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Chapter 564: Luo Tong

Night fell and completely engulfed the gigantic Wanxiang City. However, the clamour and fervour in the city did not die out due to it, instead it began to intensify under the shroud of darkness.

Lin Dong’s group found a quiet and secluded courtyard in the city to serve as a temporary resting spot. Wanxiang City was extremely huge, and even though there were countless number of elite practitioners gathering in the city, the city did not appear overly crowded.

However, things did not proceed as Lin Dong and the rest had expected. After the Nirvana Monument test, the focal point of the entire city had turned to the three of them. All the empires were trying to uncover every bit of information about them. After all, taking the top four spots of the earth category had evidently caused quite a stir in the city.

Any empire would find it worthwhile to try and recruit these three individuals who could rival the prized fighters of the super empires!

In the courtyard, Lin Dong and several other people were seated quietly. Their eyes casually swept across the night sky. Faintly, they could detect several hidden individuals monitoring them.

“These guys are truly irritating…” Lin Dong somewhat helplessly shook his head as he said.

“Nothing can be done about it. The feats that you have performed are simply too stunning and it is normal that you attract such attention.” Seated beside them, Su Kui laughed as he said. After knowing the strength of Lin Dong’s group, he clearly felt more at peace. In his opinion, even though the Wind Cloud Empire was very powerful, Lin Dong’s group was likewise no pushovers. Since they were under their protection, he believed that Su Rou would be in much safer hands.

However, this type of protection led him to feel a little uncomfortable. Frankly speaking, he did not have a deep relationship with Lin Dong’s group. Even though the three of them had voluntarily assisted them and even voluntarily offended the Wing Cloud Empire on their behalf, in Su Kui’s opinion, it still seemed a little incredulous.

Lin Dong glanced at Su Kui, who had suddenly stopped speaking. The latter did not conceal his emotions on his rough looking face. Immediately, he pursed his lips and turned to Su Rou, before he softly said, “Brother Su Kui, there is no need to worry. In this world, there is no one who will help you out and protect you for free. You can treat us as individuals who have helped you on account of Little Rou’s immense potential. I believe that once Little Ruo learns to control the mysterious power within her body, she will become extremely powerful.”

“In other words, once the immense power within Little Rou is discovered by those super sects, she will be immediately recruited by them. After which, she willl have a rather bright future.”

“Haha, the world is as such. Sometimes, one ounce of luck is more important than nine ounces of hard work.”

When they spoke about this point, even Lin Dong could not help but sigh. In this Ancient Battlefield, countless talented individuals had worked extremely hard in hopes of being selected by the super sects. However, most of them faltered in the face of the intense competition. However, the blessed Su Rou now had the opportunity to be selected by those super sects. This matter definitely caused one’s heart to feel unfairness.

Su Kui was startled as he watched Lin Dong’s face. Finally, he chuckled before solemnly nodding his head.

“There is no need to be so self depreciating. Having good fortunate can indeed allow one to take shortcuts. However, the journey is still a tough one. In fact, this may not even be a blessing. After all, none of the top elite individuals in the world relied solely on luck to reach there…” Beside him, Little Marten casually said.

Lin Dong smiled and did not dwell on this topic. Following which, his gaze shifted towards Su Rou as he asked, “Do you have a way to help Little Rou control the power within her body?”

Upon hearing his question, Su Kui and Su Rou’s attention immediately turned nervously towards Little Marten, especially the latter. It seemed like the power within her body had truly troubled her.

Little Marten’s expression was solemn. Moments later, he finally said, “Over this period of time, I have probed her body. The remnant Mental Energy Seal within that power has weakened over the passage of time and has become rather faint. This is pretty good news for her. Nonetheless, controlling it will still be a little difficult.”

Upon hearing his words, a disappointed expression immediately surfaced on Su Rou’s face.

“Difficult also means that it’s possible, right?” Lin Dong knew Little Marten very well. He knew that as long as Little Marten did not absolutely reject something, he should have some inkling of how things could be done.

“Yes.” Little Marten nodded and continued, “However, we will require some unique ingredients. Right now, we do not posses all of them. Thankfully, there is going to be a grand auction in two day. If we can obtain the necessary ingredients, I can help her to control a part of the power within her body. Even though it is not complete, even a part of it will be a powerful fighting force.”

“Is this true?” Su Kui was delighted.

“Big brother Lin Diao is incredible!” A shocked yet joyous expression immediately surfaced on Su Rou’s beautiful face. From the looks of it, if it were not for the modesty expected of a young girl, she would have dashed towards Little Marten and hugged him.

“Don’t celebrate too early. After all, that power does not belong to you. Even if you can control a part of it, you will still be severely restricted.” Little Marten lazily said.

“Furthermore, you should change your personality as well. If you want to join us and partake in the Hundred Empire War, you will likely have to dirty your hands. In fact, you may be even forced to kill. If you continue to act in a cowardly fashion, you may become a burden in the future.” Little Marten’s voice was calm. However, his words caused the joy on Su Rou’s face to dim.

Su Kui bitterly laughed, glancing at Su Rou who had clenched her fist. He knew his sister’s soft and gentle character. In a place surrounded by wolves, she was just like a innocent lamb.

Lin Dong pursed his lips when he saw Su Rou clenching her teeth, feeling a little reluctant in his heart. At her age, it was a challenging task for her to participate in such a cruel battle.

“Don’t worry, big brother Lin Diao. I will not be a burden to you.” The young girl tightly clenched her fist. Moments later, she finally lifted her head, revealing a stubborn expression on her beautiful face. A look that had been forced out by Little Marten.

Little Marten rubbed his nose. When he saw Lin Dong and the rest’s peculiar expressions, he involuntarily pursed his lips and said, “Dammit. Why am I forced to be the bad cop every time…”

While Little Marten was cursing, he suddenly furrowed his brows. At the same time, Lin Dong slowly lifted up his head.

Staring at the darkness surrounding them, he spoke, “Since you have arrived, show yourselves. Hiding in the darkness is for cowards.”

By their side, the cultivating Little Flame immediately opened his eyes. As he closed his palm, a metal rod covered in black scales immediately appeared in his hand.

“Haha, you are indeed worthy of being the second ranked member of the earth category…” An indifferent laughter sounded out in mid-air. Promptly, the darkness mutated as a grey figure mysterious appeared above the courtyard.

Lin Dong’s turned to look at that men dressed in grey clothes. He had a fairy normal appearance and did not stand out in any way. However, his hands, which were peeping out of his clothes seemed exceptionally pale and long. Faintly, a cold vicious glow flashed.

However, even though he was merely a normal-looking guy, he caused Lin Dong’s eyes to narrow immediately. He could faintly sense an extremely dangerous sensation from the former’s body.

“Luo Tong?!”

Beside him, when Su Kui saw this figure, his expression changed drastically as he exclaimed in shock.

“The first ranked member of the earth category?” Lin Dong smiled. He finally understood why he had such a powerful aura. It turns out that he was no ordinary individual.

“We are currently being watched by several empires. However, you are the first one to show yourself.” Lin Dong faintly smiled as he said.

“After causing such a huge commotion, it is difficult not to draw attention to yourselves.” The grey clothed Luo Tong indifferently said. Following which, his figure descended before he landed on the courtyard wall.

“Speak. What do you want?”

“Yan Mo and the rest were killed by you?” Luo Tong stared at Lin Dong’s face before he softly asked.


Surprisingly, Lin Dong readily agreed and nodded his head. Since he had entered Wanxiang City together with Su Kui, he knew that he would be targeted by the Wind Cloud Empire.

“They are members from the Wind Cloud Empire. You should not have touched them.” Luo Tong slowly said. HIs voice was calm yet it held a firm and authoritative tone.

“There is no one we cannot touch.” Little Marten casually replied.

Luo Tong’s expression was cold. A cold and vicious glint flowed on his pale hands. He stared daggers at Lin Dong’s group before he said, “You should know by now. Our Wind Cloud Empire wants that little girl.”

“I believe that since we have brought them into Wanxiang City, the message is clear?” Lin Dong furrowed his brows before he continued, “If that is all you wish to say, please leave…”

“I am here to send a message on behalf of my Wind Cloud Empire. The three of you are extremely powerful and if you join my Wind Cloud Empire, we can guarantee that you can successfully join a super sect. However, you must surrender that young lady to us beforehand.” Luo Tong’s eyes narrowed a little, before his finger suddenly drew an arc in the air. Immediately, a shockwave flashed by as a tree branch above Lin Dong’s head was instantly ripped apart.

“I shall waste time with any threats. I hope that the three of you are understanding individuals. Or else, perhaps you may not be able to successfully leave this city. It is not wise to sacrifice your future for the sake of a stranger.”

Lin Dong’s finger gently tapped on the back of his chair as he calmly observed the falling tree branch. The fracture was smooth like a mirror.

“I have said all that needs to be said. Whatever your choice may be, I hope that the three of you can give us your answer by tomorrow…” Luo Tong casually glanced at Lin Dong’s group before he turned and left.

“There is no need to wait till tomorrow…”

A soft voice slowly sounded out from LIn Dong’s lips. Immediately, Luo Tong’s figure paused before he turned his head to look at Lin Dong.

“I will give you your answer now.”

Lin Dong lifted his head as a bright yet cold smile slowly surfaced on his face.

When he saw the smile on Lin Dong’s face, a cold glint slowly emerged in the deepest corner of Luo Tong’s eyes. As he stared at Lin Dong, he slowly spoke a few words in a ice-cold tone.

“A truly arrogant brat.”

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