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Chapter 546: Fire General, Mountain General

A large gold hall.

The interior of the large hall was covered by a brilliant golden lustre. It was grand and majestic. At this moment, a couple of figures were seated within the large hall. Meanwhile, the atmosphere was stern and sharp.

Two figures were seated on a throne at the front of the large hall. One could vaguely see a shocking ripple slowly spreading from both of their bodies.

The one who was seated on the left of the throne was wearing crimson clothes. His hair was also completely fiery red, appearing just like a cluster of fiercely burning flames. There were two fiery red beads slowly rotating in his hand. His casual looking face and his lazy stance caused him to be out of tune with the stern atmosphere within the large hall. However, no one dared to reprimand him.

Seated on his left, was a strong man with a huge body. The man was completely expressionless and he appeared just like a mountain when he sat on the throne. A heavy aura that had difficulty being hidden, spread around his body.

“Tian Zhen, we have already waited in this place for nearly two months. The Hundred Empire War is about to begin soon. You should know that we do not have much time to waste in this place.” The gray clothed strong man’s eyes looked at a figure at the middle of the large hall in an indifferent manner. His voice was like a roar, causing the entire hall to shake a little.

If one was to shift one’s eyes downwards, one would see that there was a familiar figure standing at the middle of the large hall. It belonged to Tian Zhen, who had some grudges with Lin Dong back then. However, this person, who was once an overlord of this north-western region, had a modest expression in front of these two people.

“Big brother Muhuang, that Lin Dong must have definitely obtained news of your arrival. Therefore, he has purposefully hid himself. If we choose to withdraw now, we might end up doing what he wanted. Moreover, we would have also wasted two months waiting.” The smile that was worn on Tian Zhen’s face carried a fawning feeling as he hurried said.

“I am also aware that big brother Muhuang and big brother Tian Huo needs to prepare for the subsequent Hundred Empire War. However, Lin Dong has obtained two of the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance. If you can finish him off, the inheritance would land in the hands of big brothers. At that time, your strength will increase and you will have more tactics, even when facing the opponents in that Hundred Empire War.”

This Tian Zhen was indeed quite eloquence. Moreover, he also clearly understood the things could attract the two in front of him, who had extremely high expectations. Therefore, after he spoke those words, even the seemingly casual red robed man paused the rotating bright red beads in his hands. He stared at Tian Zhen and smilingly said, “You really can say everything you want with this mouth of yours. However, what you have said is correct. Since we have already waited for two months, it doesn’t matter if we have to wait for a few more days.”

While he spoke these words, the crimson clothed man stretched his lazy waist and playfully said, “Moreover, I also really wish to see that person who could actually defeat you three overlords of the north-western region. During this period of time, I have heard of quite a number of dark horses that had appeared from various places. However, there are not many of them who could meet our expectations…”

Zhu Tianhuo originated from a super empire and he had an incomparably great and powerful background. Although there were some lucky individuals in this Ancient Battlefield who had become someone great overnight after obtaining a treasure, they were just like some upstarts in the eyes of Zhu TianHuo. In fact, he had finished off quite a number of dark horses that had suddenly appeared during this period.

“Big brother Tianhuo, this Lin Dong is indeed very troublesome to deal with. If it is not because the news is accurate, I would not believe that he came from a low ranked empire like the Great Yan Empire…” Tian Zhen uttered gravely.

“In that case, I must really meet him…” Zhu Tianhuo parted the corner of his mouth. His smile had a densely cold feeling to it. Tian Zhen’s entire body became chilly upon seeing his smile. He did not dare to say anything else. He knew that despite this Zhu TianHuo’s casual manner, he had quite an erratic character. Moreover, he hated those who relied on treasures and inheritance to advance quickly to the top. An unknown number of these so-called dark horses have already died in this person’s hands during this period of time.


Muhuang, who was still in the throne at the side, suddenly leaned forward a little. His gaze looked towards the sky outside of the hall. A smile slowly appeared on that indifferent face.

“It seems that the prey has appeared…”

Zhu Tianhuo also felt a little startled at the same time. The playful grin on the corner of his mouth suddenly became denser. He immediately stood up and directly headed out of the large hall. While his feet walked, a mighty Yuan Power also surged out from his body like floodwaters.

The muscular looking man behind Zhu TianHuo also stood up and slowly followed.

“Is he finally willing to show himself?”

Tian Zhen also understood something after watching the back of these two. A ferocious smile immediately surged up onto his face. He wanted to see whether Lin Dong would still be as arrogant as he was back then in the face of the current situation.

Tian Zhen felt a surge of joy in his heart the moment he thought of Lin Dong’s miserable manner. After which,he swiftly turned his body and followed. He knew that from today onwards, the miracles of Lin Dong would likely come to an end!

Due to the sudden appearance of the spatial spiral, the entire Ancient Hall had turned into an uproar. Countless number of gazes containing various emotions shot over at this moment.

Those gazes were filled with curiosity, greed and gloating emotions.

This was because they knew just who was coming out from that spot and was also aware of just what kind of encounter the people who appeared would have.

Many people waited at this Ancient Hall. One of the main reason was because they were awaiting for the arrival of this day.

The rotating spatial swirl slowly stilled in front of the countless number of gazes. After which, two figures surfaced from within it and eventually appeared in front of everyone’s sight.

At this instant, the entire city appeared to have become instantly silent.

The strange atmosphere within the city had similarly caused the two, who had just exited the spatial swirl to be startled. Immediately, Lin Dong knitted his eyebrows slightly. Little Marten’s handsome face behind him drew a gloating smile.

“Looks like there is always trouble no matter where you go.”

Lin Dong could not be bothered with Little Marten jest. He lowered his head and looked at the black masses of human heads in this city. His eyes sunk slightly but there was little ripple in his voice, “It seems that we are being targeted.”

“You and Little Marten took two of the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance. Anyone would be envious with such a gain. Moreover, both of you don’t have the background of Liu Bai’s group. Would those people be fools if they did not try to squeeze a soft persimmon like you?” Little Marten laughed heartlessly.

“It is just that I don’t know what kind of great being is trying to pinch me, this soft persimmon, this time around.” Lin Dong chuckled. Although he spoke these words with his mouth, his eyes were thrown towards the most glaring gold coloured hall in the entire city. He felt two extremely powerful aura from that spot.

That kind of aura even stronger when compared with a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

“It looks like these people have the ability to attempt the fourth Nirvana Tribulation. They are really quite powerful and I think that they should be members of the so-called Nirvana Ranking…:” Little Marten laughed. However, his face did not reveal the slightest seriousness. Along his with current recovery, the domineering aura of the Celestial Demon Marten had once again flowed out from his bones. Even though Lin Dong forbade him from lightly using the strength of the Celestial Demon Marten, it was still not a difficult task for him to deal with such individuals.

“We have indeed met some great beings.” Lin Dong nodded. This kind of great being was already sufficiently qualified to advance into the Nirvana Ranking. If Lin Dong was to meet such an expert before he entered this Ancient Treasure Trove, he might perhaps only be able to hide temporarily. However, right now…

Lin Dong and Little Marten were suspended in the midair. They smiled at each other but did not show any signs of leaving immediately. This caused quite a number of people in the city to lift their eyebrows quietly. However, they let out a cold laughter soon after. If these two fellows knew just what kind of people their opponents were this time around, it was likely that their expressions would turn quite ugly.

“Haha, you can still laugh despite great enemies approaching. The courage of the both of you have somewhat exceeded my expectations…”

When all the gazes in this city were focused on the two figures in the sky, a casual laughter finally resounded over the place. After which, everyone saw two figures walking out from the gold coloured hall. They took one step at a time on the empty space as they leisurely walked out.

A commotion was stirred within the city the moment these two figures appeared. Clearly, their reputation was extremely well known to these people.

Lin Dong watched the figures that slowly walked over across the air. The person in front of wearing crimson clothes. His fiery red hair was also quite eye-catching. A playful smile was hung on his face. Behind him was an indifferent looking person with an aura that was filled with pressure.

Zhu Tianhuo turned his head towards Lin Dong and smilingly introduced, “Great Gan Empire, fire general Zhu Tianhuo.”

“Mountain general, Muhuang.” The strong man voice was a loud roar, appearing just like a thunder.

“Great Yan Empire, Lin Dong.” Lin Dong spread his hand. He ignored the extremely pressurising attitude and demeanor of these two.

“We have waited for you for a long time.” The smile on Zhu Tianhuo’s face was very warm. He stared at Lin Dong and seriously said, “We have our eyes on the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects. Why don’t you hand them over to us?”

Lin Dong turned his head and glanced at Little Marten. The latter parted his mouth into a smile and commented, “It seems that they are even more arrogant than me.”

Lin Dong shook his head snappily. After which, he looked at Zhu Tianhuo. He used a similar courteous tone as he uttered, “If you turn around and leave now, I will not mind your attitude. What do you say?”

Zhu Tianhuo rubbed his nose. The smile on his face was brilliant but his eyes had become dark and solemn at that moment, “Say again?”

“My big brother has asked all of you to get lost now!”

The space behind Lin Dong suddenly crumbled as the spatial swirl stilled. Suddenly, a monstrous and fierce aura swept out. At this moment, it was as though the entire area had become blood red.

A low and deep voice that appeared to have been transmitted from the lands of the demons was emitted from within the swirl. It was permeated with killing intent, causing the expressions of countless number of people to change as a result.

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