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Chapter 548 A Fierce Battle


Formidable Yuan Power surged out of Zhu Tianhuo’s body in an instant. Its undulations far exceeded the power of an ordinary Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner.

When he felt those undulations, Lin Dong’s expression grew a little more serious. Even though Zhu Tianhuo’s tone was arrogant, one could not deny that he did have the right to be so. Such a display of strength indeed surpassed those dark horses who had become powerful by finding some treasures.

However, Lin Dong’s strength was not gained overnight with the help of treasures. From the moment he stepped into the Ancient Battlefield with his initial advanced Manifestation stage strength, he worked steadily and experienced numerous bloody battles and bitter trainings before attaining the what he had today. Therefore, if Zhu Tianhuo were to treat Lin Dong like any other tactless dark horses, the result would severely exceed Zhu Tianhou’s expectations.

“Little Marten,leave him to me. There’s no need for you to do anything,” Lin Dong suddenly said as he turned his head and casted a glance at Little Marten.

Upon hearing this, Little Marten frowned slightly. However, he knew that Lin Dong was worried that Little Marten might accidentally reveal his identity. Hence, he could only wave his hand and lazily reply, “Sure. I have no desire to fight this kind of opponent anyway.”

Hearing these words, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head before turning around. Sure enough, he and saw Zhu Tianhuo’s expression darken. It appeared that he was quite annoyed by Little Marten’s words.

“I hope both of you can still be so wilful later on!” Zhu Tianhuo roared. Boundless Yuan Power surrounded his body and spread out like gushing tides. He slowly raised the scarlet spear in his hands and pointed the its cold tip at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong raised his eyebrows a little. Just as he was about to say something, the chilliness in Zhu Tianhuo’s eyes erupted. Suddenly, his body lunged forward as he brandished the scarlet spear. Numerous streaks of blazing razor-sharp spears were aimed at Lin Dong’s body’s vital points.

Ding ding!

As the spears charged at Lin Dong, equivalently razor-sharp bone spear shadows swept up and collided ferociously with the spears. Immediately, sparks erupted as a violent gust of wind swept out from their point of contact.

After withstanding such an offense from Zhu Tianhuo, Lin Dong advanced instead of pulling back. With a step forward and a jerk of his arms, the bone spear in his hands drew a crafty arc in the air before ruthlessly thrusting towards Zhu Tianhuo’s heart.


When Zhu Tianhuo saw how merciless Lin Dong’s attack was, he gave a cold snort. Following which, the body of his spear oddly curved at an astonishing angle and forcibly deflected the incoming bone spear.

Swish swish!

After Lin Dong’s attack was stopped, his eyes flickered as frenzied attacks once again exploded. Both of them were experts in using the spear. As they exchanged blows, spear shadows danced across the entire sky. Each of them occupied one side of the sky as the twinkling sparks that emerged dazzled everyone’s eyes.

Countless gazes were fixed onto the Ancient Hall. As the two exchanged blows, some perceptive practitioners’ faces grew increasingly solemn. They had realized that Lin Dong did not show any signs of being in a disadvantageous position, even in the face of such powerful attacks from Zhu Tianhuo.The bone spear in his hand was able to perfectly block Zhu Tianhuo’s attacks.

At this moment, all the onlookers clearly understood that Lin Dong’s capabilities had strengthened uncountable times since he had first stepped into the Ancient Battlefield!

Meanwhile, on the other side, Little Flame and Mountain General Muhuang were in a different kind of battle. Both of them were experts in fighting with brute force. The current battle depicted continuous collisions between fists and metal rod, an extremely visually satisfying sight.

Muhuang’s body was engulfed by a resplendent golden glow. Clearly, he had pushed his Nirvana Golden Body to its limit. In contrast, Little Flame was covered in a glowing blood-colored armour. An intense fiendish aura spread out from his body and seemed to have a suppressing effect on Muhuang.

Little Flame was originally a Demonic Beast and had underwent numerous arduous trainings. Even though Muhuang had done a remarkable job on training his physical body, it was clear that he still was not on par with Little Flame.

Accompanied by a ear-piercing sonicboom, the black metal rod tore through the air. The moment the rod caught a tiny mistake, it passed through Muhuang’s defence and slammed heavily on his shoulder.


A powerful and violent force exploded on Muhuang’s shoulder. Muhuang’s muscular body was knocked back several steps after a single blow from Little Flame’s rod. The golden glow on his shoulder dimmed slightly as well.


Naturally, this scene was witnessed by all the onlookers below. Immediately, a series of alarmed gasps broke out in the city. Apparently, no one expected a nobody like Little Flame would be able obtain an advantageous position over Muhuang in a fight!

In front of the golden hall, Tianzhen’s facial expression changed slightly when he saw this scene. It appeared that the mysterious sect inheritance had benefited the Lin Dong duo substantially. Otherwise, they would not be able to accomplish such feats.

As Tianzhen thought of this, his expression turned extremely resentful and furious. Originally, he was the one who should have received a great boost in power from the inheritance!

“You bastards, do you think it’s so easy to deal with the four generals of the Great Gan Empire? I’m afraid it’s still too early to be pleased with yourselves!” Tianzhen sneered sinisterly as a sinister look appeared in his eyes.


Lin Dong’s razor-sharp bone spear swept past Zhu Tianhuo’s ear at lightning speed, the chilling wind that resulted lifted up strands of hairs. Quickly after, Lin Dong’s palm shot out and collided ferociously with Zhu Tianhuo’s palm.

A low and deep sound was echoed out as a gust of wind swept across the area. Both of their bodies were simultaneously pushed back.

“Quite capable. You are indeed different from those dark horses that I have seen so far,” Zhu Tianhuo said as he touched his ear while icily staring at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s body was as upright as a spear. The bone spear in his hand was pointed towards the ground at an angle while his entire body was raged with boundless Yuan Power. His display of might did not lose out to Zhu Tianhuo at all.

“It seems that your comrade is no match for my brother,” Lin Dong smiled indifferently as he shot a glance at the other ongoing battle.

“It’s a bit too early to come to such conclusion,” Zhu Tianhuo coldly chuckled. Soon after, his facial expression gradually tensed up and his hands began to form a series of strange hand-seals. Meanwhile, the bubbling Yuan Power around his body suddenly flared up.

“I’m different from those similar to yourselves who rely on an inheritance. The foundation of a super empire is not something that people like you from a low rank empire can imagine.”


Just as Zhu Tianhuo was about to take action, a deep explosion sound suddenly rang out from the battle on the other side. One could only watch as Muhuang’s body appeared to expand in size while waves of mighty and frantic Yuan Power swept across the area.

Lin Dong observed the sudden increase in energy fluctuations around the Zhu Tianhuo duo’s bodies, his eyes turning more serious as he spoke softly, “Finally revealing your true powers?”

As his hand seals changed, the Yuan Power around Zhu Tianhuo’s body was oddly becoming bright red. From afar, it looked akin to a sea of fire that was burning the horizon.

As the sea of fire expanded, Zhu Tianhuo’s body turned scarlet as well. The color of his fiery red hair deepened to a dark reddish hue until it seemed as if his hair was like flowing fresh blood.

Practically every eye in the entire city was fixed onto the sky. They could feel the horror of the offense that was about to launch by the Zhu Tianhuo duo. It appeared that the Zhu Tianhuo duo did not wish for the fight to drag on any longer.

“Lin Dong, the fact that both of you are able to push us to this stage is definitely something to be proud of!”

As the sea of fire expanded, Zhu Tianhuo’s booming voice thundered from within. Accompanying his voice was a scorching sound wave.

Zhu Tianhuo’s figure was faintly discernible in the sea of fire. In the next instant, the sea of fire began to roll over and over as the space above the sea of fire started to shatter and an enormous shadow that was entirely engulfed in flames gradually emerged.


As this fiery figure appeared, the temperature rapidly rose, causing the Yuan Power around to boil in an instant.


Meanwhile, Mu Huang’s body grew dozens of feet. The color of his skin rapidly turned an earthly brown and one could even see cracks and veined patterns on his skin which gave off the feeling of heaviness and the stability of a mountain.

From afar, Mu Huang had basically become a small mountain!


Numerous gasps rang out across the entire city, every gaze filled with fear and fervor. Such Martial Arts were something they yearned for day and night.

“As expected of a super empire, interesting….”

The sea of fire was reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes. As the flames rose, he arm lowered slightly before his slendy hand slowly reached out from his sleeve. In the depths of his eyes, traces of a dancing flames surged out.

“Lin Dong, next, we will let both of you witness the Soul Martial Arts of the Great Gan Empire! You will have no regrets dying to these Martial Arts!”

A deep voice suddenly echoed out from the sea of fire. The next moment, the flames began to burn frantically as the blazing figure completely formed.

“Flame Demon Spirit, Burn the everything under the sky!”

“Barbaric Mountain Body, Shift the mountains!”

Terrifying energy waves swept down from the sky like a hurricane. The next instant, the sea of fire promptly dissipated as tall and enormous figure dozens of feet tall and completely engulfed in flames appeared before everyone’s eyes.


Nearby, Muhuang’s body finally stopped expanding. Traces of strangely shaped veins began to extend throughout his brown mountain-like skin. Eyes surging with chilliness, he slowly lowered his head and looked down at Little Flame

“This fight is over!”

A gloomy voice suddenly sounded out from the blazing giant and mountain-like giant at the same time. They took a step forward as a horrifying gale accompanied by a destructive force swiftly enveloped Lin Dong and Little Flame.
The might of the Soul Martial Arts was both scary and dreadful!

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