rest. Evidently, this bodyguard-like fellow was at Heavenly Yuan Stage.

“Why?” Lin Dong glanced at that young lady. Even though the latter was very pretty, he did not lose his composure as he inquisitively asked.

“These Elixir Pills are very suitable for Tempered Body Practitioners. I have a sister that requires it. If you have any more, you can sell them all to me in bulk. I am sure that you will be very satisfied with my price.” That young lady casually said after she looked at Lin Dong and felt that there was nothing extraordinary about the latter. Furthermore, based on his unfamiliar appearance, he seemed unlikely to be some young master from any of the major factions in Yan City.

Lin Dong eyebrows raised slightly. Though the young lady’s tone made him somewhat uncomfortable, he was still able to tolerate it. Immediately, he waved his hands as he replied: “I have no more. I was just lucky that one time. If you are interested, I can find you when I have the fortune of coming across such treasures again.”

After hearing these words, that young lady’s elegant eyebrows involuntarily knitted together. She did not feel accustomed to Lin Dong’s tone and expression. In Yan City, she was used to fawning and flattering everyday. This was one of the few times that someone had tactfully rejected her.

“Heh heh. Qing Xu, if you need Elixir Pills, just tell me. Why is there a need for you to find others to buy from them?” Just as that young lady furrowed her eyebrows, a laughter suddenly rang out. Promptly, Lin Dong saw a handsome man dressed in embroidered robes swiftly walking over.

When she saw that man appear,a look of disdain immediately flashed across Qing Xu’s face.

To one side, Lin Dong shook his head as he saw this scene. He was not interested in the affairs between these pampered young masters and misses, and immediately turned to leave. However, just as he turned around, he saw a figure standing in front of him. Lin Dong looked up, only to see that it was that middle-aged man that was standing behind that young lady.

“Young lady, what do you plan on doing?” Lin Dong’s facial expression darkened as his gaze  turned towards the young lady.

“I want these kind of Elixir Pills. I believe you should have more.” The young lady dressed in red replied.

“Ha, so you are robbing me now?” After hearing these words, Lin Dong coldly chuckled. Even though this young lady looked very pretty, she was extremely irksome. Did she think that everything under the sun is entitled towards her?

“I told you, I will give you a generous price.” The young lady dressed in red furrowed her eyebrows. Evidently, she did not understand Lin Dong’s resistance.

“Haha, young gentleman. If Qing Xu fancies this item, just give it to her. You must have heard of the Liu Family of Yan City? Its always better to make friends than enemies…” Upon seeing that the young lady was insistent on buying the pills that Lin Dong had, the man that had previously appeared before him walked over with a smile and softly said to Lin Dong.

“Yan City Liu Family?”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong suddenly understood. This Liu Family was considered a major faction in Yan City. In fact, it’s power was second only to that of the Yan City Governor, the Thousand Gold Merchants and the Blood Wolf Gang. Therefore, it was considered quite a powerful faction in Yan City. No wonder this young lady could afford to be this haughty, it turns out that she had a pretty impressive background.

“My apologizes. These Elixir Pills were truly acquired by chance. Even if you want more, there is nothing I can do about it.”

Lin Dong shook his head again. Ignoring the darkening expression on that man’s face, he turned to leave.

“Hold it!”

After he saw Lin Dong’s actions, that handsome young man’s expression turned into a mix of green and red as he decided to step in. With a shout, his palm clawed towards Lin Dong’s shoulder.

“Get lost!”

As he sensed that powerful force behind his body, anger swelled up in Lin Dong’s heart. Immediately, a thick Yuan Power rapidly rushed to his fist as it flew forward to clash against that man’s palm attack.


A gale blew forth. Lin Dong’s shoulder jerked as he unloaded a strong force. Meanwhile, that handsome young man was blown back a step.

“To think that this person’s strength is at Earthly Yuan Later Stage too!”

After they crossed blows, a smither of shock flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. He did not expect that this greasy-looking fellow actually had some ability.

In comparison to the shock in Lin Dong’s heart, that young man was also extremely taken aback in his heart. Even though he could not be considered as one of the finest younger generation member in Yan City, he was considered as one of the elites. However, he did not expect that he was unable to take care of a seemingly fifteen-sixteen year old youngster!

After he pushed back that man with a punch, Lin Dong rapidly retreated. However, just as he was retreating, that Heavenly Yuan practitioner nearby suddenly made his move. His huge hands were like an eagle’s claw as they swiftly swiped at Lin Dong.

When he saw the Heavenly Yuan practitioner make his move, Lin Dong’s expression somewhat darkened. Yuan Power swiftly gushed from his Dan Tian as his hands also rapidly formed a series of complex hand-seals.


However, just as Lin Dong prepared to use his strongest move to counter that Heavenly Yuan Early Stage practitioner, the middle aged man that was charging forward abruptly came to a halt as a gentle formless force erupted before him and jolted him backwards.

“Fighting is prohibited in the Mysterious Objects Building. Don’t you know the rules?”

Lin Dong was slightly taken aback by this sudden development. As he turned his head, he saw an old man dressed in grey robes, who had unknowingly appeared behind him.

“Grand Master Yan.”

After seeing this elderly man clothed in grey clothes, all traces of haughtiness disappeared from the young lady clothed in red and handsome young man’s faces. Based on their respectful expressions, Lin Dong deduced that this old man was probably an extraordinary figure.

“Grand Master Yan, Qing Xu was lacking in manners. Please have mercy.”

As he gazed at the suddenly respectful young lady, that old man casually waved his hands, not paying much heed to her. Instead, he turned to look intensely at Lin Dong, who was standing in front of him. Moments later, he suddenly extended a wrinkled finger and lightly tapped on the spot between Lin Dong’s eyebrows.

Lin Dong was stunned as he saw the old man’s action. He tried to dodge but to his horror, he found that he had lost all control over his body.

The old man’s finger quickly came to a stop at Lin Dong’s forehead, The former could clearly feel an extraordinarily lively Mental Energy contained within the latter’s mind. Instantly, a flash of delight surfaced on his stern old face.

“Young man, are you interested in becoming a Symbol Master?”

The old man’s following words caused the smile on the young lady and man’s faces to turn stiff and rigid.

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