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Chapter 547: Tit for Tat

A fierceness swept out from within the spatial swirl and permeated the entire place. The temperature seemed to have become icy cold at this moment.

Many gazes within the Ancient Hall were slightly stunned, when they looked towards the spatial swirl that opened up once again. Clearly, they were shocked by the terrifying fierce aura that had suddenly appeared.

The eyes of Zhu Tianhuo and Muhuang also congelated at this moment. They immediately looked at the spatial swirl while the playful expression on their faces from earlier was reduced slightly. Being in possession of such an aura, it was likely that this person was not like those upstart dark horses whom they have met before, who had become strong overnight by relying on treasures.

An extremely strong figure slowly surfaced from within the spatial swirl under the focus of countless number of gazes. After which, the figure walked forward and appeared in front of everyone while being accompanied by a fierce aura that permeated around it.

The body of the strong giant like figure was covered with glaring scars. They crossed each other like numerous climbing centipedes. A black coloured metal rod was being supported on his shoulders, causing him to appear like a mountain moving demon that had originated from ancient times. His aura was frightening!

The body of that mountain general Muhuang was already quite dazzling. However, in the face of this giant-like body, he seemed somewhat insignificant.

“Little Flame?”

Lin Dong was initially startled as he watched this strong figure that had stepped forward. A joyful expression immediately surged within his eyes.

This figure was naturally Little Flame, who had exited from his retreat in the White Tiger Hall. After four months of harsh bitter training, Little Flame’s aura had already become quite terrifying. This kind of fierceness caused even Lin Dong to feel a little fearful. He really did not know just what kind of harsh training Little Flame had underwent during this period of time.

“Big brother.”

The scarlet colour in Little Flame’s blood red wild beast like eyes disappeared like a torrent when his gaze swept onto Lin Dong. A silly smile appeared on the fierce face, completely destroying the fierce atmosphere that was created earlier.

Some of the sharp-eyed individuals swept their gazes over Lin Dong and Little Flame with some surprise upon seeing this scene. Clearly, it was unexpected that this fellow who appeared like a fierce beast from the ancient times, would actually reveal such a silly appearance in front of Lin Dong.

Little Marten by the side crossed his arms over his chest, as his gaze looked at Little Flame with great interest. He smilingly said, “Hehe, it seems that this fellow had gained quite a bit during this period of time…”

“Second brother, do you have a physical body now?” Little Flame turned his attention towards Little Marten, before he parted his mouth and smiled. Although it was the first time that he had seen Little Marten in this form, he was still able to sense a familiar scent from the latter through his sharp senses.

Little Marten nodded lazily. Soon after, he suddenly recalled something and his expression immediately changed. He spoke angrily, “What nonsense second brother. I am the big brother! Grandpa Marten has lived for a longer time than the both of you added together!”

Little Flame scratched his head. After which, he grabbed the black coloured rod in his hand and spoke in an honest and upright manner, “Big brother said that you are the second brother. Therefore, you are the second brother.”

Little Marten’s handsome face had directly turned into something like a pig’s liver upon hearing this. It seemed like he was about to jump in fury.

“Isn’t it a little too comical to put up such a show here?”

This unpleasant interruption appeared from Zhu TianHuo’s mouth. At this moment, the smile on his face had already disappeared. His eyes were densely cold as he stared at Little Flame before he slowly said, “You are the first who dares to order my Great Gan Empire to get lost.”

“Then let’s fight.”

The simple and honest look on Little Flame’s face disappeared almost instantly. He did not say any unnecessary words. The metal rod in his hair emitted a ‘whistle’ as it tore through the air before it directly pointed towards Zhu Tianhuo. Immediately, a fierce aura once again burst out from within his body.

The expression in Zhu TianHuo’s group eyes sunk slowly upon seeing this. It was clear that this was the first time that they had met a person who dared to act so arrogantly in front of him.

“This is not the first time that I have met people who think that they are some hotshot, just because they have obtained an inheritance. However, it is the first time I have met someone like you who acts so arrogantly.” Zhu Tianhuo inhaled a deep breath of air. A smile once again appeared on his face. However, this smile contained a dense killing intent.

It seemed that the attitude of Lin Dong’s group had already begun to infuriate this great person, who was one of the four generals of the Great Gan Empire.

“We are members of the Great Gan Empire.”

That Muhuang, who had been silent, suddenly slowly opened his mouth and spoke. His low and deep voice carried a rich pressure. Those last three words could be considered an existence that no one could afford to offend in this Ancient Battlefield.

“I know. However, just these three words is far from enough to get us to surrender the inheritance that we have obtained with great difficulty.” Lin Dong also smiled. He was aware of the pressure that these three words brought. At the same time, however, it was impossible for him to shrink back because of it. They had put in too much effort for this inheritance. Forget about the super empires. Even if the super sects wanted them to obediently hand over the inheritance, Lin Dong would pounce and bite them if he was pushed too far.

The entire city had become much quieter at this moment. Everyone here had some skills and could naturally clearly hear the words from the sky that were not specially hidden. When they heard Lin Dong’s words, quite a number of them inhaled a deep breath of cold air within their hearts. They had already heard that this fellow was afraid of nothing. However, they did not expect that Lin Dong would actually act so tough in the face of such a super empire.

“Humph, what hard bones.” Tian zhen, who was in front of the gold coloured hall, also laughed coldly as he looked at the sky. His eyes contained a rich gloating expression. He knew that the attitude of Lin Dong’s group would seal their only retreat route.

“You will regret this.” Zhu Tianhuo strangely did not become furious when he heard Lin Dong’s reply. Instead, he spoke in a calm manner.

A smile also appeared on MuHuang’s silent face behind. This smile seemed to contained some ridicule. His large hands were slowly curled before a majestic aura suddenly swept out from within his body like a storm!


Little Flame walked forward. The shadow from his large body directly covered MuHuang. A fierce glint also flashed across his eyes, while the metal rod in his hand tore through the air and furiously smashed towards MuHuang.

MuHuang’s eyes were cold. He leaped forward and a bright golden glow instantly surged over his body. A genuine gold arm directly made a head on contact with the metal rod.


A clear sound of metal coming into contact sounded. Energy ripples that could be seen with the naked eyes immediately surged out. The surrounding air emitted an ear-piercing humming sound under that kind of pressure.

A wild storm swept forth causing Little Flame’s and MuHuang’s body to shake violently. After which, both of them actually took half a step back in unison.

This scene appeared in the many eyes within the Ancient Hall. Immediately, the expressions of quite a number of people changed. Most of the people here had heard of the strength of Muhuang. It is rumoured that he possessed the ability to attempt the fourth Nirvana Tribulation. Moreover, he was a powerful person who had already advanced into the Nirvana Ranking. Originally, everyone thought that the result of the fight between these two would definitely be a completely one-sided one. However, they did not expect that these two were actually equal. Had Lin Dong’s lineup unknowingly become this powerful?


Little Flame’s half a step back had just landed, when he forcefully stabilized his body. The blood glint within his eyes become even denser instead. A bloodthirsty desire for battle slowly stirred on his face.

In the next instant, Little Flame’s foot stomped onto the sky and actually transformed into a blood glow that shot forward. The metal rod in his hand transformed into countless number of wild and violent rod shadows. They were just like a storm that carried a shocking momentum as they covered Muhuang.


Zhu Tianhuo’s expression immediately turned densely cold when he saw that Little Flame had actually directly bypassed him and attacked Muhuang. He clenched his fist and a bright red fire spear appeared. The spear shook, forming a sharp arc as it swiftly penetrated towards Little Flame’s throat.


However, just before Zhu Tianhuo’s attack was ten feet away from Little Flame, a cold glow rushed over and actually directly hit the tip of the spear. Lin Dong’s body also appeared in front of Zhu TianHuo at the same time.

“Allow me to be your opponent. You should not interfere in their battle.” Lin Dong held the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in his hand and softly spoke. He smilingly looked at Zhu Tianhuo, whose eyes had slowly become dark and solemn.

“Are you certain you have the qualifications?” Zhu Tianhuo stared at Lin Dong. The smile on the corner of his mouth gradually showed traces of ferocity.

Lin Dong smiled. Without saying anything more as he slowly raised the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in his hand. He pointed his finger towards Zhu Tianhuo in the horizon. That provocation was something that went without saying.

“You are a person on the Nirvana Ranking. Will I possess the qualification to advance into the Nirvana Ranking if I defeat you?”

The rage on the corner of Zhu Tianhuo’s mouth became increasingly dense. He no longer had the same casual appearance as before. This frightening ripple slowly spread out from his body. His sinister voice resounded over this Ancient Hall.

“You think too much. A dead person will not have any qualification…”

Everyone’s heart were shaken when Zhu Tianhuo’s killing intent became denser. They knew that Zhu Tianhuo would not let this matter rest today…

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