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Chapter 602: A Peculiar Move


Wild wind surged, carrying six ghost like figures that rushed over the chaotic rock ground. When they crossed each other, it appeared as though this entire area turned silent for an instant. After which, everyone could see a terrifying storm suddenly sweeping over. The large rocks around instantly exploded into dust.

Wild wind was accompanied by the rock fragments that shot out and directly slammed into the ground around the place, until a large number of holes were formed.

The permeating sandy wind surged and Lin Dong’s sharp eyes were directly locked on the eldest of the three Song devils, Song Zhen. Although the three Song devils were experts who had stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage, Song Zhen looked particularly difficult to deal with. If one was to really discuss about fighting strength, the strongest was naturally Little Marten with unfathomable strength. However, the precondition of doing so was that he must reveal the physical body of the Celestial Demon Marten and the current situation clearly did not allow this. Hence, since Lin Dong was afraid that Little Marten might end up blowing his cover, he did not assign Song Zhen to the latter. Instead, he personally stepped forward to fight Song Zhen alone.

“You actually dare to challenge me with just the strength of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage? I really wonder where your courage comes from!”

Song Zhen looked towards that figure which had rushed over. He smiled slightly but his eyes contained trace of dark chillness climbing into them. Bright gold light agglomerated on his right leg. In the blink of an eye, his right leg appeared as though it was made of gold.


Song Zhen’s gold coloured right leg handed heavily onto the ground, causing the land to tremble a little. An enormous gap quickly spread out from under his foot in a lightning like manner. It became just like a ground dragon that tore the land and rushed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes congelated as he watched the cracked ground. He could sense that there was an incomparably wild and violent energy hidden within it. It turns out that Song Zhen’s true strength was extremely powerful. Being at five Yuan Nirvana Stage was sufficient for him to look down on everyone else.

Even Lin Dong did not dare to underestimate such an opponent. He immediately beckoned with his hand before a black coloured metal seal appeared in his hand. Immediately, a monsterous black glow that soared with the wind came slamming down heavily.


The instant the metal seal violently smashed onto the ground, the trembling ground became quiet immediately. Even that rising ground dragon was forcefully suppressed by that metal seal.

“Heavenly Soul Treasure? Even though you possess a Heavenly Soul Treasure, how can you fight with me with just your mere three Yuan Nirvana Stage strength?” A glint flashed across Song Zhen’s eyes. He had identified the Soul Treasure in Lin Dong’s hands with just a glance. However, he was not surprised. Instead, he laughed once again as he stepped forward.

Bang bang bang!

The ground around the black metal seal suddenly exploded. Four ground dragon whizzed out while being accompanied by some rock fragments. They violently attacked Lin Dong, who was standing on the metal seal.

The speed of the four ground dragons was just like a thunderbolt. Even quite a number of experts that had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage could only see a rock fragment stream flash past their eyes. After which, they saw the four ground dragons had already sealed off Lin Dong’s retreat path.

The ground dragon contained some fierce violent strength as it came smashing down furiously. However, just as they were about to hit Lin Dong, a green glow suddenly spread across his body before they transformed into four glowing green scale shield.

“Bang bang!”

The ground dragons that contained a mighty Yuan Power smashed furiously onto the green scale shield without showing any mercy. As the shockwave scattered forth, it caused the skin on the heads of quite a number of people to turn numb. Just this attack from Song Zhen would likely be sufficient to seriously injure some four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. They really did not know how Lin Dong, who only had the strength of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, was going to block it…

Rock fragments that permeated the sky shot out explosively. After which, everyone saw that Lin Dong’s body had also swiftly shot backwards. The green scale armour that had just been formed also quickly paled. Clearly, it was forcefully scattered by the ground dragon.

From the looks of this, it seemed like Lin Dong would have difficulty obtaining the upper hand in his fight with Song Zhen.

“Do you only have this little ability? It looks like you were only able to defeat Luo Tong by chance.” Song Zhen smiled faintly. There was a ridicule in his smile. Moreover, his attack did not stop while he spoke. Majestic Yuan Power whistled out. Wild and violent attacks covered Lin Dong like a storm, not giving him even the chance to catch his breath.

Strangely though, Lin Dong continued to dodge Song Zhen’s attacks. In fact, it looked as though he was a little afraid of fighting directly with Song Zhen.

Some soft exclamations was also erupted from the surroundings upon seeing this scene. Clearly, they did not expect that Lin Dong would show signs of being at a disadvantage after having just started fighting. It appeared that the gap of two levels was not something that was so easy to make up for.


Lanying, who was observing the battle within the battleground, suddenly emitted a soft “huh”. She softly uttered, “Why did Lin Dong’s attacks become a little weaker…”

“No matter how one puts it, Song Zhen is a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert while Lin Dong is only at three Yuan Nirvana stage. Although the latter is quite strong, it is naturally impossible to challenge someone two levels higher. It is not surprising that he would end up being pushed into having a disadvantageous position.” Feng Qing laughed faintly.

Lanying knitted her eyebrows slightly. Her pretty eyes stared at Lin Dong, who was dodging and pulling back. She vaguely sensed that something was off. It was possible for her to see that Lin Dong’s face did not reveal the slightest anxiety and panic in face of Song Zhen’s intense attacks. In fact, his pair of eyes had a faint glint flickering within it.

“What is this fellow planning?” A glint flashed across Lanying’s eyes as though a thought had appeared within her mind.

“Lin Dong is…”

The expression of Liu Bai’s group also changed when they saw this scene. They were a little unable to comprehend why Lin Dong would suddenly choose to dodge and avoid fighting. Could it be that he was really no match for Song Zhen?

There were also some doubt in the eyes of Su Kui and Su Rou by the side. They had been together with Lin Dong for such a long time and were aware of some of the latter’s techniques. Song Zhen was indeed powerful but it would not reach the point of being able to force Lin Dong, who had an endless number of trump cards, to such an extent…

“Haha, is this the legendary dark horse who is rumoured to be able to challenge the ten great super empires?” Song Que also laughed coldly when he saw this scene.

“You really speak too much nonsense. Don’t you think that it is a little early to be celebrating now?” Little Marten’s ghost like figure directly appeared in front of Song Que. His handsome face currently had a chillness surging within it. Purple-black energy swiftly surged on both of his hands. It’s great corrosive strength caused the surrounding air to sizzle.

“You dare to deliver yourself, you must be courting death! Today, none of you should even plan to leave alive!”

A ferocious smile involuntarily flashed across Song Que’s face when he saw this situation. He clenched his large hand and a bright gold light surged out. This gold light directly agglomerated into a gold coloured large blade in his hand.

Within the Nirvana Stage, those Nirvana Golden Body that had underwent tempering from five Nirvana Tribulations would become quite powerful. In fact, some of the Nirvana Golden Body strength will spill over and they can agglomerate it into various items. The offensive or defensive strength of these things would be extremely powerful. Clearly, Song Que had already reached this stage.


The gold coloured large blade came hacking down furiously. Before it was completely unleashed, a splitting sound was emitted from the ground. A large deep gully that was nearly a hundred feet large was formed.


However, a cold smile flashed across Little Marten’s eyes in the face of this kind of powerful attack. Purple-black glow gathered on his palm. It vaguely transformed into the shape of a claw. After which, it was extended out and directly grabbed that gold coloured large blade that came hacking down furiously.

A cruel smile immediately surfaced on Song Que’s face when he saw that Little Marten actually dared to arrogantly blocked his blade attack. However, his smile had just appeared when it froze solid due to a slight crack sound. This was because he saw that his gold coloured large blade, which was now grabbed by Little Marten’s hand, had actually collapsed between his five fingers.

“You useless being actually dare to act so arrogantly in front of me?”

Little Marten’s eyes became dark and cold. He shattered the golden large blade with his hand. After which, he extended his right palm with lightning like speed and directly penetrated through Song Que’s defence. After which, it ruthlessly imprinted onto the latter’s chest. Wild and violent strength spluttered out and sent Song
Que flying with a palm.


This scene once again invited numerous exclamations. Those people, who had been greatly disappointed by Lin Dong’s performance, finally braced their attention. From the looks of it, Lin Dong’s group was not as weak as they imagined.

“So you are actually the strongest within that group. It seems like Lin Dong is just acting tough.” Song Que’s eyes sunk as he looked at this scene and said.

Song Que’s expression changed slightly after his voice sounded. A black rod shadow had directly penetrated through the air in his eyes and was shooting over explosively. It was possible to vaguely see a black tiger roaring towards the sky over the rod.

Song Ba let out a cold snort. He did not even need to look in order to tell that the one who had attacked was definitely Little Flame from Lin Dong’s group. Gold light immediately surged. After which, it directly transformed into a gold coloured large shield in front of Song Ba.


The black coloured metal rod violently landed onto the gold coloured large shield. A shocking sound scattered. Those two enormous rocks by the side were immediately blasted apart, transforming into rock dust that scattered throughout the sky.

“Don’t worry, the last one lying on the ground will definitely not be my big brother!”

Little Flame’s muscular giant like figure appeared in front of Song Ba. His low and deep voice was just like muffled thunder. Meanwhile, the metal rod in his hand actually transformed into numerous rod afterimages that swept towards Song Ba from all directions.


Song Ba laughed ferociously. Immediately, a fierce glint erupted from his eyes. Majestic Yuan Power surged and directly collided hard with Little Flame.

Bang bang!

The intense battle that had suddenly erupted within the arena caused Liu Bai’s and Yan Sen’s expressions to gradually become grave. Lin Dong was currently still at a disadvantage. His manner seemed as though he did not have the ability to fight back against Song Zhen. In fact, his shaky manner hinted that he would not be able to last for long.

“What exactly is this fellow doing…”

Liu Bai clenched his fist slightly. He was really unable to believe that a person who could completely defeat Xiao Shan, would actually end up with such disadvantage in Song Zhen’s hands.

While everyone were feeling doubtful because of this, Lin Dong’s figure continued to dodge. Only occasionally did he use the black metal seal in his hand to block Song Zhen’s attack. However, his body would swiftly pull back each time such a collision occurred, appearing as though he was unable to bear that attack.

However, no one realised that with the flow of time, traces of bright redness were vaguely appearing on Lin Dong’s skin. There seemed to be something that was firmly suppressed deep with his eyes.

That kind of feeling was as though he was a volcano which was about to erupt.

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