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Chapter 565: Face-off Between the Strong

The space above the small courtyard suddenly became icy cold as the night spread. It was as though there was a cold blade like air flow, causing one’s heart to feel chilly.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the gray clothed Luo Tong, who had a sharp blade aura lingering over his body. At this moment, the latter appeared to have become a sharp sword that had just been drawn from its shaft. That piercing aura caused one to feel stingingly cold.

“Honestly speaking, I also feel that I really overestimate myself at times. However, ever since I entered this domain, I have been travelling with this attitude until I finally reached this place.” Lin Dong chuckled.

“In that case, perhaps this place will be where you meet your end.” Luo Tong slowly said. The sharp aura that covered around him suddenly became denser after his voice sounded. A faint densely cold sharp glow flowed over the tip of his finger.

“It is likely that most factions within the Wanxiang City are keeping a close eye on this place tonight. Since you have become the vanguard, I shall use you to transmit my thoughts to them.”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept throughout the night sky. He could sense that many eyes within the city were all gathered at this place from all directions. There were definitely quite a number of people amongst them who have plans on dealing with them. At this moment, Lin Dong also wished to send these people a clear message.

Little Flame stood up from the ground at this moment. His strong body carried an extremely strong pressure. Threads of fierceness spread out from within his body, causing Luo Tong’s eyes to congulate slightly.

“Let Lin Dong fight.”

Little Marten lazily waved his hand. His body that was sitting on a rock did not show any signs of moving. Other than having glannced at this Luo Tong once, his gaze had been completely withdrawn.

Su Kui looked at Little Marten. He had quite a deep understanding of Lin Dong’s group. Amongst the three, Lin Dong appeared to possess a seemingly never ending number of trump cards, causing one to be unable to fully grasp him. Little Flame was the fiercest amongst them. The monstrous fierceness when he fought could shock one’s soul. Little Marten, on the other hand, was the most mysterious person amongst the three. He always had that casual and unconcerned manner. Even when facing an existence like a super empire, Little Marten did not reveal the slightest fear.

This three man lineup of people with different character caused Su Kui to sigh quietly after looking at them. It was likely that this group would become the brightest dark horse within that Hundred Empire War.

Little Flame hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. He only sat down after seeing Lin Dong nodding slightly. However, his body was leaning slightly forward, appearing like a fierce tiger ready to pounce on its prey. He was prepared to unleash a shocking force anytime.

“Just you alone?”

Luo Tong’s finger gently drew across his front. The air was torn apart. He looked at Lin Dong and spoke faintly, “

“I’m more than enough to deal with you.”

Lin Dong smiled. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly turned cold. His body shook slightly as bright golden light immediately erupted. It transformed into a shiny golden body barrier.

Clang clang.

LuoTong immediately emitted some metallic sound as the golden body barrier appeared. Sparks surfaced on the formless surface of the light barrier. It seemed that there was some attack that was quietly eroding Lin Dong.

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth curled slightly. Immediately, his eyes became gradually icy cold. His foot stepped forward. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, it transformed into a black figure that shot out with lightning like speed.

Lin Dong’s body appeared in front of Luo Tong in a flash. He strided forward. Wild and violent Yuan Power swept out and directly agglomerated into a large gold coloured huge elephant around him.

“Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”

The golden coloured giant elephant wrapped around Lin Dong. It was accompanied by an overwhelming force that could cause the heavens and earth to crumble as he ruthlessly collided towards Luo Tong.

Luo Tong’s eyes congelated when he saw that Lin Dong had unleashed such a powerful attack as a first move. He took a slight step back and his fingers curled. The sharp aura around him completely erupted like swords at this moment.

“Spirit Sword Finger!”


A sharp aura was spat out from the tip of Luo Tong’s fingers and actually agglomerated into a hundreds of feet large deep green coloured huge sword. A cold glint flowed over the huge sword. After which, the sword was directly hacked ferociously downwards. It carried a shocking sharpness as it mercilessly struck onto the gold coloured enormous elephant that was charging over in front of countless number of gazes.


The two collided. Immediately, a clear sound spread far into the sky, deafening one’s eardrum.

“I shall now tell you the gap between the first and the second!”

A cold glint agglomerated within Luo Tong’s eyes. Suddenly, he emitted a sharp cry. An extremely vast and mighty Yuan Power suddenly swept out from his body in all directions at this moment.

The power that rippled out was far stronger than that of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert! This Luo Tong had actually passed through the fourth Nirvana Tribulation… he had reached the level of a four Yuan Nirvana Stage.

The gazes of quite a number of people present in the night were somewhat shaken. Clearly, they were only aware that Luo Tong had successfully passed the fourth Nirvana Tribulation at this moment. In this way, the strength of the Wind Cloud Empire would surge dramatically again.


The sharp aura of the sword glow also became increasingly razor like as Luo Tong’s Yuan Power soared. In the next instant, some crack lines had actually appeared on the large gold coloured elephant. Finally, a ‘boom’ sound and it completely exploded apart.

The golden light exploded and the figure within it also vaguely appeared.

“Sword Master Finger, Slash Mountains!”

This attack by Luo Tong was extremely vicious. It broke through Lin Dong’s attack in one strike. Moreover, it did not show the slightest sign of pausing. The cold glint in his eyes became even mightier. The seal formed by his fingers changed as he pointed his finger towards Lin Dong and swung it downwards from across the air.


An indescribable sharp auar crazily gathered over Luo Tong’s fingertip. That dense stern chillness caused countless number of people looking from the darkness to feel a chill over their bodies.

The wild gathering of the sharp aura lasted for only a short moment before an extremely large dark gold coloured large sword was suddenly formed. There was a vague illusory figure suddenly being formed on the large sword. An illusory figure seemed to accompany it like a great master swordsman!

That illusionary figure that had appeared within the courtyard caused the dark gold large sword’s aura to suddenly soar. It was as though the sword possessed a spirituality. That kind of sharp aura caused quite a number of experts who had stepped into the three Yuan Nirvana Stage to feel a coldness being formed in their hearts. They knew that they were unable to block this killing move from Luo Tong! The first ranked member of the earth category really lived up to his reputation!

“Lin Dong, there is no injustice in dying under my Soul Martial Arts! Your road in this Ancient Battlefield ends here!”

Luo Tong’s eyes were as sharp as blades. That icy cold voice of his was transmitted downwards from the night sky. He did not give Lin Dong any opportunity to speak at this moment as he waved his finger downwards from some distance away. That gold coloured large sword whizzed down, carrying a frightening momentum that could tear apart a mountain as it struck towards Lin Dong a short distance away!


Those buildings below were blasted apart as the enormous sword was swung down. They crumbled, forming numerous tiny stone fragments. Their surfaces were all extremely smooth.

The speed of the large sword was extremely quick. Within a flash, it had rushed through the night sky and accurately strike onto a figure in front of countless number of gazes.

“It’s over.” This thought flashed across everyone’s heart while the enormous sword was hacking downwards. This attack by Luo Tong was likely sufficient to kill any three Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. The Nirvana Golden Body at this level was unable to block such a great strength!


However, while everyone was thinking that a seriously injured body would fly backwards after being struck by the gold coloured large sword, another extremely clear metallic sound was once again transmitted from the area where the golden light was surging. In the next instant, a shocking ripple suddenly erupted from it.

The bright glow once again erupted from the figure. This time around, however, it was not golden in colour. Instead, it was a kind of unusual green colour!

The green glow that erupted within the dark night was extremely eye-catching. All the gazes, including that of Luo Tong, suddenly shot over. Their eyes immediately shrunk.

The green light shrunk back and a green coloured light barrier appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Moreover, there was an enormous dragon figure lingering over that light barrier. A frightening pressure spread from the sky, causing quite a number of people to feel a fear within their hearts.

The enormous gold coloured sword was coincidentally being bitten by that dragon shadow. This caused it to be unable to advance any further. Moreover, the sharp aura that permeated around the large sword was also completely blocked!

Luo Tong’s killing blow had clearly been forcefully blocked by Lin Dong!

A continuous sound of cold breath being inhaled quietly appeared within the night sky, indicating the shock in everyone’s heart.

The figure over the green coloured light barrier raised his head slowly. Next, he raised his hand. His entire hand was actually being covered by closely packed green coloured scales. A kind of mysterious yet powerful aura was faintly spreading.

“Green Dragon Bite!”

The hand that was covered by the green coloured scales was suddenly clenched. Immediately, the green coloured light barrier that lingered above the dragon shadow’s large mouth suddenly bit downwards!


A clear piercing sound appeared in the night sky. Immediately, that enormous gold coloured sword that was shockingly sharp actually shattered in front of many stunned eyes.

“At the very least, you do not possess the qualification to kill me!”

The enormous sword was shattered as an icy cold voice spread apart within this night sky while carrying a chilling feeling.

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