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Chapter 603: How Freakish


Wild and violent Yuan Power that was accompanied by a shocking energy ripple, continuously swept apart in the messy rock grounds. There were six figures amongst them, who were flashing and crossing each other in a ghost like manner, causing one to feel a little dazzled.

“Hehe, turns out Lin Dong is actually a useless person who acts tough but has little substance. They were only able to become famous likely because of that fellow called Lin Diao.” A blood red clothed figure on a large rock, looked towards the battleground with a sinister expression and laughed coldly.

“We should also attack. Liu Bai and Yan Sen are not ordinary individuals. It is likely that we will need to expend a great amount of effort in order to finish them off.” A person with dense white clothes and darkly cold eyes turned towards Liu Bai’s group at the chaotic ground, and spoke in an indifferent manner.

“Alright, we’ll finish this battle as soon as possible!”

Xue Ying gave an abnormal laugh. Immediately, he turned his body and suddenly rushed out. A rich bloody scent spread out from within his body, causing those who sniff it to feel like vomiting. The minds of these people would also fall into a trance like state. It appeared that a trace of lethal poison was contained within the scent.

“It is likely that we will be quite close to stepping into the Nirvana Golden Ranking after we take the Nirvana Seals of these two fellows!” Hua Gu let out a loud and dense laugher. He closely followed and fiercely violent Yuan Power swept out. It directly covered over Liu Bai’s group in the distance.

When the two of them moved, a large group of people behind them also suddenly followed closely behind. Clearly, they were the experts from the two large empires. There were even experts from the Sky Devil Empire amongst them.

Their momentum was quite powerful.

Their actions were naturally discovered by Liu Bai’s group. Immediately, their expressions changed, while their eyes also had a ruthless expression flickering within them.

They were not afraid of engaging the Blood Seal Empire or the Bone Jade Empire as long as there were no experts on the level of the three devils from the Song clan amongst the other party. After all, who would end up emerging victorious was still up in the air.

“These jerks have been arrogant for too long after having the Sky Devil Empire support them during this period of time. It is time to seek some payback today!” An expert behind Liu Bai clenched his teeth and said.

“There are still some experts from the Sky Devil Empire within this group who are a little troublesome to deal with.” Liu Bai’s eyes suddenly looked towards the back of the Xue Ying. There were two extremely powerful aura at that spot. Although the auras had yet to reach the level of the five Yuan Nirvana Stage, they were also considered as genuine four Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. Moreover, these two people were competent warriors from within the Sky Devil Empire and they were not weaker than Feng Cang, who had been defeated in Lin Dong’s hands back then.

The combination of Liu Bai’s and Yan Sen’s parties was not inferior to the Blood Seal Empire and the Bone Jade Empire. However, they could not ignore the Sky Devil Empire. Although the most troublesome, three devils of the Song clan, had been currently held back by Lin Dong’s group, there were still quite a number of skillful individuals under them.

An example was the two figures whom Liu Bai had seen within the group. They possessed an extremely powerful fighting strength. Moreover, Liu Bai and Yan Sen had to fight with Xue Ying and Hua Gu and they would not be able to free themselves to lend a hand. Hence, if they allowed these two fellows to join the chaotic battle, it would undoubtedly end up being a huge blow against them.

“Why don’t you leave those two to me?”

While Liu Bai was fretting over this matter, a timid voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Immediately, everyone became stunned. They turned their heads before their faces were stunned as they looked at the green clothed young pretty lady. That young and pretty face of the young lady immediately became sleek red upon becoming the center of attention.

“You?” Liu Bai stared at Su Rou and felt a little awkward. However, he did not feel that things were comical because of it. Having witnessed the extraordinary events of Lin Dong’s group, he believed that these people, who were following behind him, were likely not simple individuals.

However, even they had to spend a great deal of effort if they wanted to deal with those two fellows from the Sky Devil Empire. Could it be that this young lady in front of them was actually able to fight against them on her own?

“Haha, brother Liu Bai, just leave these two people to my sister. Amongst all of us here, she is the strongest besides the Lin Dong trio.” Su Kui laughed. His tone contained a little pride.

Liu Bai and Yan Sen were startled upon hearing this. Their gazes were surprised as they looked towards the somewhat embarrassed Su Rou. Since Su Kui had spoken in this manner, it was obvious that the young lady in front should be in possession of quite a great ability. Otherwise, he would not push his sister forward.

“In that case, we will leave it to your sister. However, if you encounter any trouble later, we will dispatch some people to help share a little of the burden. No matter what happens, I hope that you will continue to survive. If the victor could be determined on Lin Dong’s side, the result of this battle will appear!” Liu Bai cupped his hands together and said.

“Yes. I will do my best.” Su Rou looked towards the battleground between Lin Dong and Song Zhen. A worried
expression flashed across her beautiful large eyes. She immediately nodded after that. It appeared that Lin Dong’s situation was currently not going well. In that case, she must not end up failing. Otherwise, it was likely that the pressure placed on Lin Dong’s shoulders would become even greater.

Liu Bai ceased saying anything upon seeing this. He was genuinely uncertain about whether Su Rou would be able to block the two skilled warriors from the Sky Devil Empire. However, he did not have any other choice at this moment.


Liu Bai and Yan Sen exchanged glances with one another, before they abruptly let out a low cry. Mighty Yuan Power suddenly erupted. Their bodies rushed out and directly met with Xue Ying’s group, which was rushing over explosively. A fierce aura surged the two groups of people behind them. After which, the groups became like floodwater as they completely blocked the experts from the Blood Seal Empire and Bone Jade Empire.

Bang bang!

The people from both parties were just like giant waves that swept over the land, before they violently clashed into one another. Wild and violent Yuan Power immediately spread out in all directions. The battleground was expended within a short moment. Killing cries directly charged towards the clouds.

“Big brother, all of you should be careful!”

Su Rou’s pretty small face had become much more serious at this moment. She looked at the two somewhat formidable warriors from the Sky Devil Empire. Her delicate fingers immediately landed on her snow white wrist. Her seal technique changed as they directly landed on her three seals.

“Three seals, open!”

Su Rou cried out softly. A strange jade green energy swept out from within her body like floodwaters. Her long hair danced and a shocking aura spread apart. Quite a number of surprised gazes were being attracted. Clearly, they had some difficulty imagining that such a young lady would actually be in possession of such a mighty power.


The jade green light surged before Su Rou’s delicate body rushed out with a lightning like speed. Two jade green energy agglomerated into a ring shape in her hands. After which, they directly turned into two cold light that shot towards the two skilled warriors from Sky Devil Empire.

Green light tore through the air and shot out at an extremely shocking speed. Even the two warriors from Sky Devil Empire were merely able to see a light flickering from the corner of their eyes. After which, that sharp ring arrived in front of them. Immediately, some cold sweat surfaced on the foreheads of the two of them. They hurriedly slammed their hand, which had a golden light surging over it. Finally, they slammed heavily onto the ring.


The sound of metal appeared. Those two warriors from the Sky Devil Empire shot backwards immediately. Their expressions were a little ugly as they looked at their palm. Some traces of blood vaguely appeared. Clearly, they did not expect that their bodies would still be injured after activating their Nirvana Golden Bodies.

Liu Bai’s group, which had been observing this side, immediately seemed to have been relieved of a great burden as they let out a sigh. Only then could they focus on dealing with Xue Ying’s group in front of them.

“Hehe, Liu Bai, you should not be so stubborn. Obediently hand over the Nirvana Seal and I might grant you a quick and easy death!” A majestic blood glow surged around Xue Ying’s body. After which, it transformed into waves after waves of shocking attacks that covered Liu Bai. At the same time, a dense cold laughter was being emitted from his mouth.

“It is a little too early for you to be celebrating!”

Liu Bai let out a cold snort. He clenched his hand and a long spear appeared with a flash. The shadows of the spear immediately surged. It became just like a storm, as it carried a shockingly sharp aura and launched a counter attack.

“Haha, even though you are currently able to endure, brother Song Zhen would be able to join in the fight once Lin Dong is defeated. At that time, I will see just what morale you people will have!” Xue Ying laughed ferociously. He repeatedly attempted to give pressure to Liu Bai through his words and caused the latter to reveal some openings.

Liu Bai’s expression was dark and solemn. However, he did not say anything else. He was clearly aware that Xue Ying was speaking the truth. Once that Song Zhen was freed, the battle over this side would definitely become a one sided one. However, he was helpless when it came to this. Currently, the only thing he could do was hope that Lin Dong would be able to endure a little longer. At the very least, they seemed to have quite a great advantage at the battle Little Marten was in.

Swoosh swoosh!

Sharp spear shadows appeared, forcing back the attacks from Xue Ying. Liu Bai’s gaze could not resist glancing towards Lin Dong’s battleground. At that spot, the area where Lin Dong could dodge had already been gradually suppressed by Song Zhen until an extremely small one. If this continued, it was likely that Lin Dong would be forced by Song Zhen until he had no retreat path left within a short period of time.

“Lin Dong, just what are you doing. This is not like you. Could it be that you have really been pushed back by Song Zhen until such an extent?” Liu Bai clenched his teeth and quietly muttered in his heart.

A shocking sound suddenly resounded over this chaotic rocky ground. Wind rippled as it spread. Everyone’s eyes looked over almost instant, only to see that Lin Dong had actually been forced to directly meet Song Zhen’s punch head on.

“Has he been forced into a corner…”

The corner of the eyes of quite a number of people twitched when they looked at this stiff situation. If they were to descend into a forcefully clash, Song Zhen would clearly be able to rely on his five Yuan Nirvana Stage strength to suppress Lin Dong.

“Haha, what can you do now?”

Song Zhen’s figure did not move as his palm wind swept apart. His eyes revealed an expression of ridicule as he looked towards Lin Dong, who was directly forced back ten steps.


Lin Dong’s foot stepped heavily onto the ground. A deep footprint appeared. His body trembled slightly and a bright red colour had already appeared under his skin. He lowered his head, appearing to be suppressing something. A moment later, both of his fist were suddenly clenched tightly. He was finally unable to endure any longer as he raised his head and emitted a low and deep voice.


After this low and deep cry was emitted, everyone immediately saw circular substance like bright red flames suddenly sweeping out from within his body.

The rocks on the ground were destroyed wherever the flame passed. Not even powder remained. Those people with sharp eyes were also able to see the rising clusters of black coloured fire seedling within the flame.

“Is that the Nirvana Demon Flame?”

The chaotic rocky ground was instantly silent. Everyone were stunned as they looked at Lin Dong, whose entire body had turned bright red. They could sense a familiar ripple from Lin Dong’s body.

That was… the Nirvana Tribulation!

Lanying and Feng Qing beside her on the large rock had a solidified expression on their faces. A shock had surged out from deep within their eyes like floodwaters.

They had finally understood why Lin Dong had turned so weak as well as the reason for him repeatedly dodging Song Zhen’s attacks…

He was actually undergoing a Nirvana Tribulation!

Undergoing a Nirvana Tribulation during battle?

Upon thinking of this, Lanying could not resist inhaling a deep breath of cold air despite her coolness. She muttered, “That fellow is really a freak…”

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